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dezentralized ownership

The DEZOS protocol is a unique, virtual inventory based on blockchain technology. This inventory allows for a clear ownership status as well as other relevant records of a so-called item to record throughout its lifetime, transfer to someone else, or verify authenticity. Using a combination of unique features, a digital fingerprint is generated that determines the item and its initial ownership status (Item Genesis).

  • Category Compliance & Security
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Switzerland
Privacy & Security
Start Date
November 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
January 31st 2019 12:00 UTC
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United States
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René Hauri photo
René Hauri
CEO & Co-Founder
René has over ten years of experience in law enforcement and is part at one of the leading police corps in switzerland. His personal focus is on investigations at the digital crime. He has also 14 years of experience at web development.
Kay Stutz photo
Kay Stutz
CTO & Co-Founder
Kay has over 12+ years of professional IT experience and is part of one of the leading Swiss Cybercrime Units He has worked for several law enforcement agencies in switzerland. Due to his significant knowledge in IT forensic, he is our technical specialist for cyber security. His work cemented his passion of problem-solving and thinking out of the box.
Steffen Pahl photo
Steffen Pahl
CMO & Co-Founder
Steffen is owner of a media agency and knows how to represent our project in the digital world. His knowledge about marketing and traffic generation will help our community to grow and to develop.
Christian Rieser photo
Christian Rieser
COO & Co-Founder
Christians long-term experiences as a branch manager and sales representative make him a true professional in his field. He knows about the requirements of the retail trade as well as the major distributors.
Achim Jenner photo
Achim Jenner
Chief Strategy Officer
After twenty years as a consultant to leading brands and companies, ten of which as exec in some of the best marketing agencies in the world, Achim now works primarily in business development and strategy, with a focus on digitization. His entrepreneurial acumen and willingness to transform technological disruption into business performance made him a sought-after sparring partner for successful companies and start-ups alike. As a highly motivated and talented negotiator, he speaks “IT” as well as “Business Development” and removes barriers while building bridges to make change processes controllable and smooth. Business Modelling, Marketing & Technology are the big headlines of his work, which he also teaches in courses, workshops and MBA programs. He likes to speak at conferences and seminars on disruption, new ways of marketing and the power of digitization.
Dominik Strobel photo
Dominik Strobel
CIO & Co-Founder
Dominik is our blockchain native. As a crypto investor and blockchain enthusiast he gained profound knowledge and deep understanding about the technology and its market characteristics. He is also our networking connection between the project and the community as well as other resources.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bocek photo
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bocek
Senior Software Engineer & ICO Advisor
He is a Professor of the “HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil”. He was the head of P2P and distributed systems at the Communication Systems Group CSG of the University of Zurich since 2013 to 2018. Before that, Thomas worked as a software engineer and technical project manager in the financial sector. Thomas is mainly interested in communication systems and networks, especially focusing on peer-to-peer, distributed systems, including Bitcoins and blockchains. Thomas has publish several papers on these topics and his PhD topic has a strong focus on Peer-to-Peer and distributed systems.
Dr. G. Sperb Machado photo
Dr. G. Sperb Machado
Senior Software Engineer & ICO Advisor
He is a Computer Scientist, Solution Architect, and Lead Software Engineer, having solid knowledge and experience in several programming languages and technologies, such as Cloud systems, virtualization, networks, storage, blockchain, and operating systems. He hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Zürich (UZH), supervised by Prof. Burkhard Stiller and co-supervised by Prof. Filip De Turck. If you’re curious, he published his Ph.D. thesis as a book and it’s available on Amazon. He is an advocate of open source software. Since 2013 he is involved in the blockchain world. He is also involved as a ICO/ITO Advisor and part of the engineering team of VALID, ScienceMatters and MODUM.
Maurice zum Felde photo
Maurice zum Felde
Software Engineer
He is the founder and CEO of NewField IT Consulting and a programming talent from Frankfurt Germany. He gained experience by programming blockchain applications and is the winner of several programming competitions.
Paul Mayer photo
Paul Mayer
Software Engineer
He studied economics and design. But when he had the opportunity to make his living of programming he took it. Coming from design his main focus is on frontend-development. Frontend development has never been easier and more challenging. He was working for big corporate projects and the smallest startups. Back at the University part time to get a computer science degree.
Sanjiv Jha photo
Sanjiv Jha
Software Engineer
He hold a master degree in Computer Science from the University of Zürich, with major in Software Systems. Completed master’s thesis by Implementing an end to end system for world pollution monitoring using the Ethereum Blockchain and IOT(Lora). In my studies, I focused on IT transformation management and Data Analysis.
Tim Haag photo
Tim Haag
Webdevelopment & Cloud Space Specialist
Tim is the founder and owner of two IT companies for cloud application development and product information providing in Germany. Tim is a huge cloud enthusiast and works with the latest and greatest state-of-the-art technologies within the cloud space such as NodeJS or MongoDB. He believes in a decentralized world and invests in several ICO’s and blockchain technologies.
Rainer Brosy photo
Rainer Brosy
Community Manager & Content Creator
Experienced Marketing-Specialist and marketing agency owner. Rainer is over 10 years self-employed, developing various projects and helping his clients to reach their goals.
Arash Jahedmanesh photo
Arash Jahedmanesh
Community Manager & Content Creator
Arash is an Aerospace student, his craft is professional crypto research and promotion. He owns well knowledge in many different areas like science and technology, socio-economic processes, politics, cultural aspects and other strategic fields. Content creation and Idea creation under consideration of all mentioned environments is his playground.
Frederike Steschulat photo
Frederike Steschulat
Community Managerin
Frederike completed her commercial education in one of the leading companies for consumer goods in 2017. During that period she started researching and investing in blockchain technology. After graduation she turned her main focus towards blockchain and its emerging markets. Personal strengths in foreign language skills and behavioral analysis of crypto markets.
Sven Zimmermann photo
Sven Zimmermann
Human Ressources
Sven has gained 10 years of experience in the area of human resources and management functions in public and private sectors. A Bsc. in Business Administration complements the practical experience with theoretical knowledge.
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna photo
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna
Legal & Regulatory Advisor
Considered to be one of the leading European Banking, Investment and Blockchain/Crypto Law specialists Guenther is also passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, rock music, custom bratstyle motorcycles, obstacle course racing and vinyl records. A Partner at PwC Zurich and Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland he and his team are building the law firm of the future. Every day. Prior to this he was a successful Venture Capitalist, served as in-house counsel at an international hedge fund and practised in court and with a leading business law firm. Guenther holds a PhD in law from Johannes Kepler University (Austria), an MBA from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and has completed an Executive Education Program at Harvard Business School. He is the author of 10 books mostly on investment law and regulation but also of “Making Money out of Technology” (2003), ......
Michael Guzik photo
Michael Guzik
ITO & Exchange Advisor
Michael is Principal and Head ITO at Blockchain Valley Ventures, a spin-off from Lykke which he joined in 2017 as one of the early members. At BVV and Lykke, Michael advised on multiple Initial Token Offerings such as VALID, Smart Containers or Securosys. Before, Michael headed the Blockchain practice at PwC Digital Accelerator in Switzerland.
Urs Maurer-Lambrou photo
Urs Maurer-Lambrou
Privacy & Corporate Structure Advisor
Practicing attorney for more than 25 years, with focus on the areas of corporate governance, data protection, data security, IT (consulting mandates for one of the major banks in Switzerland, for the subsidiary of one of the largest American banks in Switzerland, for insurance and real estate corporations). More than 15 years of experience as member of boards of directors and chairman of boards of directors in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, in various fields from banking, finance, investment & private equity corporations to information technology and media corporations. Chairman of boards of listed companies (German, French and English) under rapidly changing economic conditions...............
lic. iur. Jürg Bühlmann photo
lic. iur. Jürg Bühlmann
Legal Advisor & Lawyer
Partner at BÜHLMANN KOENIG & PARTNER AG Specialization in contract and banking law as well as blockchain-based technologies. He supports DEZOS in all regulatory matters and is our interface to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). We make every effort to fulfill all legal requirements.
Bernhard Elkuch photo
Bernhard Elkuch
ICO Advisor
Bernhard started programing DOS based code at the age of 12. He had always a deep interest in technology, marketing, communications and sales. He took over several business development positions in his career up to top management level. He started gaining interest in Blockchain at the beginning of 2016 by being part of CoreLedger and Founder of CRYPTOMEDIA, a Blockchain and ICO Marketing Agency based in Liechtenstein. Bernhards main interest is in projects and ICOs with clear industry and blockchain relation rather than just crypto trading. He is Co-Organizer of several Meetups and Crypto/Blockchain Events, as well as Advisor to several projects.
Sina Rafati Niya photo
Sina Rafati Niya
Blockchain Advisor
Sina Rafati started his studies as PhD student and assistant at Communication Systems Group(CSG) under supervision of Prof. Dr. Stiller at University of Zurich (UZH) from Oct. 2016. He had his MSc. at Urmia University of Technology – Iran.
Carl Christian Anders photo
Carl Christian Anders
Business Development Advisor
Carl-Christian Anders is Chairman of MaRisCo AG, Zürich since its incorporation in 2008. MaRisCo AG is an active player in the world of consulting and project financing Carl-Christian is in the market since more than 25 years and loves to share his broad experience with his clients, or engages in projects where he can take an active role in – e.g. Startups. Carl-Christian has grown a tremendous and very valuable international network in the past decades.
Marc Fischer photo
Marc Fischer
Insurance Advisor & Ambassador
Marc Fischer has 10 years experience in international B2B and B2C insurance Business. He is working as a Specialist and Account Executive, for an international insurance Broker in Zürich. Before he was working for two big insurance companies as Sales Manager and local Agent with an own Agency. Marc is mainly interested in B2B insurance Business, Networking and new Business technologies.
Bruno Schläpfer photo
Bruno Schläpfer
Technical Advisor
CEO at Conmetec GmbH. Over 30 years experience in B2B (OEM) and B2C Business. Experienced serial Entrepeneur (start ups) and CEO with a demonstrated history in the sensors and electronic manufacturing industry. Skilled in Research and Development (R&D, holding >20 patents), Engineering, Business Development, international marketing and integration of start-ups into big companies. Strong business development professional with a Mechanical Engineering degree at HTL Winterthur and in Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology from HTL Brugg Windisch. Engineer by heart and by profession.