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BitImage is a smart open platform for digital media exchange with decentralized content licensing.

Powered with Blockchain and AI, BitImage is introducing the new standard of digital content marketplaces and transforming $200B industry.

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Start Date
April 26th 2018 13:00 UTC
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End Date
May 24th 2018 13:00 UTC
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Kirill Yusov photo
Kirill Yusov
Director, Founder
Kirill is a profound leader of the highest executive level with a deep expertise in running an IT business worldwide. Having a considerable experience in advising Blockchain startups, he is ready to start his own Blockchain project. He’s an inspiring leader passionate about the revolutionary future of cryptocurrency payments and showing the way to the whole team.
Xenia Sokolova photo
Xenia Sokolova
Head of Operations
BitImage team needs talented and reliable Head of Operations, and Xenia fits this role best. The huge working record at different innovative IT projects ensures her strong organization and planning skills.
Bohdan Nikitin photo
Bohdan Nikitin
Head of Development
Bohdan is one of the outstanding members of the BitImage team specializing in the development of the platform’s core. While working in different companies and fields of software development, he gained enough skills and experience crucial for designing huge projects.
Andrii Holovin photo
Andrii Holovin
iOS Developer
Andrii is an iOS developer with a proven and substantial working record. Deep understanding of all the development processes and rich experience in working as a team lead will help him to implement every piece of functionality at the highest level.
Oleh Romanenchuk photo
Oleh Romanenchuk
Android Developer
The mobile version of BitImage plays very important role for the project as a whole. Due to this, the team needs reliable professional who will implement solid system able to withstand high loads and scale smoothly. Oleh is our prominent member with many years of successful practice and perfect knowledge of Android solutions.
Irene Hozhenko photo
Irene Hozhenko
UX/UI Designer
Irene is a master of creating brilliant designs for fintech, the blockchain, and many other areas of software development. She is greatly inspired to take part in innovative projects and be on the edge of the leading technology.
Vadym Balan photo
Vadym Balan
Frontend Developer
Vadym is a very experienced developer who took part in numerous innovative projects. His expertise and talent are of a high necessity in such a project as BitImage, as this part concerns the clients’ interaction.
Denis Parafilo photo
Denis Parafilo
Java/Blockchain Developer
The blockchain implementation is one of the most crucial parts of the BitImage development, that’s why it needs an experienced executor, and Denis matches this role to the fullest. His rich experience in Ethereum smart contracts development and passion for solving complex tasks makes him an ideal candidate for this position.
Ellina Bereza photo
Ellina Bereza
Marketing Specialist
Ellina is a talented marketing professional who founded a company of her own, which runs quite a wide range of tasks. Working with the other Blockchain projects, now she is eager to bring value becoming a part of the BitImage team.
Anton Vorontsov photo
Anton Vorontsov
Advisor: Strategic Management
Anton is a professional with a solid consulting experience in strategic management, operational consulting, transactions, payments, etc. His working record includes such companies as McKinsey & Company, Mastercard. Also he’s a co-founder of the Mountzee Adventure Travel company. His deep expertise also concerns such areas as international payments (Mastercard, SWIFT), commercial banking (Wells Fargo Innovation Group, BNP Paribas), etc. Now he’s a pro-bono consultant at the Blockchain at Berkeley and the BitImage advisor.
Robert Levin photo
Robert Levin
Advisor: Blockchain and Token Economy
Robert is a widely recognized advisor in investment strategy, acquisition of intellectual property, and software licensing. He has two Master degrees in international and public affairs, which ensures his deep expertise in legal issues, authorial rights, etc. Being the CEO of his own company, a TED member, a Tech Laureate by the Tech Museum of Innovation, and the Judge of the 2014 Edison Awards, he now will consult the team about the upcoming strategies and running a distributed systems concerning intellectual property throughout the world.
Sasha Andrieiev photo
Sasha Andrieiev
Advisor: Business Development
Sasha is a recognized business leader dedicating all the pains to manage his company at best and deliver the polished product. He is a CEO of Jelvix software development company with 60+ team members. As a BitImage advisor he will help us to make the life of millions easier with our platform. He masterfully combines leadership skills with brilliant technical expertise in the Blockchain field, so he’d be able to share lots of excellent tips with the project.
Anastasia Green photo
Anastasia Green
Advisor: Strategic Management
Anastasia is founder and CEO @Aura - decentralized professional network, with HQ in San Francisco. Serial entrepreneur and blockchain community builder in SF, Bay Area and Ukraine. Anastasia is well known in crypto and tech startups circles being opinion leader and technology evangelist.