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Blockhain Investing Banking

The main objectives of the project are to meet the needs of cryptocurrency projects and users for traditional financial sector services, and to provide access to investment products and to the crypto trading markets.

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  • Project Type Token
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  • Jurisdiction Switzerland
Start Date
October 1st 2018 21:00 UTC
End Date
January 31st 2019 23:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
Republic of Korea
Syrian Arab Republic
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Max Zmitrovich photo
Max Zmitrovich
Co - founder, Chief Marketing Officer
Education: 1996 - Master Degree equivalent in Law. 1996 - Major in International Trade Law 2001 - Preston College, Preston, Lancashire - YMCA Level 3 (highest) Professional Background: 2002 - UK and Western Europe Business Development Manager / Thermowood Ltd, Moscow, Russia (UK Office) 2005 - Senior Negotiator, Branch Lister (valuer) / Connells Estate Agents, Dudley Branch 2010 - Sales Manager / European Electrical Laminations Limited, Netherton, England 2013 - Commercial Director / Veles Limited, Oxford, England Personal information: Maksim Zmitrovich is a highly skilled marketing senior executive with a successful background and proven track record in International and Domestic business development. His latest projects include participation and directing business development of projects around the world, to include cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane, International trading companies Veles Limited, Poliphone SIA, largest UK estate agency Connells, manufacturing company EELL, Rivera.
Igor Kostyukovsky photo
Igor Kostyukovsky
Chief Technology Officer
Education: Telecommunications (2014) Professional Background: 2010: Full Stack Developer (further details are not possible because of an NDA) 2013: Team lead for fintech projects 2015: Solution architect(projects with complex integration and migration) 2016: Technical Director, Bitsane Personal details: Significant experience as a team lead in blockchain projects. A strong background in billing solutions, migration and integration. Solutions with complex server, microserver and cluster architecture
Lam Riki Pham photo
Lam Riki Pham
Head of Strategic Planning
Education Business and Commerce Professional Background 2011- Executive Officer at Pham & Associates 2014 - Government Officer for Strategy planning at the State Bank of Vietnam 2017 - Decentralized Team Leader
Prof. Alex Siow photo
Prof. Alex Siow
Enterprise Risk Manager
Professional Background 1980 – Senior Structural Engineer, Chief Information Officer at Housing & Development Board 1996 – President at Information Technology Management Association (ITMA) 2000 - President at Project Management Institute Singapore Chapter 2005 - Senior Vice President at StarHub 2014 - Consultant for Enterprise Risk Management, Strategic Planning and Business 2015 - Director at Strategic Technology Management Institute, Business Advisory Consultant, Business Development Consultant 2016 - Director at Centre for Health Informatics 2018 - Market Research and Development Consultant, ICO Adviser
Azam Khodzhaev photo
Azam Khodzhaev
Chief Communication Officer
Professional Background: Co-owner of Carousel car sharing (an IT project) Eastern Europe’s No. 1 thought leader in the crypto and mining sphere An independent advisor to the Russian government on blockchain Co-presenter of the «Business. Investments. CryptoCurrencies» section on Transformator, a major business channel on Youtube. Personal details: An active speaker and communicator in the blockchain sphere. One of the first people in Eastern Europe to start mining cryptocurrencies and sell mining farms
Andy Yeo photo
Andy Yeo
Blockchain Lawyer, AML-specialist
Education Business Law Securities and Banking Regulatory Compliance Financial Services Risk Management Professional Background 2018 - Partner at Eldan Law LLP 2000 - Partner at Allen & Gledhill 1998 - Deputy Public Prosecutor 1997 - Magistrate
Dmitry Gursky photo
Dmitry Gursky
Chief Development Officer
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Networking Technology (2000) Professional Background: Expert in launching ICO projects Participated in the release of the first projects with Security Tokens Independent blockchain consultant to the government of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries Personal information: Believes that the field of crypto trading and investment is the most promising direction in 2018.
Nick Rovnieko photo
Nick Rovnieko
Head of Analytics
Professional Background: 2008 - Private entrepreneur 2012 - Practicing trader 2016 - Senior Analyst at Bitsane Personal information: Specialist in trade and investment in RAMM/SAMM accounts. An advocate of candlestick price action analysis.

Azbit Token Distribution

  • Tokensale240,844,800,000 AZ60.00%
  • Team60,211,200,000 AZ15.00%
  • Fund50,176,000,000 AZ12.50%
  • Advisors30,105,600,000 AZ7.50%
  • Bounty12,042,240,000 AZ3.00%
  • Airdrop8,028,160,000 AZ2.00%


  • Q1 2019

    Token listing on major exchanges. Launch of the Azbit ctyprocurrency multi-exchange.

  • Q2 2019

    Decentralized echange module. Az/Mirror smart contract service announcement.

  • Q3 2019

    Announcement of the launch of the investment platform.

  • Q4 2019

    Azbit White Label platform announcement for affiliates and partners.

  • Q1 2020

    Launch of the European banking structure.


Why is your company going to succeed?

The cryptocurrency market is heading towards stricter regulation nowadays. The authorities had already put some crypto businesses in a very difficult position.
Even though cryptocurrency legislation has a long way to go, we believe that the future lies in a regulated market. And we want to be among the first projects operating in compliance with established law

Where did your team members meet originally?

The market certainly plays by its own rules (“The Market Wants What the Market Wants”). It is constantly changing: going up and down again. For this reason, the situation in the crypto business world can be genuinely unpredictable.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Today, Azbit is going to offer a unique combination of the most popular financial services. We are under no illusions that our brand new idea can be replicated by competitors. But nevertheless, we are not afraid of the competition as it gives powerful impetus to progress.