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Established in 2013, BitNational has quickly become a Canadian leader in cryptocurrency; building its reputation on a foundation of trust and partnership. Now with over 50 cryptocurrency ATMs and 3 over the counter trading desks we are introducing the BitNational Online Exchange and BitNational Token.

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July 1st 2018 21:00 UTC
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August 15th 2018 21:00 UTC
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Matthew Haddon photo
Matthew Haddon
Co-Founder, President
Matthew began his working career in the energy sector of Canada’s economy with Concord Well Servicing in early 2004 and quickly elevated to new heights within various positions for Precision Drilling, Lutz Productions, Greywolf Productions and Tartan Controls. He built and refined his skill sets to the point he was managing multi-million-dollar gas production facilities for Petronas. Matthew left the energy industry in 2010 when he founded a landscape architecture corporation generating near millions in revenue annually at the point of exit. He shifted gears to unchartered territories in 2013 where he began trading bitcoin & digital currencies ultimately leading to co-founding BitNational. His new-found love for the revolutionary space of blockchain technology was enabled.
Drew Glover photo
Drew Glover
Head of decentralization & Co-founder
Drew is an iron-willed entrepreneur with untiring passion for his beliefs and a Certified Bitcoin Professional with over five years of intensive experience in cryptocurrency. After nearly a decade of experience as a supervisor in the natural gas industry, Drew attended the University of Victoria, majoring in Commerce. Upon discovering his calling within the Decentralization movement in 2011, this unique skill set was applied to the creation of BitNational. Drew has also traveled to over 40 nations and this international experience guides his search for a brighter future for all humanity via BitNational and the Greater Decentralization Movement.
Ziad Sabbagh photo
Ziad Sabbagh
Head of Operations
Ziad began his professional career in the Financial sector with Olympia Financial Group, a publicly traded Calgary based corporation specializing in financial, insurance, FX, and ATM products. Ziad quickly began running operations and data analytics for the then new start-up divisions of Olympia ATM and Olympia FX ATM for all 400+ ATMs and $20 million in cash assets nationwide, under the guidance of Olympia's CFO and respective VPs for each division. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Calgary in Supply Chain & Operations Management and a passion for data, Ziad saw the potential in cryptocurrencies to transform the financial industry and beyond. Ziad left Olympia in pursuit of being a part of that bleeding edge industry. Eventually finding BitNational and transforming the business strategy, operations, and data analytics back-end.
Ben Perrin photo
Ben Perrin
Head of Marketing
Ben is a passionate advocate of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, drawn to the industry by its power to disrupt and upend the entire financial industry. With a background in education and the arts, he has found his niche helping crypto-newcomers navigate murky waters in a friendly and entertaining way - through his informative YouTube channel “BTC Sessions.” Since 2014 Ben has worked for 3 different cryptocurrency brokers, documented his life living on Bitcoin, interviewed countless industry leaders including Erik Voorhees/Arthur Hayes/Trace Mayer/etc. and amassed nearly 2 million views on his original content.
Tomas Hagel photo
Tomas Hagel
Head of Customer Relations
Thomas has a background in wealth management as a Personal Financial Planner. He previously managed investment portfolios greater than $130 million in his company which he succeeded and sold at the age of 27. Thomas’ passion for global economics/geopolitics, knowledge of international debt entanglement, and pending inversion of the corporate yield curve drives his conviction in cryptocurrency. Thomas is an expert in security analysis, portfolio management, risk management, and strategic tax planning. His business accruement is process design to deliver exceptional product return, and has great focus is in providing outstanding customer satisfaction
Ayman Kamoun photo
Ayman Kamoun
Head of Sales
With a background in Electrical Engineering from the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, Ayman Kamoun saw the potential in Blockchain technologies merging the worlds of programming and the global commerce network. Ayman spends his extra time researching new applications using Blockchain technology specifically the Ethereum Network. With extensive experience in the sales industry, Ayman is no stranger to providing superior customer service and care. Ayman currently runs the day to day operations of the sales team, responsible for planting ATMs across Western Canada from individual vendors to corporate offices, and malls.


Chris Kitze photo
Chris Kitze
Technology Innovator & Investor, founder of
A technology innovator and investor. He is a serial entrepreneur, creating companies with over $7 billion of market capitalization during a 25-year career. He has been part of the Lycos’ IPO team, was founder and CEO of (IPO: 1998), and was CEO of NBCi, formed by the merger of and, in addition to other companies in digital media and payments, such as and Currently, he is working on several very interesting blockchain related projects, and helping the Alphabit Fund.
Patrick Onyekweli photo
Patrick Onyekweli
Director at Canaccord Genuity Corp.
Patrick, director at Canaccord Genuity Corp., is an experienced finance professional with almost a decade of investment banking experience at leading bank-owned and boutique dealers in Canada. Over the course of his career, he has helped to raise in excess of $2 billion in capital and advise on over $6 billion in M&A transactions. Patrick is a CFA charterholder, holds an MBA from Queen’s University and received a BComm with Distinction from the University of Calgary. Patrick is an active angel investor with over 100 portfolio companies globally, including several focused on advancing blockchain initiatives.
Hanif Joshaghani photo
Hanif Joshaghani
Co-Founder/CEO of Symend Inc., Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor
With a proven track record in entrepreneurship and business development, Hanif has founded four companies, with three of those resulting in full or partial exits including his two most recent technology companies Aimsio and Symend. In addition, Hanif is an active technology angel investor, with investor / advisor roles at BitNational, Leankor, Arcus Power, Athennian, Acuspire, and Bidali. Prior to his entrepreneurial career Hanif spent 15 years in hedge funds and investment banking. His exceptional talent for establishing lasting relationships with clients, partners, advisors, investors and team members; is a catalyst for bringing together successful partnerships and teams.
Michael Saliken photo
Michael Saliken
BLG Partner, Corporate & Securities Legal Expert
Michael’s practice is focused on securities and corporate finance with an emphasis on corporate mergers & acquisitions, oil and gas, information technology and renewable energy. Acting for Kelt Exploration Ltd. in connection with its aggregate $460M private placement financings in 2013 & 2014 and Kelt’s $307M acquisition of Artek in 2015. Acting for Beaumont Energy Inc. in connection with its $517M acquisition by Whitecap Resources Inc. in 2015. Acting for AutoCanada Inc. in connection with its $3.2 Billion acquisition by ExxonMobil Canada in 2013. Acting for agents/underwriters in respect of equity/debt offerings and advisory work, including National Bank-led $25M financing of High Arctic Energy Services Inc. in 2014 and Raymond Jamesled $172M financing of Trinidad Drilling Ltd. in 2013 acting across all industries.
Karim Teja photo
Karim Teja
Partner of Red to Black Inc., Financial Operations Expert.
Karim is an accomplished financial and operations executive with almost two decades of success in technology commercialization, public company management, financings, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, securities and exchange regulations and foreign currency. He has an extensive background in bringing new products to market, manufacturing and distribution of technologies and mergers and acquisition work. He was a winner of the coveted Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his instrumental work in rapidly commercializing and global distribution of a new healthcare product. Karim is recognized for his financial expertise, strong negotiating skills, providing excellent customer service and meeting fiduciary obligations to Board of Directors and shareholders. Karim has significant experience in financial technology (fintech) and cryptocurrency related issues and innovations through holding senior and executive positions at a number of companies in that space.
Colin Pape photo
Colin Pape
Founder of Presearch,
Colin Pape is an entrepreneur, speaker, advisor, community organizer, and thought leader in the field of decentralization and internet technology. Born and raised in a small Canadian town called Midland, Pape is the founder and project lead for Presearch, a decentralized search engine. He is also the founder and CEO of, a local search platform building digital main streets, and representing more than 80,000 small businesses.
Cyndi McLeod photo
Cyndi McLeod
CEO at Global University Systems
Cyndi is an award-winning, globally-minded executive. With a vast international network that spans over 100 countries, Cyndi’s expertise lies in building strategic business and educational connections. Cyndi has held senior leadership roles in Canadian public universities and later launched her consultancy business, Globally CMc. Cyndi recently joined Global University Systems as CEO, Canada leading the group’s expansion and Canadian operations. She is also the CEO of KidzCan Global Education, a Canadian provider of early childhood education programs internationally and CEO of Smrt English Asia, an education technology company. Cyndi holds a master’s degree in International Business from Asia Pacific International University.
Gary Lachance photo
Gary Lachance
Decentraliztion Advocate
Gary has been a tireless advocate of Radical Decentralization for nearly a decade. He believes wholeheartedly that this movement has the power to unlock humanity’s full potential and catalyze a magnificent new era that will maximize freedom, creation and loving connection. His advocacy work includes writings, films, and other creative projects, including a “Dialogues On Decentralization” speaker’s series at Burning Man that helped turn thousands on to these revolutionary new ideas and ideals. For the past eight years, Gary has been operating the Decentralized Dance Party; a powerful demonstration of what a Decentralized future might not only look but feel like. This open-source Party concept has united hundreds of thousands worldwide in revolutionary acts of shared experience. Visit to learn more.
Alex Sterk photo
Alex Sterk
Co-founder of Ubiq and Host of #blocktalk
Alex and the Ubiq technologies team work closely with several leading exchanges for their technical integrations and providing best practices of the exchange industry. Their team is quite skilled and experienced in building, deploying and maintaining blockchain and their assets with the main example being Ubiq independent smart contract network. The Ubiq teams’ knowledge of the ethereum smart contract programming language allows for auditing of the crowdsale and token contract to ensure no vulnerabilities exist.


Why is your company going to succeed?

Since inception in 2013, BitNational translates to passion within the industry, resourcefulness and the ability to adapt. Since the founding partners saw the initial vision, they have not deviated from that goal.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The founders met in 2004 at their shared occupation and this friendship evolved into a dynamic partnership. They continued to acquire like-minded individuals, ultimately building a solid team with shared motivation and irrefutable ethics.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Maintaining competitive advantage. Capturing the attention of & building trust with newcomers. Working with traditional banking systems. Preventatively anticipating measures for optimal security. Ability to scale with expected growing demand.