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Stand-Alone Solutions Set to Revolutionize the Automotive

What Makes The Auto Block Stand Out? We're transforming the way people buy, sell and research cars. AutoBlock will revolutionize the auto industry and make it transparent so sales and purchases can take place without mishaps. A car sales portal for car dealers that accept the AutoCoin to advertise their stock free of charge, opening up new markets for them. valuations.

  • Category Transport
  • Project Type New Blockchain
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  • Algorithm POW
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  • Jurisdiction United Kingdom
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Start Date
September 25th 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
December 31st 2018 12:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
United States
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Mustansar Iqbal photo
Mustansar Iqbal
8 years' experience in the Automotive sector as in different roles of a UK based Company. Mustansar is a serial entrepreneur with the background in marketing, mainly focused on the European market. Being the head of marketing and innovations for the Automotive company. Participated in various top-management roles in a number of Tech and Blockchain projects.
Irina M Creaser photo
Irina M Creaser
Irina Maria streng- born 1964 in Munich Germany moved to the USA in 1981. Married Frank CREASER in 1983, Irina had early interests and an uncanny sense for real estate investments and started to buy and sell property at an early age of 21 , her entrepreneurship continued as she invested in Barbie dolls - building a known collection which she exhibited as an honored guest in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Finland, and London.
Boris Otonicar photo
Boris Otonicar
With a wide range of solutions specially designed to solve the most concerning issues of the motor market, The AutoBlock’s mission is to revolutionize the industry using blockchain technology. Along with helping both distributors and buyers to become more comfortable with bitcoin through the Auto Coin, the company also offers a reliable independent valuation system and consistent vehicles specs data which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
David White photo
David White
A motor tide career spanning over 30 years, David was initially involved in the retailing of cars in the UK, specializing in sports, performance and luxury marques. Recognising the early adoption of the internet by brands such as BMW, David established a specialist digital agency delivering both websites and marketing strategies to UK car dealers. Locating the business technology in Budapest with the sales team in the UK, many prestigious franchised and non franchised car dealers utilized the sales and marketing services, which included website creation, CRM management, data feeds, e-mail marketing, service packages and mystery shopping. David recognized the immediate applications of crypto to the car industry Globally and has been working with The Auto Block to develop the bespoke cryptocurrency, The Auto Coin as well as data and valuation products.
Asim Noor photo
Asim Noor
Chief Strategy Officer
Being in the crypto space from 2013 he has earned his credibility and a great understanding of blockchain technologies.
Navdeep Garg photo
Navdeep Garg
Country Head (India)
Navdeep is thought leader and practitioner in the Financial Services and FinTech As a former director and business leader India, I helped connect banks to the FinTech ecosystem through payment acceptance a blockchain as a service.
Mohamed Ezeldin photo
Mohamed Ezeldin
Oversee and help with the strategy; business; research & PR side of The Auto Block. Also responsible for token metrics. Successful ICO investor and analyzer of different blockchain and avid reader of white & yellow papers. Ambitions within the company (for the company): to help create a blockchain specific to the needs of Auto coin and be apart of a successful team which will disrupt the automotive industry.
Dilek Olkun photo
Dilek Olkun
Community Assistant Manager
Background in marketing and ambassador of global projects. an investor in startups and ICO projects. An active trader of financial and cryptocurrency markets. Mining and staking various cryptos.


AUTO COIN Token Distribution

  • Endowment Fund120,000,000 AUTO COIN30.00%
  • Development92,000,000 AUTO COIN23.00%
  • Trade Connect44,000,000 AUTO COIN11.00%
  • Operations40,000,000 AUTO COIN10.00%
  • Marketing32,000,000 AUTO COIN8.00%
  • Licensing & Legal28,000,000 AUTO COIN7.00%
  • Rewards24,000,000 AUTO COIN6.00%
  • Audit20,000,000 AUTO COIN5.00%


  • Q1 2017

    The idea for Auto Block is born, Proof of concept , First investment received

  • Q3 2017

    Research & Development Team finalising for the development

  • Q3 2017

    Development Started, Initial private Investment Round, White paper started

  • Q4 2017

    Regional Office Set up (London), Data gathering of over 30+ million

  • Q1 2018

    ICO Planning, Team Hiring, Seed Round Funding,

  • Q3 2018

    Blockchain Development, Pre-ICO Sale, e-Wallet

  • Q4 2018

    ICO Launch, Exchange Listing, Mobile App Services would be live for Members (Alpha Version)

  • Dec 2018

    Geographical expansion, Payment system Launch,

  • Q1 2019

    Alpha version Valuation Services to Indian Market and in South Africa


Why is your company going to succeed?

We are disrupting the market size over 4.3 trillion and we are in space with no such competition. Offer the services required the most for both markets (crypto and Automotive).

Where did your team members meet originally?

We meet in London