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Empower the future of data analytics secured on Blockchain

DATAVLT is an end-to-end data/information management platform secured on the blockchain. 

  • Category Data Analytics
  • Project Type Blockchain
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • Algorithm Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Talk Not Supplied
  • Jurisdiction Singapore
  • Masternode No
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Benny Low photo
Benny Low
Co-Founder Technical Development & Operations
A veteran in the information technology sector, Benny’s wealth of experience as an analyst includes years of involvement in cross-border government defence organisation projects to various commercial entities, both local and international.
Michelle Yeo photo
Michelle Yeo
Co-Founder Business Ops & Strategic Development
With more than 12 years of global experience, Michelle is a seasoned strategist to some of the world’s leading businesses’ and brands’ senior management teams. Bringing with her an insider’s perspective of business to brand integration and operationalization processes.
Willy Wong photo
Willy Wong
Co-Founder Brand, Marketing & Technical Development
Hailing in-depth knowledge and experience as a technical director with world renown animation and game studios, Willy has been a vital member to award winning games and brings industrial acumen for platform to business data requirements and industrial implementation technicalities to the team.
Akbar Ahmed photo
Akbar Ahmed
Lead Data Scientist
Akbar Ahmed is the Lead Data Scientist at DATAVLT. He has extensive years of industry experience as a veteran in the Fintech industry of Singapore, with specific focus on AI / ML, software development and data analytics. He has led successful analytics projects related to risk assessment, customer retention, sentiment mining and business processes. At DATAVLT, he leads a team of scientists focused on helping enterprises make meaningful sense of big data secured by blockchain technology.
Kevin Poh photo
Kevin Poh
Marketing Lead
Kevin is a seasoned digital marketeer with strong background in events, innovation and community building. His experience lies in the formulation of effective new strategies for the building of mindshare, thought leadership and community in deep tech verticals (AI, Robotics, Blockchain) resulting in the creation of strategic business opportunities.
Wei Ming Yeo photo
Wei Ming Yeo
Senior Project Manager
Wei Ming has over 17 years of experience as a Solutions Architect spanning both government and private sectors. He is an expert in infrastructure project management, application infrastructure system design, operations and vendor management. At DATAVLT, he is responsible for the planning of infrastructure architecture on blockchain projects, as well as assisting the Co-Founder to drive Project Management while overseeing the daily Operations for the IT department.

DVLT Token Distribution

  • Token Sale260,000,000 DVLT40.00%
  • Team130,000,000 DVLT20.00%
  • Incentives65,000,000 DVLT10.00%
  • Community Engagement65,000,000 DVLT10.00%
  • Development65,000,000 DVLT10.00%
  • Partnerships65,000,000 DVLT10.00%


  • Jul 2018

    Revamp of website, whitepapers, roadmaps etc

  • Jul 2018

    Launch of ecosystem including the creation of a wallet to facilitate token swops and airdrops

  • Aug 2018

    Commencement of KYC

  • Aug 2018

    2018 DATAVLT Platform MVP including Design & Development of SaaS Platform & Ecosystem Digital Wallet + Open Registration of Pilot Partners Program

  • Feb 2019

    2019 DATAVLT Platform Pilot including Data Science Framework deployment and Integration of DATAVLT Platform into Blockchain Framework

  • Jan 2020

    2020 Vertical Development including development of DATAVLT Platform Open Source API Framework & Development of Predictive Market Forecasting Vertical

  • Jan 2021

    2021 Launch of DATAVLT - Release of DATAVLT Platform Developer APIs & Deployment of DATAVLT SaaS Platform (Live)


Why is your company going to succeed?

We have a strong team with experienced founders who have diverse corporate experiences, strong technical leads including a veteran blockchain architect and data Scientist. The ICO is also supported by Christopher Bridges Law Corporation, a legal firm specializing in Fintech and ICO listings in Singapore.

Where did your team members meet originally?

It is amazing what catching up over a cuppa can lead to for three friends who share a common passion for caffeine and all things technology. Each successful in their respective careers but united in their shared frustrations over red tape, structure, employee empowerment and how SMEs could take that next step in today’s digital economy.

Conversations naturally gravitated around the latest emerging technologies and the potential or lack thereof for how it could be used as a force for good. Like any other technology enthusiasts – the three friends fascination with the concept of decentralized systems and how it could be used to redefine the financial services industry and beyond became the topic for the hour. What began as a general conversation, slowly evolved into discussions around the potential of the blockchain technology and how it could be used to solve real world challenges.

Thus, DATAVLT was born in February 2018 with the objective of providing an agile, innovative, on-demand, data analytics platform, secured by the blockchain to provide users with correlated insights. DATAVLT is headquartered in Singapore and on a mission to empower the future of data analytics.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

GDPR, quantum computing, inability to get to market quickly enough, fear of embracing new technologies (I.e. blockchain), overcoming barriers to data analytics adoption