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Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform,Introduces No-Fee C2C Trade

Coinchase is the World’s Leading Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform, Introduces No-Fee C2C Trading. It is the Kickstarter for cryptocurrency. it connects Blockchain project with cryptocurrency users. Coinchase helps users identify valuable Blockchain projects at early stages. Coinchase launches its revolutionary Break and Return Insurance© with money-back guarantee.

  • Category Trading & Investing
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Singapore
Trading & Investing
Start Date
November 26th 2018 06:00 UTC
End Date
May 26th 2019 06:00 UTC
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He Yang photo
He Yang
Bachelor’s degree, Tsinghua University Master of Science in Computer Science, Tsinghua University In 2011, He Yang jointly founded the mobile instant messaging product MM with the investment backing of ZhenFund. From 2013 to 2016, he created the mobile social products, Moumou and Meijuan, now with 5 million subscribers, with investment from Hangzhou Zhiben Investment Management Co., Ltd. In 2016, he became a partner of Vinci, a smart hardware product. He founded Coinchase in early 2018. He Yang has extensive experience in technology, products, user growth, and operations.
Yang Xin photo
Yang Xin
Bachelor’s degree, Tsinghua University Master of Science in Computer Science, Tsinghua University Yang Xin was a senior architect at Tencent, with 11 years of concurrent server development experience. He has led nearly 100 development teams. Yang Xin has extensive experience in the search, social, search advertising, and advertising display business, and has managed complex enterprises with 10B+ daily requests and 100,000+ QPS.
Daniel Rufini photo
Daniel Rufini
Rufini is an early participant and pioneer of the overseas blockchain and worked as BitForex CPO and focus on brand promotion and applied research in the blockchain industry.He has served as Media Manager for Greater China in Merrill Lynch and has many years of experience in branding in the Internet and finance sectors.
Zhangxu Zheng photo
Zhangxu Zheng
Marketing Director
He has served as COO for YuanziHudong Technology Company and has extensive experience in marketing, public relations, event management, and roadshows.
Xin Yan photo
Xin Yan
Backend Engineer
4 year experience in server development and blockchain-related field.
Liu Jie photo
Liu Jie
Frontend Engineer
5-year experience in front-end development. Proficient in building front-end architectures. Skilled in agile development and fast iteration of products.
Yu Ling photo
Yu Ling
Majored in Visual Communication Design 5-year experience in Internet Design related field, participated in multiple project designs.
Jingyi Liu photo
Jingyi Liu
Community Director
Graduated from Temple University, within 7-year study abroad experience in the U.S. Outstanding graduate with scholarships.
Chris Koerner photo
Chris Koerner
Founder of No BS Crypto, Blockchain evangelist, and devout growth hacker.
Aurora Wang photo
Aurora Wang
Founding Partner of Crypto Capital Partner & CMO of Bit Forex Master in International Finance and Policy from Columbia University Experienced professional in Startups, Investment Strategy, Marketing and Management. Invested and advised numerous start-ups in China and overseas. Prior working experience includes the World Bank, Merrill Lynch, and the Boston Consulting Group.
Jianguo Wei photo
Jianguo Wei
Vice Chairman of Liuhe Real Estate Group, Founding Partner of Zhiben Investment, Early Investor of Meitu (HK01357), Early Investor of Tron.
Chuan Shi photo
Chuan Shi
Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist of Liangxin Asset Management Co., Ltd. Ph.D. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering/ Operations Research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University Bachelor in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Automation from Tsinghua University Experienced professional in Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Data Quality in China and overseas. Prior working experience includes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&G, Citi Bank, Oracle.
Pengzhi Xu photo
Pengzhi Xu
Director of Chaitin Tech Co., Ltd.Co-Founder of MeePo Tech Co., Ltd. Ph.D. in Computer Science of Tsinghua University Postdoctoral Researcher of Tsinghua University Experienced professional in Cyber Security. Prior working experience includes Researcher of Lenovo Co., Ltd.