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Countinghouse Fund is an already-established foreign exchange direct hedge fund. Countinghouse’s mission is simple; apply existing techniques to the world of cryptocurrency which shows greater volatility than the traditional fiat currency exchange.

Start Date
April 10th 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
June 12th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Tim Dawson photo
Tim Dawson
Tim Dawson has a background in programming, computer learning and mathematics. Tim employs these skills to great effect on the Forex market through three dimensional mathematical algorithms and expert coding. Tim sifts through the apparent chaos of the market to find the underlying systems that govern it.
Mike Pomery photo
Mike Pomery
Mike Pomery has formal training in research, statistics, and psychology as well as extensive trading experience. A globally published author, Mike is our resident polymath who successfully applies his scientific aptitude to the Foreign Exchange markets.
Steven Pogacic photo
Steven Pogacic
Real-World Ethics Manager
Steve's trading experience and insights have always proven useful to our fund as a trader but Steve has now moved to a new role. Now Steve specialises in analysing any proposed investment to ensure that it will not have any unforeseen negative consequences on the real world and on real people. Countinghouse Fund will always return the highest yield possible, but not at the expense of compromised ethics or morals
Elizabeth Simons photo
Elizabeth Simons
HR Manager
Elizabeth is the newest member of our management team, responsible for addressing the needs and concerns of our staff, creating a homogeneous and productive team. Elizabeth has a focus on equal-opportunity and creating a supportive and constructive workplace.
Jack Smith photo
Jack Smith
Media Advisor
Jack has extensive experience in film production and photography. Jack helps Countinghouse Fund to communicate their message and market-updates to a global audience through media releases and instructional videos.