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A New Future is Rising

AMOS is a fitness technology solution, integrating distributed AI computing analysis and blockchain to provide a new experience on sports and exercising.

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Start Date
December 1st 2018 14:15 UTC
End Date
March 1st 2019 12:00 UTC
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Michelle Wang photo
Michelle Wang
Founder and Executive Director of Strength Master Group Winning 29th Fellowship Award of Taiwan Youth Entrepreneur Model With an aim of helping people effectively implement sustainable sport, providing a comprehensive health solution, developing a unique competitive advantage and actively developing towards the leaders in the health field.
Phil Scotti photo
Phil Scotti
Senior strategist consultant of several companies Co-founder and producer of Discovery Fit and Health Co-founder of Body by Jake Global With more than 25 years of experience in health and fitness, committed to building a fitness empire and named one of the most influential people in the television industry by the United States, running many marketing projects, including projects with Time Warner, Comcast, the NFL, Reebok, American Airlines, Disney 24 Hour Fitness and Random Houset
Wadi Rahim photo
Wadi Rahim
Currently serving as a professional consultant in the fitness industry Majoring in electrical engineering, graduating from Virginia Polytechnic University Founder and director of several companies, covering military robots, environmental restoration projects, small aircraft manufacturing, and aircraft engineering maintenance. Serving as a senior engineer at Lockheed Martin (a well-known American aerospace company) and a number of aerospace companies, and holding various engineering positions in the fitness equipment manufacturing industry and winning the Robert E.Gross Award in recognition of excellent skills and significant contributions in several major projects
Tzyy-yuang Shiang photo
Tzyy-yuang Shiang
Currently serving as Distinguished Professor, Institute of Sport Science, National Taiwan Normal University Chairman of Taiwan Sport Technology Development Association General Convener of Chinese Taipei Olympics and Asian Games Sport Science Section Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, winning the 105 Outstanding Research Award of the Ministry of smart, leading expert in sport technology and sport industry research. In 2006-2008, participating in the large-scale development project of NIKE in the Beijing Olympics, conducting research and development in technology sport shoes and sport socks in labs of various countries around the world, doing considerable research on and having practical experience in sport biomechanics and sport technology foresight issues
Matteo Stefanini photo
Matteo Stefanini
Italian rowing Olympic player Italian LUISS School of Business MBA Winning gold medal in the 2005 Mediterranean rowing, silver medal in the 2013 European Championship and bronze medal in the 2010 World Rowing Championship
Sophia Chang photo
Sophia Chang
Community Manager/ Speaker
Bachelor of Life Sciences, National Tsing Hua University Having great interest in exercise and maintenance. Studied finance in amateur and held a post in the world's top 30 foreign future exchange company for three years. Started to know the field of cyptocurrency in 2006 and have found a thousand people’s ICO club through social media. Sophia committed herself to popularizing the blockchain industry and has the title of “cyptocurrencies sweetheart.”
Jackie Wu photo
Jackie Wu
PM/ Cofounder
General Manager Special Assistance, Strength Master Group Majoring in marketing, graduating from the Department of Business Administration, University of Washington, Seattle Being athletic and a fitness lover. Once working in Germany in the top fitness equipment company in Europe. Still dedicated to international marketing planning in sport industry. A practitioner who makes fintess a lifestyle.
Aeron Chang photo
Aeron Chang
Vice President, New Creation Division, Strength Master Group With more than 13 years of experience in sport equipment integration, specializing in the integrated development of commercial sport equipment and new technologies, establishing a system architecture for B2B and B2C environments
Kevin Kuo photo
Kevin Kuo
Master of Engineering, National Yang Ming University Bechelor of Science, National Sun Yat Sen University Leadership, enthusiasm, coordinator. Dedicated to consulting for small-medium business for 12 years in greater China and after working at well-known otc-exchange in greater China, Kevin keeps his sharp sense in marketing and strategy of crypto project around the world.