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ArtWook is a crowd-investment platform in art.

  • Category Art & Music
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Start Date
July 20th 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
August 17th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Ray Cai photo
Ray Cai
CEO, ARTWOOK, Master of Science in Management of Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UICU). Ray has nearly 10 years of experience in programming, project and product management. Ray founded two successful high-tech startups with UIUC professors and doctoral students. Among them, the Chinese branch of Luon Energy, which is involved in natural gas storage technology, has been listed on the Chongqing OTC Kechuang Board.
Eric Yang photo
Eric Yang
Master of Management, Durham University. Founder and executive director of Youngs Fine Art. Co-founder of Evergreen Arts, senior overseas art trading broker.
Zhijun Chen photo
Zhijun Chen
Chief Development Engineer
Chief Development Engineer, Queen Mary, University of London. Chen holds a bachelor in E-commerce, Engineering and Law, and a Masters in Intelligent Network Technology. Zhijun formerly worked in AOL UK Ltd as senior software engineer between 2010-2017, currently works as a software engineer and network architect at SambaStream Ltc. (Unicontology unit of Johnson & Johnson, developer of AI drug research and experiment).
Li Da photo
Li Da
Blockchain community opinion Leader, experienced ICO investor, with profits exceeding 100 million CNY.
Alex Qian photo
Alex Qian
Full stack development engineer, involved in multiple blockchain related project research and development work, including BTC, BTS, ETH and so on. DACPLAY co-founder of blockchain project to centralize game and asset trading, developer of BTS open source project.
Jacky Xu photo
Jacky Xu
Senior Development Director
Full stack development engineer, system architect, DevOPS engineer. Years of e-commerce system development and operation, good at high concurrency system design and implementation, big data collection, and analysis. Participated in Lenovo B2C, Belle B2C, Volkswagen O2O, Heilan House O2O and another well-known domestic electricity supplier.
Mark Chow photo
Mark Chow
Full Stack Development Engineer
Front-end engineer with deep experience in user experience design. Mature understanding of the usability network and application products. Ceaselessly enhance the user experience of the product with new front-end technologies. He has worked in Suning Appliance and has extensive O2O business project experience.
Emma photo
Director – Marketing/PR
PR, promotion planning, with many years of branding planning experience, good at the PC-side platform for mobile publicity and interactive applications. Has a continuous strategic vision in project market group’s portrait and viscosity. Once cooperate with Luxottica, Safilo such global leading luxury goods group, responsible for promoting the brand in China.