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The Blockchain Solution disrupting the global Aviation

AVINOC is a consistent, integrated and permission less base data layer for decentralized, transparent and worldwide coordination of business flights within the general aviation, to achieve optimal utilization and reduce costs significantly.

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Start Date
July 15th 2018 23:59 UTC
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End Date
July 30th 2018
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Robert Galovic photo
Robert Galovic
Partner | Product Development & RE
Robert is the interdisciplinary Universalist. He has been in the IT business since 1999 working for international companies in software development and consulting. He holds a master's degree in engineering and management as well as a bachelor's degree in physics. In addition to many other projects, he has been working on software systems for general aviation since 2007, crypto currencies since 2011, and blockchains and AIs since 2014. Pilot License PPL + ROC, EASA & FAA
Karl-Heinz Mali photo
Karl-Heinz Mali
Partner | Aviation, Middle East & India
Karl Heinz started his first own software company after his engineer training. He was a leader in the field of medical imaging in Austria. In 1994, he founded the company Mali Air with his first aircraft, a Cessna 340A. 2005 saw the arrival of the first jet, a C501, and today the fleet consists of 5 aircraft. With 2017 Karl Heinz has taken over a flight school for the airline pilot training with 8 airplanes. In addition to working in his company, Karl Heinz also acts as an advisor to international corporations. Pilot License ATPL & Examiner ATPL / CPL
Rene Inkret photo
Rene Inkret
Partner | Aviation Logistics & Planning
Rene is like Karl Heinz a professional pilot. Since 2004, he has worked for national and international airlines and has gained experience in flying on different business jets around the world. Since 2014, he and his dispatch company FDSC have been in charge of aviation companies and clients in the field of business aviation. As a market insider, he controls the planning and logistics of flight operations with his background knowledge. Pilot License ATPL
Gernot Winter photo
Gernot Winter
Partner | Finance, Investments & Legal
Gernot has been working at C-level as an operational manager and consultant for about 20 years. His focus is on strategic corporate management, business development, finance, controlling, and human resources. Gernot holds a master of business administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and is a certified restructuring law expert.
Shayda Osman photo
Shayda Osman
Partner | Marketing, Sales & Communication
Shayda was responsible for the operation and promotion of in Europe. He also held management positions at Raiffeisen Bank ATOS, and other well-known international companies. He obtained a master's degree in Economic Management. He was a player in the former Austrian Football League. After retirement, he focused on business cooperation and academic exchanges between Europe and the Middle East, and established IRONBODY, a brand of fitness and health care products.
Peter Skerl photo
Peter Skerl
Partner | Blockchain-Technology
Peter has experience in software development since his childhood. He completed a technical engineering school and studied Telematics at the University of Technology in Graz. He worked as a software specialist for the Austrian military as well as on behalf of international companies, and was architect of the ERP-Cloud of the Aviation Network Operation Centre. As a blockchain enthusiast and software architect, he provides blockchain solutions to the Austrian industry. His experiences with crypto currencies and blockchains almost goes back to their origins.
Michael Linder photo
Michael Linder
Advisor | CIO & Product Development
Michael is an enthusiastic and creative team player who is passionate about introducing new enterprise IT technologies, including AVINOC. He completed his education as a software engineer at the HTL Villach and holds an IT Business Solutions Master of the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt. He worked for ATOS and addIT for a long time, where he realized projects for well-known clients such as Siemens. Michael now owns Strali Solutions. With his company, he supports national and international clients in the implementation of their projects. The focus of the service spectrum lies in IT consulting, digitization, productivity solutions, system and software architecture, as well as software engineering and IoT. Since 2017, Michael has also dealt with the introduction of Blockchain technologies in the industry.
Jörg Vogeltanz photo
Jörg Vogeltanz
Advisor | Artdirector & Media-Management
Jörg is a cross-media artist with a focus on comics/graphics, short stories/illustrations and videos. He is the founder and chairman of "edition preQuel", of "entrancexit" and "macGuffin". He is also director of several music videos and independent art projects (independent sequential art projects). He is a master of stage design and completed his studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. There he is now an editor for freehand drawing and computer-aided graphic design as well as graphic design itself. In an advisory capacity for illustrations and design, Jörg works for countless customers in Austria. He has been working on topics related to Blockchain since 2017. He is particularly interested in the transformation and transport of information to the user.


Petra Peinsitt photo
Petra Peinsitt
Advisor | Finance, Investments & Legal
Petra is an organizational talent with in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and financial management, marketing & sales. She was responsible for 7 years for Marketing & Sales at Red Bull and worked for another 7 years as branch manager, and commercial customer advisor at BKS Bank AG. She contributed significantly to the success of these companies. Today, Petra is employed in a highly innovative Austrian start-up and supports the management as a consultant in financial management, marketing & sales,and human resources.
Xinyao Xie photo
Xinyao Xie
Advisor | Operation & Promotion Asia
Xinyao Xie obtained a bachelor degree in Economic Management on the Technical University in Vienna. He is one of the Co-Founders of He has continuous entrepreneurial experiences in Internet consumption and intelligent technology. He has been working as a consultant of China Union Pay and 99Bill as well as in a few fund companies, business schools, and incubators. He undertook Internet projects also in Austria and other German countries. His projects were favored by many well-known enterprises and always successfully acquired.
Magdalena Isbrandt photo
Magdalena Isbrandt
Advisor | Investor Relations
Magdalena studied in Berlin and Beijing Business Administration and Sinology as well as Entrepreneurial Economics with a focus on “Austrian School of Economics”. As the managing partner of Bit-Trust Store GmbH, Magdalena has founded the world‘s first Bitcoin store "The House of Nakamoto in Vienna". In July 2018, a further store is following in London "The House of Nakamoto international". The stores goals are to offer consulting as well as purchase and sale of Bitcoins.
Robert Schwertner photo
Robert Schwertner
Advisor | Public Relations
Robby Schwertner is active in the blockchain domain: he serves the crypto community as an social media influencer and blogger focusing on cryptocurrencies and startups built on blockchain technology. His critical insights are published globally, including at and he is a frequent speaker at international blockchain events. Previously Robby managed R&D funds for Smart City and Urban Technology projects, including nano-technology and sustainable energy services, alternating frequently between Europe and China.
Jakob Hohenberger photo
Jakob Hohenberger
Advisor | Product Development & AI
Jacob's greatest talents are his curiosity and the urge to apply what he has learned in order to turn ideas into reality economically. At 14, he founded his first company. Today, he is CEO of a rapidly growing group of companies with more than 30 highly qualified employees. His expertise lies in software product development (Guid.New GmbH) and chatbots (VEA GmbH, Botential) as well as artificial intelligence.
Song Jie Hong photo
Song Jie Hong
Advisor | Regional Agent for China & Canada
Song Jie is our network professional in Asia and Canada. Song Jie has completed military medical training in Shijiazhuang. She completed a master's degree in international finance management in Beijing. After that, she worked in an international company in Hong Kong. Today, she is active in the real estate business at offices in Beijing and Vancouver as well as in the business development of General Aviation in China for MaliAir.
Florian Hye photo
Florian Hye
Advisor | Aviation & Quality Assurance
Since 2004, Florian has worked in both Business Aviation and Software Development. He holds a master in management. Through his work as a pilot, he was able to study the fundamentals and requirements of the industry from the ground up and constantly develop improvements to optimize processes and routines in planning and logistics. As part of the FDSC, he manages a large number of airlines in the field of dispatch, administration, and logistics. Pilot license ATPL (A) / TRI
Giovanni Casagrande photo
Giovanni Casagrande
Advisor | Expert & Growth Hacker
I’m a believer in the power of decentralization and the remarkable impact it can have on our lives. I’m a writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in the space. Fortuned enough to lived in the transition, I bring two decades of traditional business experience coupled with the new decentralized frontier.

AVINOC Token Distribution

  • Private presale und public sale400,000,000 ₳40.00%
  • Future Development220,000,000 ₳22.00%
  • Founders and team220,000,000 ₳15.00%
  • Future and strategic partnership100,000,000 ₳10.00%
  • Advisors and ambassadors80,000,000 ₳8.00%
  • Airdrop30,000,000 ₳3.00%
  • Bug Bounty Pool20,000,000 ₳3.00%


  • Q4 2017

    Forming - Team & Partners

  • Apr 2018

    Private Token Presale

  • Q2 2018

    Airdrop Bonus points

  • Q2 2018

    Preparing Publications

  • Jul 2018

    Public ICO

  • Aug 2018


  • Q3 2018

    Public Exchanges

  • Q4 2018

    GA & Major Exchanges

  • Q1 2019

    SDKs & Strategics

  • Q2 2019

    Public Real Flight Data


Why is your company going to succeed?

Avinoc is an already existing solution. Market need and size is extremly high. Team is experienced in aviation, blockchain and management.

Where did your team members meet originally?

3 of the team know each other for more than 20 years, working together in aviation business, IT, krypto and blockchain. AVINOC team was formed in 2017.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Cryptocurrancy, license for aviation, business development, systemical und technical infrastructure and regulations.