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Bezop is a decentralized peer to peer e-commerce order management and processing system powered by smart contracts, an autonomous buyer-seller protection service and a simple vat collection system all built on a decentralized blockchain network.

  • Category Commerce & Advertising
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction United Kingdom
Start Date
December 20th 2017 13:00 UTC
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End Date
January 10th 2018 13:00 UTC
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Deryck Jones photo
Deryck Jones
Chief Technology Officer
20yrs in the Fortune 1000 holding dual engineering roles & overseeing all "IT" operations. Served as VP of R&D for software division of $3.1 Billion MIT spinout. Drove transformation from manufacturing business to a $270M systems business . Launched Data-Force which developed enterprise software applications and performed enterprise system integrations with SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server as a Salesforce development & sales partner delivering services to Sony, Canon, RFS, etc
Simon Disney photo
Simon Disney
Chief Marketing Officer
Simon Disney is one of the most influential marketers on the Internet & The Host of the very popular "Marketing Summit" Event, He is controls an ENORMOUS 1.7 million active & loyal customer mailing list. Simon has successfully marketed over 60 softwares online and he passively generates millions yearly for vendors! He has massive following and the backing of thousands of top marketers who will be very happy to promote bezop.
Kevin Byrne photo
Kevin Byrne
Ecommerce Expert
Kevin graduated with an Honours Degree in Business and Marketing, acquired a Masters Degree in eCommerce. The man is just amazing! He is an expert with Facebook advertising and has conquered on several platforms like shopify. Kevin can generate thousands of sales for a brand new store in a matter of weeks and he will transfer his vast e-commerce knowledge, experience and love to new merchants.
Camelius Ubah photo
Camelius Ubah
Lead Engineer
Blaze is the lead engineer at Bezop. Unlike most hardcore developers, he is also a philanthropist and loves giving back to the community. This tech genius holds a bachelor of science in computer science and system design and has been involved in some very revolutionary projects in the software space (such as flexy), an AI project built on google ML. He is also the mastermind behind the the rainbow cipher technology which is one of the strongest encryption methods available today.