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Crypto banking institution. Cryptocurrency exchange with built-in margin and algorithmic trading. Investment platform offering social copytrading, SAMM accounts and portfolio management tools. Multicurrency cryptowallet.

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Start Date
August 31st 2018 21:00 UTC
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End Date
October 14th 2018 21:00 UTC
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Sergei Ermolitski photo
Sergei Ermolitski
Chief Executive Officer
Education: Bachelor Degree in Economics (2005) Master's Degree in Economics (2006) Professional Background: 2009 - CEO of FxCash - the first in Eastern Europe Forex cashback service. The company is one of the leaders in the market. 2013 - Co-Founder of the Hashbuster project. The company was engaged in the production of mining equipment based on Bitfury and Avalon chips. 2016 - The head of the marketing department at Bitsane cryptocurrency exchange. Personal information: Extensive experience in cyber security of financial IT projects. Believes that decentralized instruments could become a universal means of payment.
Michael Yermalitski photo
Michael Yermalitski
Co - founder
Education: Bachelor Degree in Economics (2005) Professional Background: CEO of Latvia’s Poliphone, SIA, an electronics wholesaler Holder of a $1.5 mln crypto portfolio Co-Founder, Bitsane Personal information: Solid experience of organizing business projects in both the financial and the blockchain spheres. Head of a group of companies in the B2B and B2C sphere.
Max Zmitrovich photo
Max Zmitrovich
Co - founder, Chief Marketing Officer
Education: 1996 - Master Degree equivalent in Law. 1996 - Major in International Trade Law 2001 - Preston College, Preston, Lancashire - YMCA Level 3 (highest) Professional Background: 2002 - UK and Western Europe Business Development Manager / Thermowood Ltd, Moscow, Russia (UK Office) 2005 - Senior Negotiator, Branch Lister (valuer) / Connells Estate Agents, Dudley Branch 2010 - Sales Manager / European Electrical Laminations Limited, Netherton, England 2013 - Commercial Director / Veles Limited, Oxford, England Personal information: Maksim Zmitrovich is a highly skilled marketing senior executive with a successful background and proven track record in International and Domestic business development. His latest projects include participation and directing business development of projects around the world, to include cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane, International trading companies Veles Limited, Poliphone SIA, largest UK estate agency Connells, manufacturing company EELL, Rivera.
Igor Kostyukovsky photo
Igor Kostyukovsky
Chief Technology Officer
Education: Telecommunications (2014) Professional Background: 2010: Full Stack Developer (further details are not possible because of an NDA) 2013: Team lead for fintech projects 2015: Solution architect(projects with complex integration and migration) 2016: Technical Director, Bitsane Personal details: Significant experience as a team lead in blockchain projects. A strong background in billing solutions, migration and integration. Solutions with complex server, microserver and cluster architecture
Nikolae Kukuta photo
Nikolae Kukuta
Director of the Partner Department
Education: 2012 - Bachelor in International Relations and Politology / State University of Moldova Professional Background: 2012 - Regional Representative Manager / RoboForex NZ, AuckLand 2013 - Customer Support Agent / Avantaj Prim, Moldova 2015 - Head of Investment & Research / RoboForex HQ, Cyprus 2017 - Operational Director / Intcons Ltd, Cyprus Personal information: Excellent familiarity with the trends of technology and marketing in the blockbuster sphere and financial markets, including the forex market. He believes that the Crypto-currency market is just beginning its rapid growth.
Dmitry Nenashev photo
Dmitry Nenashev
Chief Operating Officer
Education: Postgraduate Diploma, London South Bank University Bachelor of Business Administration, The Cyprus Institute of Marketing Professional Background: 2013 - National Sales Manager / TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets LTD 2014 - Senior FX Sales and Development / M & L Invest Union Markets LTD 2015 - Project Manager / RoboForex HQ, Cyprus 2017 - Head of Investment & Research / RoboForex HQ, Cyprus Personal information: Has confidence that ICO is not only an instrument to raise money for a project, but also a tool to attract future partners and users of the Azbit product line.
Azam Khodzhaev photo
Azam Khodzhaev
Chief Communication Officer
Professional Background: Co-owner of Carousel car sharing (an IT project) Eastern Europe’s No. 1 thought leader in the crypto and mining sphere An independent advisor to the Russian government on blockchain Co-presenter of the «Business. Investments. CryptoCurrencies» section on Transformator, a major business channel on Youtube. Personal details: An active speaker and communicator in the blockchain sphere. One of the first people in Eastern Europe to start mining cryptocurrencies and sell mining farms
Kirill Pukshta photo
Kirill Pukshta
Head of Statistics Department
Professional Background: 2013 - Data specialist at HTP (clarifications impossible due to NDA) 2015 - Private consultant for Big Data analyst in a FinTech company 2016 - Head of Statistics at Bitsane Personal information: Excellent knowledge of segmented marketing and marketing risk management
Dmitry Gursky photo
Dmitry Gursky
Chief Development Officer
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Networking Technology (2000) Professional Background: Expert in launching ICO projects Participated in the release of the first projects with Security Tokens Independent blockchain consultant to the government of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries Personal information: Believes that the field of crypto trading and investment is the most promising direction in 2018.
Nick Rovnieko photo
Nick Rovnieko
Head of Analytics
Professional Background: 2008 - Private entrepreneur 2012 - Practicing trader 2016 - Senior Analyst at Bitsane Personal information: Specialist in trade and investment in RAMM/SAMM accounts. An advocate of candlestick price action analysis.