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Daneel purpose is to bring data intelligence into the crypto jungle. Showcase :

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Start Date
January 29th 2018 09:00 UTC
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End Date
March 5th 2018 20:00 UTC
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Joseph Bedminster photo
Joseph Bedminster
CEO-Founder of Daneel
Specializing in software engineering, Joseph has previously worked for companies and startups in France on a freelance basis. In 2015, he co-founded the startup, Bonanza and assumed the position of Chief Technical Officer. His background has allowed him to work with companies such as IBM, discovering Watson’s services, and also to collaborate with Microsoft. Passionate about cryptocurrency, he dreamt of an assistant system capable of responding to user requests using natural language. In 2017, he decided to embark on the adventure of creating the company Daneel Assistant.
Florian Munoz photo
Florian Munoz
COO - Digital strategy
Passionate about innovation and technology, Florian began his career as a consultant at IBM in the "Strategy & Transformation" department. After three years working with the Top Management level of the Major French groups, he decided to join NIJI in January 2014 to develop expertise in digital transformation topics. Specializing in marketing, he has developed expertise in the development of digital strategies and in the management of innovative projects and collaborates daily with banking, insurance and mass distribution players. As part of his duties, Florian has worked on several projects related to artificial intelligence and the creation of personal assistants. A passionate investor in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology and convinced of real interest in the solution, Florian has joined Daneel as a Chief Operations Officer.
Selim Rinaz photo
Selim Rinaz
An experienced developer, Selim is passionate about artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. With his experience as a software developer and project manager, he has successfully implemented complex systems for large groups and developing startups. Having become an expert in the design of chatbots for the health sector, Selim has designed automated systems for large world-class groups that are capable of communicating with a multitude of sensors and users simultaneously. Demonstrating rapidly his ability to master Blockchain and Ethereum technologies, he has come on board as our software solution architect.
Julie Naudin photo
Julie Naudin
Parterships Manager
Julie has developed skills in banking management, innovation project management, lobbying and fundrising within the Groupe La Poste between 2009 and 2017. She has worked with the top management of major French companies, public and private institutions and many startups via the FrenchTech network. She discovered Daneel when she looked for a tool to make information more reliable and help decision-making in the wild cryptocurrency world. Attracted by its high-level of technology and sharing the "accessible for all" philosophy, she joined the team and is in charge of partnerships management.
Aurélien Munoz photo
Aurélien Munoz
Product Owner
Aurélien started his career at Amaris Switzerland, a fastgrowing, top consulting company, as Corporate Development manager. His polyvalent skills led him to work on international development, business processes, analytics and tools, and on the functional conception of the in-house ERP. He worked in three different countries and evolved quickly into a Director position with management responsibilities. His taste for entrepreneurship made him look for new challenges - first within the French unicorn startup "Mondocteur," and then to create his own startup project. Passionate about technology, Aurélien has been working on the conception of management softwares for Health professionals, and the development of chatbots for large accounts. He is deeply involved in the cryptocurrency world at several levels: trading, mining and ICOs. Joining Daneel as Product owner is a perfect fit, combining his two passions: software development and cryptocurrencies.