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Providing Sustainability for $45bn Industry

COT will be used as a payment currency within the Cure WorldCosplay ecosystem, helping cosplayers without access to other online payment methods to be tipped for their services. The Cure Protocol is also being developed in consultation with Bancor, so players will also be able to create and distribute their own personalised coin.

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  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Start Date
July 31st 2018
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End Date
September 1st 2018
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Restricted Countries
United States
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Start Date
September 10th 2018
End Date
October 31st 2018
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United States
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Junichiro Kawai photo
Junichiro Kawai
Founder & CEO
Well-versed in business startup & marketing from infrastructure, video to cross-media. Saw big potential in cosplay market through the communications in otaku culture. Former media marketing manager of Sony Network Communications" Upon graduation from University, Junichiro joined USEN Corp. and received freshman MVP award. Involved in many new business launches from infrastructure, video to Cross-media. After his tenure at Sony Network Communications Co., Ltd., he joined subsidiary of an American company, Kamcord which provides video sharing service for smartphones, and he launched a Japanese corporation and operate business. When he met people who enjoy cosplay in the U.S., he saw big potential in cosplay market and decided to start up a company. He founded Cure Inc. in February 2017, assuming the role of CEO.
Daisuke Nakagawa photo
Daisuke Nakagawa
Executive Office
Extensive experience in business development Involved in broadcasting industry for over 6 years" Extensive experience in business development. After 4 years of developing new national clients as ad sales at media company, he has engaged in acquiring video contents and contents’ rights alliance in broadcasting industry for 6 years. Afterwards he worked for U.S. based video streaming platform as business development/partnership manager. He joined Cure Inc. as an executive officer in Feb. 2018.
Tatsumi Inui photo
Tatsumi Inui
Before integration of Cure WorldCosplay, he was operating the website. He enjoys cosplay himself, for well over 25 years. In order to spread “cosplay in motion,” he carries the show in cosplay stage. He also makes effort for international exchanges, and frequently visits to serve as a judge in Cosplay contest at overseas Anime events upon invitation. He provides comments on cosplay for media including TV, Internet, newspapers, and magazines, and also engaged in promoting cosplay.
Tomofumi Yokoyama photo
Tomofumi Yokoyama
Managing cosplay community and doing a story on cosplay conventions Previously worked in game magazine & live-streaming fields Having strong connection with people in otaku culture" After his time as an editor for game-related publishers, he meets Otaku culture at Foreign startup and enters cosplay-sphere. By being in touch with YouTubers and Nico video hosts, he became enchanted by Japanese pop culture, and changes his career to join Cosplay industry he always had a keen interest in. Currently he covers cosplay-related events, and assumes role of communicating with cosplayers.
Yuuki Iwasaki photo
Yuuki Iwasaki
Playing multiple roles in marketing and backoffice Previosuly worked in mobile game & live streaming industry" After studying abroad, Yuuki joined a Game company upon finishing University. Then she handles back office and marketing tasks at foreign startups, as well as interpreting with headquarter for internal communication. Currently Yuki still handles back office and marketing tasks while translating articles and assuming role of contact person of cosplayers overseas.
Satoko Kitajima photo
Satoko Kitajima
Experienced Content Development Engineer Working on Web system development" After graduation, Satoko entered Yahoo! Japan and engaged in Content Development as main engineer for 3 years, Satoko moved to the department of Information System for optics manufacturing for 4 years. Afterwards, she got back to web system development to work on backend system on mixi, niconico douga, and so on.
Yuki Fujishita photo
Yuki Fujishita
Crypto Team Lead
Working on token issuance system, dApps and wallets development. Involved in cryptocurrency exchange operations Leading the crypto team and working on token issuance system, dApps and wallets development. He has involved in cryptocurrency exchange operations too. Formerly worked as a researcher in financial field after finished his master's degree at Kyoto Univ.
Lai Lars photo
Lai Lars
Head of Blockchain Engineering
Cryptocurrency develop experience: 1. Proficient with Ethereum framework, truffle, solidity, geth, ganache-cli, openzeppelin library, web3js, Infura. 2. Half of year for Ethereum develop and programming experience. 3. Have ICO system development experience. 4. Have private blockchain development experience. 5. Participated and developed more than 5 fundraising projects. 6. Responsible for consulting and leader.
Shion Akemi photo
Shion Akemi
Global Community
Cosplayer from Hong Kong since 2012 Speak 4 languages Enjoys cosplay and acting on her free time" She has been cosplaying since 2012. And she start living in Japan from 2017, apart from Cosplayer she also is a theatre actress. In addition, she get invited for various Anime events, truly is a well-known Hong Kong cosplayer. Studied abroad in Australia and Japan since 2012, can speak 4 languages including Japanese."

Cosplay Token Token Distribution

  • Token Sale500,000,000 COT50.00%
  • Partners / Exchanges200,000,000 COT20.00%
  • Founders / Team150,000,000 COT15.00%
  • Liquidity & Operations130,000,000 COT13.00%
  • Bounty / Airdrop20,000,000 COT2.00%


  • Q1 2018

    Whitepaper Release, Cosplay Stage/ working with event organizer, Cosplay TV Show

  • Q3 2018

    Working with several event organizers (Japan & Overseas), Start development, [Web] Server transition

  • Q4 2018

    MEET UP (Japan), [Web] Upgrade UI design, [Web] Support more languages

  • Q1 2019

    Working with several event organizers, [Web] Support 20 languages, [Web] Digital Membership Card, [web] SNS cooperation improvement

  • Q2 2019

    MEET UP (oversea) , Platform tutorial release, Registered Member reaches 1M, [Web] Implement Bancor Protocol

  • Q3 2019

    Registered Member reaches 1.5M, Working with several event organizers (Japan & Overseas), [App] Basic function: ♡(like), follow, better search, chat/msg, profile QR code, [Web] Receive & Send COT (wallet),[Web] Players can have their own shop, [Web] Tip function, [Web] create personalized coins, [Web] Article function

  • Q4 2019

    [App] Wallet & Shop function, [web] patrol against illegal images