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Arbidex is the first trading platform that truly unites all the world's crypto assets from different exchanges in one window.

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  • Jurisdiction United Kingdom
Start Date
January 23rd 2018 17:30 UTC
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End Date
February 28th 2018 17:30 UTC
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Spiros Margaris photo
Spiros Margaris
Spiros Margaris has more than 20 years of national and international experience in investment management/research for family offices, UHNWIs, HNWIs, institutional clients and innovation and technology management. He is ranked the No. 1 global FinTech influencer and the No. 2 InsurTech influencer by Onalytica. He regularly appears in the top three positions of established global industry influencer rankings. He is also ranked worldwide the No. 11 AI influencer by Jay Palter Social Advisory and the No. 10 blockchain influencer by Right Relevance. He is a speaker at international FinTech and InsurTech conferences, and he publishes articles on his innovation proposals and thought leadership. He published an AI white paper, “Machine learning in financial services: Changing the rules of the game,” for the enterprise software vendor SAP. He is a senior advisor at Arbidex, Datametrex AI, Glance Technologies,, and at F10 Fintech Incubator and Accelerator.
Sotiris Melioumis photo
Sotiris Melioumis
Sotiris is a true veteran in Blockchain, AI and cryptocurrencies. His company SN2 has been operating a Ripple based platform since 2013. He is a serial entrepreneur and an innovator with 3 patents in his name at the least: with two of them being in the field of security and payments. He is the inventor of a series of advance financial instruments like Liquid Payments and 2DVVI techno-methodology that can connect supply chains into AI managed ecosystems. Sotiris has worked in 21 countries over the last 30 years building startups and advising on major businesses. There are projects worth billions US dollars in his portfolio, he also has experience in managing multinational teams.
Vasiliy Sumanov photo
Vasiliy Sumanov
IT adviser
Vasiliy is the author of 6 different token economies, Skolkovo resident, expert ICO Bench, blockchain analyst BYTEX, adviser