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Participate in the transformation of a well established casino. BitDice is expanding its boundaries by entering a USD 50 billion market of fiat online casino and upgrading itself to the next-generation technology platform. MORE GAMES, MORE FUN & MORE OPPORTUNITIES!

  • Category Gambling & Betting
  • Project Type Token
  • White Paper Not Supplied
  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Costa Rica
Start Date
August 15th 2017
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End Date
September 15th 2017
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BitDice ICO Details

Contributions are accepted in:

Existing bankroll investors will receive special treatment for converting their stakes into CSNO tokens

Only 100 000 000 CSNO tokens will be created.

  • No dilution. Locked supply.
  • 70% distributed to public.
  • 30% retained by owners.
  • Off-chain distribution using ERC223
  • Ethereum smart-contract standard.

    Wealth accumulation: CSNO holders are entitled to 70% of BitDice profits distributed quarterly via Ethereum smart-contract.

    Functional: To place bets, receive payouts & bonuses.

    Tradable & Transferable: CSNO tokens tradable on secondary market, exchangeable on site.

    BitDice Casino is targeting to raise at least USD 10 000 000 to pursue its transformational strategy. For many years it has successfully performed as a cryptocurrency gambling site, yet it is time to start thinking "big".

    The structure of proceeds utilization is designed to ensure the platform's profitability in the long run with minimal operational risks. BitDice Casino is committed to implement its strategy in the best interest of CSNO token holders.

  • BitDice Token Distribution

    • Public Sale68,000,000 CSNO68.00%
    • Owners30,000,000 CSNO30.00%
    • Bounty2,000,000 CSNO2.00%


    • Q4 2017

      New slot provider (20+ Games) | Live Games | Start of Smart Contracts R7D (Ethereum/IOTA) | Add CSNO Token on site

    • Q1 2018

      BitDice's own games: Roulette & BitAces | Mobile App | On-Site Raffles Using Token | Licensing R&D

    • Q2 2018

      Sports betting | BitDice's own games: Baccarat

    • Q3 2018

      BitDice's own games: Video Poker, Plinko, Slots

    • Q4 2018