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We are a startup combining Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain integration; the aim of our project is to create & distribute advanced enterprise Augmented Reality applications for use in government, corporate and education. Please visit for much more information Please join us to chat on Telegram!:, or via LinkedIn:

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Start Date
March 9th 2018 19:00 UTC
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May 6th 2018 19:00 UTC
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Travis Roe photo
Travis Roe
Founder, Developer
Travis has significant experience in achieving fundraising and startup targets, having delivered numerous startup technology companies and built a software-as-a-service portal into a major technology company. Travis has worked for tier 1 technology firms for the past 10 years and is now focused on Ethereum blockchain smart contract development, having written ICO smart contracts for, and
Craig Straw photo
Craig Straw
Craig has significant experience in corporate channel and sales/marketing strategy with a proven track record of revenue development and C-level relationship management.Craig has worked on a number of software projects in the past offering development input, product refinement and ensuring features are aligned to market demand. Craig is an avid HTC Vive VR user and enjoys simulations such as rFactor2.
Vicky (Qingqing) Wang photo
Vicky (Qingqing) Wang
Research Leader, Tester, Co-Founder
Holder of a PhD degree in biology, Qingqing has a strong background in biology research. While studying in one of the best universities in China, Qingqing explored areas of particular interest in neuroscience and further enhanced her knowledge in the study of vertigo from motion as a member of the Neuroscience Group 2007. Qingqing is currently examining the cognitive effect of AR, MR and other blended reality interfaces, and the health impact of AR headset and lens usage.
Mark Palmer photo
Mark Palmer
Mark combines Microsoft and AWS ecosystem skills with strong international business experience and is able to deliver high quality project results while maintaining a hands-on approach to daily issues in code or design. Mark has a strong interest in workplace and sporting applications of AR and will bring a significant skillset to bear in deploying AR/MR/VR technology.
Shahar Namer photo
Shahar Namer
CEO The ICO Rocket Group, ICO Advisor to Assistive Reality
CEO The ICO Rocket Group, ICO Advisor to Assistive Reality