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The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

By Introducing the ARAW Token, the heart of the decentralised payment ecosystem powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. We are the first company in the world whose mission is to combine the benefits of the E-Commerce and Payment industries; provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System on the Ethereum powered by the ARAW token.

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Start Date
September 10th 2018
End Date
February 15th 2019 23:59 UTC
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Krutesh Shah photo
Krutesh Shah
Co-Founder & CEO
Krutesh is qualified and experienced Business Analyst worked with investment banks like BNP Paribas and Barclays where he was specialised in developing and aligning business models, managing people and projects and developing new products. He worked on shaping the vision and direction of the business and focus on designing business systems and processes that enable the successful implementation of the business strategy. Krutesh is overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission of the company.
Carlo Pascoli photo
Carlo Pascoli
Co-Founder & CTO
MSc in Computer Engineering, Carlo has been building software solutions and leading software engineering teams in world class companies like Shazam, IG and Thomson Reuters. In the last 15 years, he’s become an expert in distributed systems and mobile apps development, with a primary focus on the financial sector. Carlo always felt passionate about innovation and believes in the positive disruption represented by decentralised systems based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He thinks we are living the beginning of a revolution that will first impact the payment and e-commerce sectors and he wants to contribute to that.
Dev Shah photo
Dev Shah
Dev has a Finance Degree from Kingston Business School. He is an experienced ex-management consultant having worked at Deloitte, TSC, Compaq, and J.P.Morgan. He combines core skills with ‘in-depth’ knowledge of systems, processes, businesses and to build successful businesses across these numerous industries. Dev has a structured approach to management and a breadth of experience from business development to daily operations. Dev’s involvement with ARAW will be to lead the business development efforts which he is well versed with, having secured partnering agreements in over 40 different countries in his previous enterprises.
Stephen AO photo
Stephen AO
Lead Designer
Lead Designer
Ami Shah photo
Ami Shah
Senior QA Analyst
Senior QA Analyst
Maskim Boyko photo
Maskim Boyko
Infrastructure Engineer
Infrastructure Engineer
Jeremy Khoo photo
Jeremy Khoo
E-Commerce & Retail Expert
Jeremy Khoo is an international business operator, founder and blockchain entrepreneur who has successfully exited 3 venture funded companies. He is currently Group CEO of iFashion - a leading regional retail enabler and conglomerate. Under his leadership, iFashion and it’s subsidiaries have raised multiple investment rounds from venture capitalists up to Series B. iFashion has been acquired by MC Payment for $23 million and Jeremy will be co-leading the combined push for a public listing on the SGX in 2018. Jeremy co-founded retail blockchain MegaX which conducted a token sale and deployed the cryptocurrency for use in the retail eco-system. Jeremy co-founded successful Crypto-E-Commerce store Megaxstore which is spearheading cryptocurrency mass adoption. He is also a Partner and Principal Consultant in Novum Capital and Enblockr, which has helped many high profile companies sell more than USD 100M in tokens so far.
John Wellman photo
John Wellman
Bleep Plc, Group CEO
John is the founder and group CEO of Bleep UK Plc established in 1981. Bleep’s “Events Division” has become number one in the world for supplying Epos and Payment systems to the largest sporting events around the World. From FIFA World Cup in Brazil, 2015 Panam games in Toronto, Rugby World Cup, Wimbledon, The Open, 2016 Euro finals in France, Tour de France, Glastonbury, Isle of White festival, Commonwealth Games, 2016 Rio Olympics. This year Bleep has added Formula 1 in 15 countries around the world in their portfolio. Today Bleep solutions found in a variety of businesses from small cafés, fast food, casual dining, fine dining, bars , pubs, retail, hotels to stadiums such the Principality Stadium in Wales, Chelsea FC, Middlesbrough FC.
Paresh Masani photo
Paresh Masani
Platform Vision & Strategy
Paresh is a Gold Medalist in Masters Degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious university in India, National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Having worked over 10 years as an Executive Director in Banking and Finance, Paresh will make a vital contribution to the Araw Platform’s future vision. Paresh possesses solid understanding of FinTech business and technology; and has a proven track record of running successful businesses. He is a technology geek and has worked as technical lead and full-stack developer for some of the critical Banking and Finance projects in the world! Paresh is an expert in security, cryptography, blockchain technology, and end-to-end system development.



ARAW Token Token Distribution

  • For Token sale3,500,000,000 ARAW70.00%
  • Reserve Pool750,000,000 ARAW15.00%
  • Founders & Team450,000,000 ARAW9.00%
  • Bounty & Airdrop150,000,000 ARAW3.00%
  • Advisors150,000,000 ARAW3.00%