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 BitSong is a project dedicated to musicians and listeners, where artists will be able to produce songs in which an advertiser can attach advertisements and users can access from any device.  BitSong will generate profit for the artist and the users while creating a money saving opportunity for advertisers. The user will be paid for the "User Attention", the producer will receive earnings in real time, the advertiser will be able to optimize the campaign after viewing the reports

  • Category Art & Music
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Malta
Start Date
August 10th 2018 14:00 UTC
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End Date
November 10th 2018 14:00 UTC
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United States
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Iulian Anghelin photo
Iulian Anghelin
EMEA&Foreign Relations Manager
Passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Graduated in the tourism field, with excellent skills in problem solving, communication and relational. He speaks fluently 5 languages and at intermediate level others 2.
Rino Ticli photo
Rino Ticli
Founder - DJ/Producer
Rino Ticli began his career as a DJ at the age of 14. He immediately started playing in the clubs of the province until it expanded all over the international territory collaborating with record labels such as Blanco Y Negro, Dance and Love, Saifam Music and Executiva Music. Also known in Malta for Electronic Dance evenings.
Salvatore Farruggio photo
Salvatore Farruggio
VP Product
Administrative manager of the company INTEGRA CORPORATION which carries out courses of high entrepreneurial training and human resources and Academy business;
Alfonso Santitoro photo
Alfonso Santitoro
Digital Strategist
Alfonso Santitoro is a digital consultant for startups and companies. He has worked in the digital world for about 4 years, as a marketing expert, he has guided a lot of national and international projects. He is the founder of, blog writing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He is the digital marketer of one of the biggest italian cryptocurrency's academies.
Fabio Vindigni photo
Fabio Vindigni
Video Strategiest & Video Maker
In 2014 he opens his YouTube channel and begins the journey of self-taught videomaker. He moved to Rome and worked as a guitarist and singer with Federico Baroni. He moved back to Vittoria, was noticed through YouTube and worked in a photography studio taking care of the video industry. In 2016 he moved to Colli Del Tronto to participate as a leading actor in the Halley web series. He moved back to Vittoria, worked full time as a videomaker and worked as a composer for a videogame. In 2018 he was hired as a composer for another videogame, continued to work as a videomaker and was hired by Bitsong's main team as a video industry specialist, where he currently works full-time as a videomaker and photographer, abandoning previous projects.
Francesco Martorana photo
Francesco Martorana
Artists Manager
Francesco Martorana founded Wla Booking (Booking Agency for Artists) in September 2011. Collaborating with one of the largest Italian Music Festival, he brought to Italy for the first time the likes of: - DEORRO - THE CHAINSMOKERS - MARTIN GARRIX - TIMMY TRUMPET - DANNIC - WILL SPARKS Managing the managerial growth from every point of view, today having a ten-year experience in the Booking / Management and in the strategy connected to it, manages to bring out the best from every single artist who relies on his structure. Francesco joins the BitSong Team and, thanks to his experience, will take care of the selection of our artists, he will also take care of forging important partnerships within the music world and with the first international artists.
Alessandra Recca photo
Alessandra Recca
UI/UX Designer
Committed Designer with a passion to build engaging experiences for the Digital products Strong conceptual skills and ability to translate ideas into creative UI design Responsible, reliable and passionate about UI and UX design and methodologies I love when I can use design and design thinking to make a meaningful impact on my community
Tiziana Mazza photo
Tiziana Mazza
Social Media Manager
Passionate about Social Media and public relations, but also a great lover of music in all its forms. I know BitSong from its foundations, succeeding in this way in transmitting to the general public what it represents, in the smallest details. I had the opportunity to be part of this project also thanks to my past experiences as promoter, which allowed me to learn how to deal with the general public.
Serena Di Pasquale photo
Serena Di Pasquale
Social Media Manager & Image Girl
Passionate about Social Media, but also a great lover of music in all its forms. I had the opportunity to be part of this project also thanks to my past experiences as a testimonial , which allowed me to learn how to deal with the general public. She had the opportunity to work in the past as a model, allowing her to successfully get into the fashion and social media's world. The influence towards the general public gave her the opportunity to interact with the public, also for the bitsong project, where she managed to combine her passion for music, with the passion for beauty in general, in fact is collaborating with BitSong as a social media manager and image/model girl.



Nikolay Shkilev photo
Nikolay Shkilev
Crypto enthusiast and mentor. Rated Top 3 in People of Blockchain. Has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. He has many awards and titles in the IT business. Self-Made Russia award. Tech guru. Super TOP award etc. Founder and CEO of Private Business Club. His Holding received "Enterprise of the Year" award in the Kremlin. Has a business in various directions. Co-Founder "Top ICO advisors".
Vladimir Nikitin photo
Vladimir Nikitin
Professional legal consultant, financial advisor with over ten years’ experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. Well-known cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor. As an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, I provide consultancy and advice to selected ICOs in the CIS region. My network in the crypto community counts over 31 000 followers.
Bogdan Fiedur photo
Bogdan Fiedur
Bogdan is an influential blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, investor, entrepreneur and a frequent speaker at high-profile blockchain-themed events. He is currently advising many promising startups, he is a co-Founder of bitJob and President of With a BS degree in Computer Science from University of Manitoba, Bogdan has over 20 years of IT experience and has acquired intimate knowledge with inner-workings of ICO development from conception to execution supported be deep understanding of current Blockchain industry.
George Han photo
George Han
George is a strategy professional who has worked with hundreds of startup founders in the areas of business strategy mapping and fundraising strategy. He now serves as advisor to over 6 ICOs and has helped raised a total of USD 40M. In his capacity, he advises them on whitepaper development, marketing and investment. Formerly in his role as startup champion at SMU, he facilitated the creation of over 90 tech startups and advised over 600 startups in their business plans. He believes that the key to a successful startup lies in the implementation capability of the founders and their willingness to get their hands dirty to execute strategies.
Paul Scott photo
Paul Scott
Paul is a seasoned professional in the financial markets and emerging-market technologies. He has deep-level FinTech, InsurTech and Big Data eco-system knowledge, including utilization of leading-edge technologies That underpin the eco-system's development. His focus for the last two years-has become the inherent benefits in Blockchain nascent technology and the opportunities this presents for a Decentralized global economy. In Particular, His experience has extended into cryptocurrency launches, acting as an advisor Both formally and informally, and in the construction of Whitepapers and token economics, mechanisms and distribution.
Reuben Godfrey photo
Reuben Godfrey
Reuben has worked in sales, business development, finance and operations roles for major multinationals and start-ups in the tech, telecoms and pharmaceutical industries globally. He has worked as a journalist and is frequently interviewed and asked for comment by tech and mainstream media as well as speaking at and hosting seminars and conferences and as an advisor to numerous successful ICOs He is co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland and the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia with an ambassador role on the GDPR Awareness Coalition and on the NSAI National Mirror Committee to ISO TC 307


  • May 2018

    10th of May - Bitsong Ltd was born! The first official headquarter in Malta was born!

  • May 2018

    14th of May - PRE-ICO 40% BONUS 20,000,000 tokens will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO with a 40% bonus.

  • May 2018

    21th of May 2018 - PRE-ICO 30% BONUS 15,000,000 tokens will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO with a 30% bonus.

  • May 2018

    28th of May 2018 - PRE-ICO 20% BONUS 10,000,000 tokens will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO with a 20% bonus.

  • Jun 2018

    11th of June 2018 - PRE-ICO 10% BONUS 5,000,000 tokens will be on pre-sale to determine the price of the ICO with a 10% bonus.

  • Aug 2018

    INITIAL COIN OFFERING - 47% of the tokens will be distribuited to solve the capital issue.

  • Oct 2018

    Q3 & Q4 2018 - Opening of the first office in Malta, recruitment of other personnel necessary for the development of the project

  • Jan 2019

    Q1 & Q2 2019 - Opening of 2 locations in Europe, launch of the Alpha version of the BitSong platform (including mobile app)

  • Jul 2019

    Q3 & Q4 2019 - New partnerships in the international arena and the start of the contest dedicated to the artists. New platform features including TV support, artist statistics, users and advertisers.Stabilization of the platform, new features and start of the creation of our blockchain.

  • Jan 2020

    2020 - The whole year will be dedicated to the creation and stabilization of the blockchain, including the support related to the licenses. Partnership with new car manufacturers and TV stations.


Why is your company going to succeed?

Our company will be successful because it operates in a very prolific and appreciated sector, like music, because behind it there is an incredible and true team that works day and night taking care of the smallest details, because the technology we are using (Blockchain) allows us to improve our idea and our project every day, because Blockchain and the crypto currencies are apparently destined to be the future.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The members of our team met originally in Italy, specifically in Sicily, where the idea of BitSong was born.
Subsequently, new figures were also taken from other countries to guarantee new ideas and new mentalities to BitSong.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

The top 5 of the risks that our company could face are:

1. The crypto market falls considerably in value
2. Competitors who are currently bigger than us decide to come into conflict with us.
3. We must establish a marketing strategy with attention to the smallest details otherwise we may not find enough advertisers for our platform.
4. Unfortunately, because of so many scams in the ICO, it is not easy to find and convince investors to contribute to the project if you do not work carefully, with the right strategies and the right means in order to offer security to those who invest in your idea.
5. Go into conflict with record companies to take away a large slice of the music market.