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botXcoin is a future token for financial freedom that provide a functional token for using our profitable trading robot in all cryptocurrency exchange all over the world. The goal of this project is to utilize trading robot (BOTX App) and build a multi cryptocurrency trading exchange (BOTXPRO).

  • Category Machine Learning & AI
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Singapore
Start Date
December 1st 2018 07:00 UTC
End Date
January 28th 2019 07:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
United States
Tokens for sale

BOTXCOIN Token Distribution

  • Freeze reserved for BOTXPRO exchange1,500,000,000 BOTX30.00%
  • ICO - Phase 21,000,000,000 BOTX20.00%
  • Airdop, Bounty & Loyalty Program750,000,000 BOTX15.00%
  • Pre-ICO500,000,000 BOTX10.00%
  • ICO - Phase 1500,000,000 BOTX10.00%
  • Founders500,000,000 BOTX10.00%
  • Advisors & Team250,000,000 BOTX5.00%


  • Dec 2018


  • Dec 2018

    ICO Phase 1

  • Jan 2019

    ICO Phase 2

  • Jul 2019

    Trading Robot (BOTX App) Full Version Release + Android/iOS App

  • Jun 2020

    BOTXPRO exchange Full Market


Why is your company going to succeed?

BOTXCOIN token is our cryptocurrency solution to a human limitation. Using cutting edge technologies and partnership program, botXcoin token enables to give passive income for the token holders in our loyalty program. We treat every single botXcoin token holder more than our investor, but also as our partner. In our partnership program, botXcoin token holder can utilize our Trading Robot application named “BOTX App” that is able running in major cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world.
there are 3 main utilities of botXcoin Tokens. These are all intertwined with the services provided by botXcoin, meaning that botXcoin serves as a critical part of the whole ecosystem:
1. Running Trading Robot Application (BOTX APP)
botXcoin Token can be used for using the trading robot application (BOTX APP). There is sharing profit partnership program will be applicabled in this function. Token holder will get 80% from the trading profit and the rest 20% will be contributed to company.
2. Loyalty program as reward for token holders or passive income (max 250 million botXcoin tokens)
botXcoin Token can be used in the loyalty program to get reward or passive income that providing in the website . This program will running until max 250 million botXcoin tokens used up. This program is able to be extended by company using the profit which raised from the development of the project.
3. Trading Token
botXcoin Token will be the main trading pair for all Tokens and cryptocurrencies on botXcoin exchange platform (BOTXPRO). Beside that the botXcoin Token also can be traded in the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future.

Nowadays so many trader want to trade as long as they can, not only 1 hour but if possible for 24 hours. We create the trading robot who can utilized by the trader using our BOTXCOIN Token.

There are 4 methods of algorithm will be used in the Robot development :

1. Three pairing combination in one exchange.
Robot calculate and find the gap of 3 pairing (market) in one exchange.
For example in Binance exchange :
Below is data from real market in November 1st, 2018 :
BNB/BTC = 0.0015
ETH/BTC = 0.0330
BNB/ETH = 0.0440
Buy BTC with 100 BNB, will get (0.0015 x 100 ) = 0.15 BTC.
Buy ETH with 0.15 BTC, will get (0.15 / 0.0330) = 4.545 ETH.
Buy BNB with 4.545 ETH, will get (4.545 / 0.0440) = 103.18 BNB
This transaction make profit 3.18 %.
Deduction of the transaction fee is 0.2% (transaction fee for BNB is 0.05%X2 and ETH/BTC is 0.1%)
So, net profit can be taken from this transaction is 2.98%.

If we look in the details, there is always a pricing gap between those three pairing at the same time. Robot will comparing it and if robot found a profitable gap (include transaction fee), then robot will execute the transaction and token holder will get profit. If the gap is too small or not profitable, Robot will not execute the transaction. By this method, there is no chance for loss. It is always profit. The Robot will running every 12 seconds for 24 hours a day. It is means while you sleep, the robot never sleep and still working for you. Token holder can make their own selection for these 3 pairing in major exchange.

2. Pairing between two or more exchanges.
In this method, Robot will make comparison between the same pairing in 2 or more exchanges. The requirement for running this method is token holder must have balance in each pair in every exchange. By having balance in each pair and exchange, the robot can directly execute the transaction (if the comparison calculation show profit) without waiting for arbitration delay.
For example :
If there is a profitable gap between both exchange, then Robot will execute the transaction in both exchange, one buy and one sell. In this method, the token holder will get additional coin from that pairing, whether it is ETH or BTC.
This method always making profit whatever condition of market, bullish market or bearish market.

3. Pairing between two or more exchanges with arbitrage.
This method almost same with above method 2, but there is additional process; if balance asset is zero than Robot will execute the arbitrage process.

4. Bidding in BOTXPRO by comparing 20 top exchanges.
This is future methode which planned will be running in our own exchange BOTXPRO (Bot exchange Pro).
By this method, Robot will get the pricing data from top 20 exchanges and make bid price (with profit and fee) in BOTXPRO exchange. The result is robot guarantee the traders in BOTXPRO can get the competitive price in BOTXPRO compared with others exchange. This is how our Robot give a win-win solution for trader and BOTXPRO.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Mr. Agusman Surya and Mr. Randi Setiadi as the founders of this project and company was classmate at the Duta Wacana Christian University in Yogyakarta. They both graduated in 1996 from the Faculty of Informatics with a bachelor's degree. After they graduate, they still keep in touch until now and have somes project of IT development. Mr. Ignatius Aris was working with Mr. Agusman since year 2002 until now in another company who running the manufacturing of battery. Mr. Toguan Wong also work together with Mr. Agusman as business partner in a company that produce snack food and distribute in Indonesia market. Mr. Reinhard Scholle met Mr. Agusman on year 2008 and they are business partner in the manufacturing of component battery. Mr. Reinhard base on Hongkong and he often visit Indonesia to see Mr. Agusman and discuss about the cryptocurrency business. Then Ms. Smriti Singh is introduced by one of Mr. Agusman's friend. She is now still take her master degree at University of Waikato, New Zealand in IT faculty.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

1. Uncertainty in government regulation of the cryptocurrency business
2. Cyber Security
3. Tax Risk
4. Vanishing Risk
5. Crypto Hype Risk