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Simex Exchange Review

Simex is 5 years old and is currently ranking as the #113 most popular exchange in the world according to CSRank.

Basic Stats

  • LaunchedFeb 2015
  • Markets24
  • Monthly Traffic129,427
  • Launchpadnone


The daily volume based on the last 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours data. The more consistent the numbers, the more likely that the volume is legitimate.
  • Based on 24h$81.2 M
  • Based on 7d$72.08 M
  • Based on 30d$75.36 M


Simex receives approximately 129.43 K visitors per month, and the country breakdown is as follows (data is updated monthly):
  • Russian Federation (27% of visits)
  • Republic of Korea (8% of visits)
  • Brazil (7% of visits)

Summary Ratings for Simex

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Here you can find all the trading pairs for Simex.
Trading Pair Coin Pair
1. USD / JCT USD Japan Content...
2. USD / LTC USD Litecoin
3. USD / BTC USD Bitcoin
4. USD / TEL USD Telcoin
5. USD / MLC USD Mallcoin
6. USD / CNX USD Cryptonetix
8. USD / ETH USD Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan
9. BTC / CNX Bitcoin Cryptonetix
10. BTC / ETH Bitcoin Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan
11. BTC / DDK Bitcoin DDKoin
12. BTC / JCT Bitcoin Japan Content...
13. BTC / LINA Bitcoin LINA
14. ETH / DDK Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan DDKoin
15. ETH / LINA Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan LINA
16. ETH / JCT Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan Japan Content...
17. ETH / MLC Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan Mallcoin
18. ETH / AUNIT Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan Aunite
19. ETH / S Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan Sharpay
20. USDT / LINA Tether LINA
21. USDT / ETH Tether Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan
22. USDT / DDK Tether DDKoin
23. USDT / BTC Tether Bitcoin
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