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SportAlliance is doing an ICO to create the currency of the global sport and fitness industry - and all the hundreds of millions of enthusiasts who exercise daily: BEAT

Start Date
January 23rd 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
March 23rd 2018 23:59 UTC
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Daniel Hanelt photo
Daniel Hanelt
Daniel Hanelt studied computer science and economics, founded various software development and operating companies. He is the CEO of all companies of SportAlliance.
Daniel Wischer photo
Daniel Wischer
Daniel Wischer is building great teams and products. Started as a developer for individual software development and managed software projects from small to large. Founded SquareMed company and built one of the largest diabetes management platforms for managing all diabetes related data. Since the development start of Magicline he is responsible for product management and built up the product management team from scratch to successfully roll out the new Magicline. Now conquering the world of sport and health as part of the executive team.
Kjeld Peters photo
Kjeld Peters
Kjeld Peters started his career as an intern during the dot-com bubble. Studied computer science afterwards and never left the internet industry. Worked in multiple software development teams as engineer and lead. Responsible for all aspects of operations and engineering. Manages teams (40+ engineers/developers) and runs platforms with millions of users and revenue. Provides executive leadership.
Jens Kappe photo
Jens Kappe
Jens Kappe studied computer science and economics and has more than 18 years of experience in building and operating large scale distributed web-apps and e-commerce platforms with two-digit million Euro-budget responsibility. Most valuable success so far was project leadership of agile transformation of methodologies, development and operations of Cryptocurrency nerd since 2011 ;-) and spare time board game developer and owner of a small company.
Sven Eismann photo
Sven Eismann
Sven Eismann studied law when he realized that creating powerful campaigns, brands and networks kicks him even more. Being etat director at ddb hamburg for major clients like german Telekom and Siemens led to a deep understanding and a heart that beats for digital transformation in society ever since.