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Birdchain - blockchain based A2P2P (Application to person to person) app. It will allow companies to advertise through the only marketing channel that works - friends recommendations. Birdchain will have more ways for companies to advertise and people to earn BIRD tokens. Deliver A2P messages, take part in surveys, rich text media and monetization of private information - all in one application.

  • Category Communications
  • Project Type Blockchain
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • Algorithm Ethash
  • Bitcoin TalkOpenOpen Bitcoin Talk
  • Jurisdiction Estonia
  • Masternode No
Commerce & Advertising
Start Date
March 1st 2018 13:00 UTC
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End Date
May 31st 2018 13:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
United States
Tokens for sale

BIRD Token Distribution

  • ICO distribution441,000,000 BIRD76.00%
  • Corporate contributors and other expenses87,039,474 BIRD15.00%
  • Team & Founders52,223,684 BIRD9.00%