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Blockchain analytical platform for P2P betting powered by AI

Bettium is a global decentralized analytical platform for P2P betting powered by AI with Big Data capabilities.

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July 1st 2018
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July 10th 2018
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July 10th 2018
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July 31st 2018
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Nathan Hunt photo
Nathan Hunt
Nathan Hunt has served on the Board of Directors of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association since 1996. He was Chairman of CERBA’s National Board of Directors from 2009 through 2013 and Chairman of the Moscow Chapter of CERBA from September 2001 to the present. Hunt’s US-based holdings include HunTel Engineering, a Nebraska corporation specializing in fiber optics engineering for LECs and internet service providers in middle America. A second company HunTel Security sells/installs industrial security systems, while a third, HunTel Communications, markets customer premises equipment for corporate voice/data networks and is largest reseller for telecom giant Mitel Networks in its region.
Ben Marrel photo
Ben Marrel
Ben is Founding Partner of Breega, a venture capital firm financing European innovative tech start-ups at Seed/Series A stage. Breega, built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, manages $200M and is backed by 100 bluechip executives and entrepreneurs, from the former CEO of Vodafone Europe to one of the cofounders of LinkedIn. Ben started his career in Paris in the strategic marketing department of Orange in charge of financial planning for new broadband services and for partnerships with startups. Then he joined Macquarie Bank Mergers & Acquisitions team in Sydney where he worked on cross-border deals over 100M Eur (Series D+) in the Tech/Media/Telecom industry. Back in Europe, he co-founded two different startups he still sits on the board of – Fiftyfor, the very first financial rating platform for SMEs in Africa, and Rugby Division, a digital native rugbywear brand - before launching Breega. Ben is a Telecom engineer (MSc in Physics) and a graduate from ESSEC (MSc in Management).
Alice Douglas photo
Alice Douglas
Investor & Community Relations
Alice Douglas boasts 10+ years of experience working with large scale firms on SaaS (SAP, SalesForce) implementation. She is conversant in CSM, PMP, Salesforce Sales & Marketing Cloud, SAP, Jira, MS Project, Visio, SEO, and Google AdWords & Analytics. She has worked as Team Leader for SAP, Pacific Gas and Electric, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and others. She was co-founder and product manager of CIVIC VOICE, a blockchain-based G2C (government to consumer) voting platform for real estate development projects in France. She served as Stakeholder Manager and Team Leader in several SAP and Salesforce implementations/ integrations, including management of cross-functional teams (IT, Operations, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing). Specific expertise includes SAP cloud implementation, data migration & integration, data cleansing, workflow automation, Sales Data & Forecasting, SFCD CPQ, custom SFCD App development, ISV management, Business Process Automation.
Alex Kamilov photo
Alex Kamilov
Alex has been engaged in data analysis and big data projects for over 10 years, specializing in the optimization of distributed ledgers.Throughout his career he has worked in software design and development, including development of algorithmic platforms for financial market operations. Most recently he has worked on blockchain architecture design and development of a protocol for efficient scaling of blockchain solutions and optimization of smart contracts. Alex graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, where he concentrated on math, statistics, and probability theory. He currently specializes in smart-contract applications, Artificial Intelligence in the blockchain, data structures and classical algorithms.
Brian Bellerose photo
Brian Bellerose
Legal Officer
Brian Bellerose specializes in international commercial and securities law with a focus on corporate structures, investment management and investment banking transactions. He has over 22 years of experience advising companies on asset management platforms, multinational corporate and tax structures, restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, international joint ventures, strategic sales and IPOs primarily in Emerging Markets and Asia. Before joining Bettium, Brian was Chief Counsel for Bigfoot Entertainment (Tokyo), Director and Chief Operating Officer of BeiKai Capital (Beijing), a private equity firm. His career includes senior management positions in Kazimir Partners (Moscow), Oriflame Cosmetics (Brussels), MDM Holdings (Moscow), and Renaissance Capital (Moscow). Brian graduated from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and the University of Chicago. He is a member of the New York State Bar.
Sheldon Bennett photo
Sheldon Bennett
Blockchain Analyst
Sheldon Bennett has over 20 years of management experience leading international companies including PwC, Ernst & Young, Baker & McKenzie, Cisco Systems and Fonterra CIS. For the past three years Sheldon led Canadian mining operations of BitFury, one of the world’s largest blockchain and cryptocurrency mining companies, where he was responsible for the setup and development of industrial bitcoin mining operations, including government relations, power optimization with Canadian utilities, and the engineering and development of mining operations. Sheldon currently serves as Director and Chief Operating Officer of DMG Blockchain, a diversified cryptocurrency and blockchain platform focused on mining public blockchains and applying proprietary blockchain technology to address fraud and friction in supply chains.
Dan Hunt photo
Dan Hunt
Software Engineer
Dan Hunt earned a degree in Computer Science from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Since graduating in 1985 Dan has been heavily involved in the technology aspects of his family’s business, HunTel Communications. Immediately after graduation Dan worked on the IBM 4361 mainframe system programming JCL and RPG code. With the advent of personal computers Dan assumed responsibility for the company’s corporate network, building their first LAN from the ground up. His skills became valued as a consultant for HunTel’s clients, helping them build and implement their own PC-based computing systems. With experience with ARCNet, Token Ring, and Ethernet systems and a programming background he dove into routing and learned IP. By the mid-90’s the Internet was growing in popularity and their HunTel’s business expanded into ISP services by offering dial-up, P2P, DSL, and DOCSYS-based connections enhanced by DNS, email, and web services.



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