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At BitBoost we have already developed The Block. The Block is a fully decentralised e-commerce marketplace, designed for privacy and low fees.

  • Category Commerce & Advertising
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Switzerland
Start Date
October 10th 2017
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End Date
November 10th 2017
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Paul Mahone photo
Paul Mahone
Paul is an Italian/US programmer living in Switzerland. In addition to Italian, Paul speaks English and Japanese, having lived and worked in North America as well as Asia. He has been involved in various electronic marketplaces since 1992. During the 1990s, Paul served as CEO of Molecular Robotics, the first nanotechnology company to be listed on the NASDAQ.
Andrew Lekar photo
Andrew Lekar
Lead dev back-end
Andrew has been a blockchain developer for a long time, involved with NXT since the very beginning. He is a specialist in Javascript, databases, encryption, security, and he has built all the smart contracts that drive The Block.
Samuele Maran photo
Samuele Maran
Samuele is a blockchain crypto enthusiast, visionary, and entrepreneur. He spent the last three years investigating the potential applications of new technologies related to crypto-currencies. Samuele loves our community.
Tori Arcuri photo
Tori Arcuri
Director of Operations
Tori has been a consultant for developing businesses for over 20 years, specializing in branding and logistics. At BitBoost, she will work to ensure operations efficiency and effectiveness, putting into practice our mission to redefine e-commence. Tori is a blockchain enthusiast and believes innovations like The Block will contribute to a fair and vibrant future for us all.
Álvaro Rodríguez photo
Álvaro Rodríguez
Marketing Director
Álvaro is a seasoned digital marketing manager, project manager, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. His role is in helping BitBoost team achieve their business objectives, to become the most popular blockchain-based marketplace.

BitBoost Token Distribution

  • Main sale41,000,000 BBT41.00%
  • Presale20,000,000 BBT25.00%
  • Reserved for future contributors12,000,000 BBT12.00%
  • Reserved for the founding team and partners, of which 8 million (8%) will not be tradeable for one year.10,000,000 BBT10.00%
  • Reserved for early angel token owners and advisors, of which 3 million (3%) will not be tradeable for one year.5,000,000 BBT5.00%
  • Reserved for existing NxT Freemarket holders.5,000,000 BBT5.00%
  • BOunty campaign2,000,000 BBT2.00%