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Cryptocurrency "dona Coin" to makes world a little bit better with donation

Platform"dona" that shares the successful experience of donation in cryptocurrency.. We will establish a community by connection supporters and recipients directly.

  • Category Charity & Donations
  • Project Type Blockchain
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  • Algorithm NEM
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Start Date
May 8th 2018 01:00 UTC
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End Date
May 21st 2018 09:00 UTC
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Kouhei Wada photo
Kouhei Wada
I have been as a project manager for system product and development in the Embedded Software industry. I have an in-depth knowledge in deep learning and bayesian. Also, I've supported corporate management and have experienced to launch a new business as a senior executive.
Norihisa Tauchi photo
Norihisa Tauchi
Financial Officer
I have extensive experience with financial control, fund management and operation for over a decade. Also, I've supported corporate business promotion.
Kouta Tanimura photo
Kouta Tanimura
Marketing Officer
I have a variety of experiences as a marketing director at IT firm. I worked on the marketing of smart phone's application as well as web service having several million users. In the area of research, I have a great deal of knowledge of growth hacking, design thinking and gamification.
Hirotoshi Sugiyama photo
Hirotoshi Sugiyama
Project Leader of platform development
I've worked on development of core system and several web services for 13 years, and have enough skills and experience as a project manager. Especially, I have specialized programming languages such as C,C#, PHP, javascript and SQL. In recent years, I 've focused on the development of web system, and have gained in-depth knowledge in front-end.
Takashi Kishima photo
Takashi Kishima
Corporate Adviser.
As a CEO, I have been managing an IT company for 13 years since the start of business. The company currently consists of 130 people. In the field of system development, I have a variety of experiences such as business development and project management regarding application and cloud service. With regard to research field, I'm very knowledgeable working on communication protocol stack, code module, gamification, and AI.