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Deliver Secrets with Trust and Verify

Delivery of confidential and commercial documents have been relied on physical mailing in the previous decades. Authpaper Delivery uses blockchain to provide a peer-to-peer platform to deliver confidential data with unforgeable delivery records and recipients authentications. Authpaper Delivery is also a platform for users to issue document with unforgeable certifications and this protection works even on the physical document copies.

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  • Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Start Date
September 14th 2018 16:00 UTC
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End Date
December 15th 2018 15:59 UTC
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United States
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Solon Li photo
Solon Li
CEO, Founder
Solon is the authorized trainer for Oxygen Forensics, a worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), with double degree in Mathematics and Information Engineering in 2011 and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Information Engineering in 2013. During his research study and work in CUHK, he invented a document anti-forgery technology using customized QR codes. This technology has won the winner award in Asia Pacific ICT Alliance in 2013 in the R&D category. Solon had joined Unissoft Technology Company Limited in 2017, focusing on developing Blockchain applications to certify document signings. He is also a certified examiner (EnCE) to provide computer examinations and forensic services.
Lawrence Chiu photo
Lawrence Chiu
Business Development Manager
LC98 Automatic Trend Trade System is designed and coded by myself. The system provides the user with a whole new way on trading securities, index future and options automatically in the capital market. The system has three main parts. One is Artificial intelligence (AI) or Business Intelligence (BI) which is feed by real time market data. The A.I. makes calculation on the real time data and generates the trading signal.
Derek Leung photo
Derek Leung
BlockChain Consultant
More than 8 years business planning experience Sophisticated in strategic planning Combined innovative business planning with technology Focused on quantitative analysis into businesses
Alex Chiu photo
Alex Chiu
Jack of all trades. Alex is a Hong Kong entrepreneur who has previously founded successful companies in IT. Twenty years of experience designing and implementing software solutions. His primary expertise is in: B2B Ecommerce, Business Workflow system, Blockchain based systems development, data driven applications and document management applications. Bridging the gap between technical solutions and business. Participated as a technical consultant in many startups. Helped design and build scalable, durable and cost optimized solutions covering mobile, front-end and back-end tracks.

Authpaper Delivery Token Distribution

  • crowd sale140,000,000 AUPC35.00%
  • team, founders, and advisors114,000,000 AUPC28.50%
  • reserved for optional future sale, listing fee, bountry program, else100,000,000 AUPC25.00%
  • referral26,000,000 AUPC6.50%
  • pre-sales20,000,000 AUPC5.00%


  • Dec 2018

    End of ICO

  • Feb 2019

    Alpha Version Release

  • May 2019

    Authpaper Delivery Platform Beta Release

  • Nov 2019

    Full Solution Release


Why is your company going to succeed?

Authpaper Limited has provided software solutions to Hong Kong companies since 2016. We have created a certificate stamping solution for a gallery to add anti-forgery solution on their certificates of authenticity. We know about the mailing business well. Authpaper Limited also partner with Unissoft Technology Hong Kong Limited and Yiu & Associates Solicitors to create an e-document blockchain signing solution which allows users to circulate and sign a document, all signatures are certified by solicitors and signing records are stored on blockchain. We have done something similar before, but not that deep. The idea is original and no one has done before and it really solves a big problem on document and data mailing.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Solon founded the company. He met Alex in an exhibition in 2016 and Alex decided to join the company and use his 20+ years of experience to accelerate the company growth. Derek is a friend of Alex, Solon and Derek met for a football information project and hence worked together for some projects. Derek joined us on 2018. Lawrence Chiu is working for an investment fund and know about Authpaper in 2018. He think the project has great potential in China and Global and decided to join us in mid 2018 to help on the business connections.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

1) This ICO cannot raise enough funding to support the development and marketing, we need to seek funding support and it will delay the project. 2) Coins related law in Hong Kong is similar to that of Singapore, which allows sales of Utility tokens. However, Hong Kong government is unclear about they will change its policy to fit the Mainland China law. In that case we need to move to Singapore. 3) No enough Manpower to deliver the project, we now only have three technical people, Solon and two programmer. We need to employ more people to develop the project on time. 4) Health of management team, as we are small companies, if anyone of the management team is sick and cannot work for some days. The project will have unexpected delay. 5) Late response time, the response to interested parties is too slow. It is because normally the questions are about technical and require Solon to prepare the answer.