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Big Data Coin is a data-backed cryptocurrency allowing everyone to monetize their own data.

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  • Project Type New Blockchain
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Start Date
September 22nd 2017
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End Date
October 31st 2017
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Tonny Wong photo
Tonny Wong
CEO & Co-Founder
Mr. Wong is a Certificated Public Accountant recognized by the Hong Kong Institute of Public Accounts, Member of ACCA and a Financial Risk Manager qualified in the Global Association of Risk Professionals. He suggests scattered data can be combined as one in standard format and enabling data to be traded as a commodity to benefit the every users.
David Lam photo
David Lam
COO & Co-Founder
Mr. Lam is the COO of Air Button Technology Limited, a renounced start-up in Hong Kong funded by KickStarter. It is a recognized member of Cyberport, received lots of media attentions including TVB, IngDan, HOUDE,, STUFF, Clnet Japan etc. IoT expert David has first hand knowledge on data collection from personal electronic devices.
Paul Kwok photo
Paul Kwok
Mr. Kwok graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics with first class honor. Mr. Kwok excels in multiple programming languages and software including C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, postgreSQL, mySQL, mongoDB and ReactJ.
Jason Cheng photo
Jason Cheng
Head of Corporate Communication
Jason is a seasoned enterprise solution and deep learning expert with over fifteen years of experience. Jason graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a degree in Computer Engineering and a master degree in Business Administration. He worked in IBM Java Laboratory in Texas and IBM Software Group in Great China Group.
Kyo Chan photo
Kyo Chan
Lead Programmer
Concrete technical skills Mr. Chan is a proficient full-stack software engineer with extensive backend development experience. He has intense development experience stacks using Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, Mongodb and MariaDb. Milestone projects Kyo has engaged in designing, planning, and coding several large scale and high traffic web applications for Standard Chartered Bank Warrants & CBBC, MYMM and