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ARGO is an entertaining space in augmented reality. Receive gifts, play, communicate in AR. It's a scalable AR-based gaming, advertising and information space, focused on a totally digitalized Generation Z and “digital immigrants” of other generations.

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Start Date
March 27th 2018
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End Date
April 15th 2018
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Alexey Pushkarev photo
Alexey Pushkarev
15-year experience as top manager, incl. 10 years top position with a large Eastern European packaging producer; MBA, University of New Brunswick, Canada; specialist in sustainable corporate development; experienced in managing marketing and sales.
Vasiliy Veko photo
Vasiliy Veko
Entrepreneur, visionary; Altwolf Software founder and managing partner; PhD Math, Belarusian State University; 18+ years experience in innovative development of mass-multiserver, 3D, AR | VR cross-industry products; creator of C.H.A.O.S. helicopter simulator (more than 30 mn. downloads worldwide).
Dmitry Ezersky photo
Dmitry Ezersky
Expert in finance, venture capital and securities; investor and mentor for several IT and industrial projects; profound professional experience in banking business.
Nastassia Zharnouskaya photo
Nastassia Zharnouskaya
Lead UX/UI designer / grafic designer
Responsible for UI; UX for mobile applications on Android and iOS, as well as Web applications and sites. Has a profound knowledge of Adobe products and tools. Experienced in conceptualization of product features, streamline design, asset generation for the iOS; Android apps, as well as marketing collateral, including ads, print, etc. Strong visual design skills and modern pattern knowledge.
Irina Peredriy photo
Irina Peredriy
Marketing Lead
Responsible for ARGO online marketing and PR. 8 years of marketing experience and journalism. She has launched more than 100 online projects, both e-commerce and service. Strongly believe that team, creativity and soft skills are as important as hard skills.



Crichton Brauer photo
Crichton Brauer
Owner and investor over the past 15 years in businesses in both Russia and the UK. Additionally, provided business trainings to numerous international companies on growth and development. Further been working as a consultant for Sell2Me in the UK since 2016. Have followed closely crowd funding developments especially based around crypto currency.
Hidefumi Yamaguchi photo
Hidefumi Yamaguchi
Director of international project of "Kaisin" company in Kumamoto, Kyushu. Former Director of the Medical Foundation "Help to Chernobyl", Kyushu. Professional consultant in business relations between Japan and the Republic of Belarus. Interpreter. For over 10 years have been assisting the Embassy of Belarus in Japan.
Hisham Al Otaibi photo
Hisham Al Otaibi
Over 18 years of strong experience in U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and also Canada and U.S.A. Contributed to various projects involving building market presence and starting up new companies. Has broad knowledge and hands on experience in bid preparation, venture planning, financial analysis, financial modeling, and investment evaluation.
Igor Tishin photo
Igor Tishin
The permanent head of EagleDynamics, what for 20 years leads the company from success to success. Launched in 1995 with the Flanker project, the company created many flying simulators such as LockOn, DCS. He is not afraid to look at something new and study it. Candidate of Physical Sciences. A constant study of something new. His life credo is learning.
Matthias Techmanski photo
Matthias Techmanski
A young ambitious entrepreneur, a tireless marketer who is looking for both like-minded people and the most convenient way to communicate and offer his services to people
Vladimir Mashchenski photo
Vladimir Mashchenski
Talented developer. Ideological inspiration and creative entrepreneur in work and leisure. Master Qigong. To work hard you need to rest well. And to have a good rest you need a lot of health.