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BBOD is designed to be the world's first, on-chain derivatives trading platform, which allows trading cryptocurrency smart derivatives contracts (futures and options) with high liquidity and maximum security.

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Start Date
September 22nd 2017 08:00 UTC
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End Date
September 24th 2017 08:00 UTC
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Piotr Arendarski, Ph.D photo
Piotr Arendarski, Ph.D
Piotr is an expert in market microstructure theory, one of the leaders of Quantitative Finance Research Group at University of Warsaw. He is an Assistant Professor in Finance at Poznan University of Economics where he has educated +4000 students who later have worked for Goldman Sachs, Citi, EY, KPMG. Piotr is a Project Manager and manages day-to-day business operations at BBOD. He is a founder of Quant Technology, a fintech startup. Piotr holds Ph.D degree in Economics.
Krzysztof Urbanowicz, Ph.D photo
Krzysztof Urbanowicz, Ph.D
Krzysztof is highly experienced coder and mathematician with +20 years of professional and scientific experience in Max-Planck Institute, Bunge and Trinity College Dublin. He is passionate about Informationism, the theory described in his book: Informationism from Philosophy to Quantitative Trading. Krzysztof guards the quantitative accuracy of algorithms at BBOD platform. He is a founder of Quant Technology, a fintech startup. Krzysztof holds Ph.D degree in Econophysics.
Marcin Paw?owski, Ph.D photo
Marcin Paw?owski, Ph.D
Head of Quantum Cryptography
Marcin is an industrial expert and scientific authority in Quantum Cryptography. He is a leading member of National Quantum Information Centre in Gdansk, with more than 50 publication on Quantum cryptography and experience in large scale projects at Max-Planck Institute and University of Bristol. Marcin supervises the security of the BBOD Platform. Marcin holds Ph.D degree in Quantum Information.
Andrzej Urbanowicz photo
Andrzej Urbanowicz
Software Architect
Andrew is one of the world’s leading software designers with more than decade of industrial experience in IBM, CERN (Geneva), Hewlett Packard. He has worked as developer/designer and later as an Application Architect and Team Leader for P&G, ING, Deutche Bank. He has specialized in architecting large scale applications and leading delivery distributed teams. He is blockchain enthusiast. Andrew holds Msc degree in Computer Science.