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Faster & Smarter is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 Token, with the main use as a payment currency for freelancing services on our revolutionary platform. Whatever service you need, you'll find a freelancer to help you: from web design, mobile application development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing to graphic design (and more). If you are an employer in the crypto community, CoinSelf is one of the best places to post jobs for free and you get notified if any freelancer is interested.

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Start Date
May 25th 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
July 20th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Sergiu Strohalm photo
Sergiu Strohalm
Founder and CEO
Senior executive offering a record of a verifiable success in business startup, business strategy, team leadership, new business development, sales and marketing - with proven ability to effectively build and manage sales and profits. A highly respected, successful entrepreneur, sales manager and community leader. Combining strategic and analytical abilities with a roll-up-the-sleeves, hands on management style. I am an inspiring sales team builder and entrepreneurial leader.I can effective evaluate, organize and sell a new business concept. A key Executive for a successful initial coin offering.A passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successfully management. Educated to a very high level, with extensive knowledge of all current economic, social and regulatory issues for the ICO.
Alejandro Seger photo
Alejandro Seger
Co-Founder CEO
Strategic community leader recognized for sweeping improvements to efficiency, product development and marketing with oversight of $860M in deposits and loans plus a great investment portfolio. Trusted board advisor conceptualizing and creating revenue opportunities by leveraging main street banks. Champion for significant expansion including few branches and deposits for the best growth. Respected banking skills attaining the peak of the levels in stabilizing the operations, addressing volatile regulatory requirements and top-grading products.
Michael Wilson photo
Michael Wilson
Co-Founder COO
High-energy leader experienced in leading multi-unit regions with up to 400 locations. Excel in brand positioning, revenue growth financial management and driving operational excellence. Champion a strong focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Well-developed employee relations, motivation, management development and training qualifications demonstrated by higher than average retention rates. Visionary Chief Operating Officer adept at repositioning assets to maximize profits. Especially efficient at working within challenging business markets. Specialize in developing accurate business models and achieving goals through solid leadership and negotiating abilities.
Henry O. Johnson photo
Henry O. Johnson
Co-Founder CTO
I have years of experience helping organizations in positioning technology to support organizational transition and transformation. Although this has involved a wide variety of technology platforms my experience with vertical business solutions is focused primarily in three areas. My expertise is in planning, design and implementation of database systems for a broad range of solutions including 24 by 7 (continuous operations) platforms, web-services, administrative systems and data warehouses. I also have many years of experience in technical team organization, development and management. High energy leader known for quickly solving problems and delivering results. Innovative, hands-on executive with record of leading design and development technology products. A highly experienced CTO with strong technical and business qualifications in all of the impressive track record of the work area
Daniel Cullens photo
Daniel Cullens
Business Development
Focused Business Development Manager with exceptional planning and implementation capabilities. Highly-trained in computer science with in-depth understanding of users, requirements gathering, and market trends. Adept at cultivating, managing, and leveraging client relationships. Expert strategist who uses research of competitors, market conditions, customer needs, and organizational core competencies to claim company success. Skilled communicator and negotiator who understands persuasive delivery.
Murray Andy photo
Murray Andy
Community Manager
Marketing professional with 5+ years of experience in social media management, content marketing, and branding. Possesses a B.S. in Marketing and expertise in marketing analytics. Excellent communication skills for outreach and digital copywriting, ensuring strong brand presence.
Frank Linderberg photo
Frank Linderberg
HR Manager
A reliable, knowledge and experienced HR professional with a confident approach. Offering a wide understanding of regulatory requirements and employments law, as well as performance management capability and disciplinary procedures. Able to learn quickly and make an early contribution in busy team.I feel that my greatest strengths are firstly my strong commitment to providing a professional service to fellow colleagues. Secondly my skill at developing and maintaining a close working relationships with people from all social backgrounds, which in turn helps me to gain a indepth understanding of their individual needs. Thirdly my real passion for the HR field as a whole, an obsession which allows me to spot trends and develop best practice processes here and now.
Peng Yang photo
Peng Yang
Business Development
Results-oriented sales and marketing professional with nearly 15 years of experience growing revenue and expanding market share by fostering business development initiatives and building client relationships. Adept at analyzing customer needs, assessing risk, and leading, closing, and maintaining relationship-based sales efforts. Recognized ability for training personnel, adapting quickly to volatile marketplaces, and solving problems. A highly motivated and driven marketing manager with nine years’ experience in high level sales environments. Confident, tenacious with a proven track record for first class marketing management and client satisfaction. Always on task with an ability to identify key marketing strategies and implement account direction positively. An excellent communicator and leader with an emphasis on utilising the strengths of colleagues and creating an environment of forward thinking ideas driven by business needs, sales targets and innovative marketing solutions.
Emily Baldwin photo
Emily Baldwin
PR Manager
Dedicated Public Relations and Communications Professional highly skilled in interpersonal communications, organization and event planning to generate awareness of company brand and promotions. Knowledgeable in the use of social media marketing to increase publicity on sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Creative and strategic thinker with a solid ability in developing innovative strategies to generate new business leading to increased revenue and profitability. Passionate about increasing market penetration through executing strategic PR methodologies.
Plesea Andrei photo
Plesea Andrei
Marketing & Growth
Resourceful Community Manager proficient at collaborating with multiple stakeholders to determine audience interest and develop strategic go-to-market communication plans that align with the company’s business priorities and initiatives. Skilled at analyzing market trends and customer needs to develop highly-effective and targeted marketing campaigns.Creative, skilled social media expert with five years of experience managing professional social media accounts. Successfully create must-follow social media feeds to develop an engaged community of followers for clients. Increased inbound traffic for clients’ websites by up to 32 percent through development of content, application of analytics tools and thoughtful collaboration


  • May 2017

    The idea arises and the business plan is created.

  • Jun 2017

    First steps in the development of the architecture of the CoinSelf Platform.

  • Oct 2017

    Setting up a stable infrastructure of Ethereum nodes and servers, ensuring the scalability and stability of the system.

  • Jan 2018

    Landing Page and white paper disclosed.

  • Feb 2018

    Build beta version of the freelancing platform.

  • May 2018

    Our Pre Sale will begin on May 25 th at 12:00 pm. EST and will end on June 14th, 12:00pm EST.

  • Jul 2018

    Our Token Sale will begin on June 20th, at 12:00 pm EST and will end on July 20th 12:00pm.

  • Aug 2018

    Register CoinSelf in exchange websites and after this we will launch the freelancing platform.

  • Oct 2018

    Solution Reviews & Platform Upgrades.

  • Dec 2018

    Building a mobile version of the platform.


Why is your company going to succeed?

Our platform is already integrated and fully functional from every point of view that’s why comparatively to others we will always plate our words in gold not in fruitless words just to make it look elusive.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

There are 0 risks! Investors are reliably protected with a promise that they will receive all of their invested money back if something goes wrong and we must put a short pause in this project. Odds are small but we will never play them.