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Connectius is Blockchain as as service solution, that can be easily integrated in the any existing e-commerce.

  • Category Commerce & Advertising
  • Project Type Blockchain
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Start Date
November 5th 2017 12:00 UTC
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End Date
December 20th 2017 12:00 UTC
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Vasily Kozlov photo
Vasily Kozlov
Founder, CEO
He is a stock market master, and blockchain enthusiast. Vasily has already founded some multiple successful ventures. Furthermore, he is the co-founder and owner of some a networks of mining farms that have easily attracted outside investment after their concept was proven. Before entering the fintech world, he was a researcher and managed energy conservation projects in Moscow. His understanding and enthusiasm for blockchain technologycrypto, and what it can do for the world, runs deep. Success in his past endeavors are sure to repeat themselves.
Aleksey Alimov photo
Aleksey Alimov
Founder, CVO
Aleksey began by completing education in aviation and intelligent systems. After aa decade long career as a successful entrepreneur, starting a number of highly successful companies, and being involved in many more interesting digital progects, he helped to lay the foundation of Connectius. Together with Vasily Kozlov he developed this new invation for the future. Alimov’s wealth of experience at every end of the industry?—?tech, business, investment, engineering?—?helps him to build a vision and inspiration for the future of the company. Alimov has a lot of experience in sales and communication. This will be invaluable to the whole team.
Aleksey Nosikov photo
Aleksey Nosikov
Aleksey has a good diverse background in branches like (real estate, services, and precision navigation equipment). In the past he has also been at the forefront of the field of geolocation. He has founded several successful companies in the real estate and service market, and he knows what it takes to get a company off the ground. Nosikov knows how to get success fast, too?—?his network of mining farms took up 0.2% of the Ethereum network hashratehasrate after only two months!
Sergey Nosikov photo
Sergey Nosikov
Co-founder, CTO
He has a wealth of experience in fin-tech after a decade-long career in network engineering. He is our technical helmsman. Nosikov has a wealth of organizational experience. He took ? part in the conceptual development of such events duringas the 2013 Summer University Games in Kazan, Russia, and the 2014 Summer Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Nosikov is not just a specialist in tech, he also is but a master in managing people. He will surely lead the Connectius development team into success.