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Benchmark International creates and gives multiple opportunities to people from all walks of life and in all countries to profitably participate in the immediate future and in the long term in the great adventure that is the New Economy.

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May 28th 2018 09:00 UTC
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August 31st 2018 17:00 UTC
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United States
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Pieter Coetzer photo
Pieter Coetzer
Corporate Finance and Business Development
A talented and intelligent out of the box thinker with extensive experience at senior level in South Africa, Australia, Germany, the United States and Canada. Managed companies with as many as 1,000 and as few as ten employees. Also a business owner in various parts of the world. Advised multinational companies in Germany, the USA and Canada. Strong strategic management and financial planning skills, extensive experience in investment banking and in funding regulations. Strong marketing skills. Well-rounded public speaker, mentor and trainer. Extensive contacts in the Securities Industry and in banking in various parts of the world. Good understanding of processes and documentation in the funding process. Extensive experience in trading long-term value strategies and short-term technical analysis strategies.
Denis Quayle photo
Denis Quayle
Corporate Finance and Business Development
Providing Venture Capital through the Crypto Currency Market to create real businesses for real people, supported by the power of the blockchain. Launching the BenchMark Token on 28th May 2018. Pre Sale started.
Zulekha Cara photo
Zulekha Cara
Crypto Entrepreneur and Trader
Zulekha Cara majored in Economics and Finance and has an honours degree in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management from the University of Cape Town. She is a driven entrepreneur who is passionate about business and wealth creation as well as cryptocurrencies and blockchain. She is a cryptocurrency investor and managing director of Cryptotraders Za – one of the leading cryptocurrency training providers in South Africa. Zulekha joined Benchmark because it is the perfect combination of business and crypto – it allows any participant of Benchmark to be able to create wealth by choosing to participate in different business ventures.
Dr. Douglas Lund photo
Dr. Douglas Lund
Real Estate Development and Construction
Douglas developed his philosophy on green building based on his initial 5 year experience in South Africa and will build on these ideas as he is surrounded by sustainable technologies in the Northern Hemisphere. He is one of the initial investors in Benchmark and has great confidence in Benchmark’s global potential for success.
Muzi Kubeka photo
Muzi Kubeka
Operations and Finance Management
Muzi Kubeka is an experienced financial and operations manager with over 20 years experience at senior management level holding various portfolios in the sub Saharan Africa region. Muzi holds a Bcom and a Masters in Business Leadership from the University of South Africa. He brings business and people leadership skills that are crucial for successful project implementation.
Ian Sibusiso Gwebu photo
Ian Sibusiso Gwebu
Chemical Engineer
Ian Gwebu spent well over 20 years in the pulp and paper industry. With a Masters in Advanced Chemical Engineering, Ian is passionate about how we can solve problems associated with waste as a result of the products we consume.
Johan Gouws photo
Johan Gouws
Electrical Engineer
Johan has had extensive experience in all facets of managing city electrical networks starting as a trainee technician and advancing to Deputy City Engineer when he resigned to starting his own business. Johan has for the past 17 years served as technical director for two companies engaged in all aspects of facilities management with the focus on electrical services. Johan is presently assessing the viability decentralised, off grid electrical installations at schools and other institutions
Rick Williams photo
Rick Williams
Attorney, Public Company Capital Formation, Business Development
Rick earned his law degree at the University of Ottawa in 1977 and has pursued his interests in international corporate commercial law and business ever since. In recent years, much of his activities have been in the international mining sector, where he is a senior officer and a director of several publicly listed companies. He has listed companies on the London, American and Vancouver Stock Exchanges and has carried out mergers and acquisitions in Europe, North and South America, Indonesia and China.
Jasper Cloete photo
Jasper Cloete
Generational Wealth/Cooperative Banking/Entrepreneurship Development
Jasper Cloete has a BSc Hons and MBA and has extensive experience in Development Finance through his work experience at the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa and the Business Partners (previously Small Business Development Corporation). After successfully helping to grow an international product distribution company in Africa, he became fascinated with the concept of generational thinking and its role in developing sustainable generational wealth. This led to the establishment of the Generational Inheritance Group (GIG) and the GIG CFI (Cooperative Financial Institution). He became a shareholder and strategic partner in Benchmark on the strength of his belief that cryptocurrency is the future of banking and the projects that Benchmark is envisaging will become a powerful economic multiplier in the future.
Michael Hibbard photo
Michael Hibbard
Business Development Specialist/Mining Executive
Michael Hibbard is President and CEO of Marine Mining Corp. which holds a prospecting licence over 240km of Ghana's coastline, an area that is highly prospective for gold, alluvial aggregates, and rare earths. Michael invests in commercial real estate in Toronto and is active in the stock market.
Christopher Smith photo
Christopher Smith
Entrepreneur/Investment Banker
Christopher Smith has 30 years of broad experience as an entrepreneur and international financial professional concentrating primarily on securitization and structured finance, mergers and acquisitions and international business development. He was the U.S. business development liaison for the first ever S&P rated Shariah-compliant US$ 165 million gas backed US securitization. He co-founded Renewable Energy Funding, LLC, which provides financial advisory and business development services to the renewable energy industry.
Pieter Coetzer Jr. photo
Pieter Coetzer Jr.
Project Planning and Management
Pieter holds a master’s degree Information Technology from the University of Pretoria. Also qualified as an Industrial Psychologist. He has had extensive Project Management Experience in several countries over extended periods. He has been at the head of numerous projects in IT development in many countries around the world
Chris Mutale photo
Chris Mutale
Chris Mutale is a Zambian born entrepreneur and strategic thinker. He holds a Bsc in Land Economy and is passionate about uplifting the lives of millions of Africans in order to help end poverty, disease and crime. He currently runs a leadership development program called Africa’s Next CEO.
Dr. Frederick Hölscher photo
Dr. Frederick Hölscher
Stakeholder relationships and Social Enterprise Development
Dr Hölscher is a seasoned academic and sociologist specializing in community development through constructive stakeholder dialogue. After leaving the academic world he practiced as a business consultant focusing on business improvement through human development and stakeholder engagement, assisting businesses in their role as social enterprise. He worked as an organisational development consultant in various countries globally and conducted numerous community development projects where business , government and civil society structures worked together for the benefit of all stakeholders. He currently lives in the UK and work as an adjunct at Ashridge Executive Education, part of Hult International Business School, where he does research in leadership development and specialising in the 'Future World of Work.
Luke Szkudlarek photo
Luke Szkudlarek
Luke has over ten years of international experience in the digital sector, having worked in companies and marketing agencies across the UK, Poland and Zurich. Luke is the Founding Partner and Digital Strategy Lead for, and has been since 2015. Having worked with international brands on their digital strategies for over a decade, he has a wealth of experience in managing successful marketing campaigns. Now leading growth hacking strategies for Blockchain projects at, Luke has helped to raise more than $50m through a number of token sale projects. His background and experience with crypto lends itself perfectly to help lead Benchmark's journey to success
Mario Colombo photo
Mario Colombo
Mario has over 8 years of experience in communications, web development and digital marketing. Being the Technical Lead and Partner at, Mario has the know-how and track record to successfully implement Benchmark's technical requirements successfully. With proven experience as a Web Developer and Project Manager for mobile and web applications, and specialising in helping startups with prototyping, 'go to market' strategies, customer acquisition and growth hacking, Mario is perfectly suited to help launch and maintain Benchmark ecosystem over the coming years.
Alexei Strasser photo
Alexei Strasser
Blockchain Strategy & Tokenomics
Alexei’s experience and passion in the blockchain environment means he always knows what’s happening in the market and what is essential to deliver in order to be heard and respected by the community. At Benchmark, this leads him to help position Benchmark's value proposition and effectively show it massive potential.




  • Q1 2018

    Incorporation Benchmark International in Malta

  • Q1 2018

    Selection of first five projects open for participation

  • Q2 2018

    Start of Presale and Public sale

  • Q3 2018

    Platform launch and access to projects

  • Q4 2018

    Platform upgrade including enhanced monitoring features and addition of additional projects


Why is your company going to succeed?

A Modern Business with world changing potential.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The relationships among the team members have been in existence for many years.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Regulatory constraints
The crypto market may turn out to be a bubble to the point where the bulk of the crypto investment market disappears.