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Boulé is Remote Voting Technology based on Blockchain for Political Elections that aim to digitalise paper-work ballots, increase voters turnout and make the voting process cheaper, faster and safer.

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Start Date
August 28th 2017 09:00 UTC
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End Date
September 24th 2017 12:00 UTC
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Boulé Pre-Sale Details

Pre-Sale Max Cap 10,000 ETH

Token functionality
The Boulé System aims to be the main Blockchain based vote technology. It will provide a secure and anonymous gateway to confirm the vote. Electoral organisers will purchase BOU Token to allow their electors to vote. BOU will be chased as counterpart of elector ID validation.

Since democracy was born, we have had several voting systems, by acclamation, hands up, paper and electronic vote.

The offline voting system we are using today seems undisputed and reliable even if we can’t check the process directly.

What the society is lacking today is knowledge on how new technologies could simplify elections and guarantee anyone direct access to the counting process.

Our goal is to create a digital voting system that people will trust as much as the current system in place, preserving anonymity with stronger security systems.

Since blockchain has risen up, we have become more comfortable with the idea of a decentralised software system that manages money and transactions.
So there is no more reason to consider blockchain good for finance and not enough to vote.

Furthermore, the actual offline voting system is not free from fraudulent activity and we know that there are some issues due to malicious intentions and powerful organisations that aim to decide the regime to establish.

Blockchain will empower us to take control over the polls with iron-written transactions that are very hard to be hacked.

Boulé Token Distribution

  • Fundraisers50.00%
  • Partnership and Community20.00%
  • Foundation Reserver20.00%
  • Team and Advisory (6 months cliff and 2 years vesting)10.00%


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