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Auctus is the first blockchain based retirement plan platform, allowing users to create portfolios consisting of traditional and crypto assets. Our mission is to empower the saver to take well-informed decisions utilizing smart contracts and robo advisory.

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Start Date
April 10th 2018 14:00 UTC
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End Date
April 20th 2018 14:00 UTC
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Raphael Schmid Vantroost photo
Raphael Schmid Vantroost
Raphael brings along 12 years of financial services experience. He has successfully held various strategy and M&A positions at UBS Investment Bank in Zurich, Deutsche Bank in London and Noor Advisors in Geneva and Dubai. He founded Swissline Real Estate in 2012 and holds a portfolio of more than 70 units, including a serviced apartments business with more than 20 units. Raphael studied Economics at Basel and Yale University and holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD. He is fluent in 5 languages. At Auctus, Raphael is responsible for general management tasks, such as day-to-day management decisions, as well as implementing Auctus’ long and short term plans.
Daniel Duarte Figueiredo photo
Daniel Duarte Figueiredo
Daniel brings along more than 7 years of senior software engineering experience, having led multiple projects at DTI Digital, promoting blockchain technology and leading various blockchain initiatives. He holds a BSc in Control and Automation Engineering and has further certifications in Machine Learning and Salesforce Development & Management. Daniel is Chief Technology Officer at Auctus and overseeing the technical development. He is working closely with the development team and bridging between technical development and general management.
Vinicius Melo photo
Vinicius Melo
Head of Strategy
Vinicius brings along retirement fund experience, having worked at one of Brazil's main pension fund companies (FUNPRESP-JUD). He is a certified professional by the Certification Institute of Social Security Professionals (ICSS), mandatory for Executive, Supervisory and Governing Board members, as well as for investment committee members and other pension fund employees directly responsible for investing benefit plans’ guaranteeing resources. At Auctus, Vinicius is responsible for all strategy related tasks, such as token economics, token sale related strategies, as well as corporate strategy related questions.
Ludmila Lopes photo
Ludmila Lopes
Head of Marketing
Ludmila brings more than 5 years of software engineering experience, as well as time working as Director for a university enterprise, where she oversaw the marketing team. She holds a BSc in Software Engineering. At Auctus, Ludmila is responsible to develop and regularly update the community. Her deep understanding of software, combined with her interest in marketing and community management, allow her to effectively spread Auctus’ values.
Daniel Boaventura photo
Daniel Boaventura
Head of Operations
Daniel brings along international experience working as manager and supply chain management expert with 7 years of supply chain experience working for ESAB. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a CBA certification in supply chain. At Auctus, Daniel is leveraging his experience in supply chain, by overseeing the operations. He is coordinating and guaranteeing timely execution of the platform, making sure our timeline is met. Furthermore, he is also coordinating bounty campaigns and other operational initiatives.