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CPDAX Exchange Review

CPDAX is 2 years old and is currently ranking as the #179 most popular exchange in the world according to CSRank.

Basic Stats

  • LaunchedSep 2017
  • Markets27
  • Monthly Traffic40,596
  • Launchpadnone


The daily volume based on the last 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours data. The more consistent the numbers, the more likely that the volume is legitimate.
  • Based on 24h$780.05 K
  • Based on 7d$871.66 K
  • Based on 30d$930.36 K


CPDAX receives approximately 40.6 K visitors per month, and the country breakdown is as follows (data is updated monthly):
  • Republic of Korea (75% of visits)
  • Philippines (5% of visits)
  • United States (5% of visits)

Summary Ratings for CPDAX

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Here you can find all the trading pairs for CPDAX.
Trading Pair Coin Pair
1. BTC / BAT Bitcoin Basic Attention Token
2. BTC / EOS Bitcoin EOS
3. BTC / TUSD Bitcoin TrueUSD
4. BTC / LTC Bitcoin Litecoin
5. BTC / BCH Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash
6. BTC / ETH Bitcoin Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan
7. BTC / KNC Bitcoin Kyber Network
8. BTC / SIX Bitcoin SIX
9. BTC / ETC Bitcoin Ethereum Classic
10. BTC / AMON Bitcoin AmonD
11. KRW / FXT Krow Network FuzeX
12. KRW / DENT Krow Network Dent
13. KRW / SPIN Krow Network SPIN Protocol
14. KRW / ABL Krow Network Airbloc
15. KRW / TENA Krow Network TENA
16. KRW / BWX Krow Network Blue Whale Exchange
17. KRW / XLM Krow Network Stellar Lumens
18. KRW / SPC Krow Network Stabilise STB/SPC
19. KRW / MEDX Krow Network MedCredits
20. KRW / SIX Krow Network SIX
21. KRW / HUM Krow Network Humanscape
22. KRW / BTC Krow Network Bitcoin
23. KRW / AUTO Krow Network CUBE
24. KRW / XRP Krow Network XRP
25. KRW / ETH Krow Network Penjualan,pengecer,bisnis,perdagangan
26. KRW / CRO Krow Network Chain
27. KRW / CNUS Krow Network CoinUs
28. KRW / KAT Krow Network Kambria
29. KRW / BOX Krow Network BOX Token
30. KRW / BU Krow Network BUMO
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