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Your Data Safe Token YDST

Your Data Safe Token has a TrustScore of A

Your Data Safe is a GDPR Data Management & Rewards Platform

Your Data Safe (YDS) is a GDPR Compliant Data Management Rewards Platform. The EU Commission predict EU data to be worth €1tn by 2020. YDS gives users control of their personal data by allowing the creation of a personal data profile. You will always retain control of your personal data via a self-sovereign wallet. Our mission is simple; change the way consumer data is handled & traded via the redistribution of value, allowing personal data to be monetised for targeted marketing & advertising.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolYDST
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply741,300,000
  • Primary SectorCompliance & Security
  • JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
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Phil Chapman photo

Phil Chapman

CEO & Co-Founder

Phil is our CEO and Co-founder. He has a background in
computing and web development, electrical engineering and a
passion for turning businesses into profit. He has successfully
managed multiple businesses and his own property investment
portfolio over the last 25 years.
Phil is a GDPR specialist, utilising his background in big data, and
understanding the GDPR thoroughly. He has recently worked
with multiple blue chips and helped numerous FTSE 250
companies and corporates become GDPR compliant.

Richie Pindor photo

Richie Pindor

COO & Co-Founder

After spending over 9 years working in the big data and
marketing space with companies such as Experian PLC and
holding board positions at other tech and marketing companies
with great success, Richie finally decided to branch out and start
working for him-self. Richie has consulted for several SME
business projects, as well as working directly for 3 tech start-ups
in recent years, helping them to increase revenue.
Throughout his successful career Richie has covered many
different business roles from sales and account management,
running development teams and streamlining businesses
processes. Some of the brands that Richie has worked with across
many sectors are; Betfair, Flight Centre, Secret Escapes, low cost
travel group, Dorchester London, VW, Yourmove and more
helping each of them to understand their customers and best
target them with relevant marketing communications.

Mark Morgan photo

Mark Morgan

CBDO & Co-Founder

Mark is an entrepreneur having owned and managed multiple
SME businesses with global reach from an early age. Mark has
recently been involved in the tech start up space with bespoke
APPs and ecommerce platforms. The marketing campaigns for
start-ups required Mark to purchase Prospect Data. Mark quickly
realised that the current level of consumer data was substandard,
so set out to improve the personal data market.
Mark was an early adopter of blockchain technology, having been
involved in crypto currency since 2012.
Mark regularly gives his knowledge and advice on multiple social
networks and is referred to as a specialist in utility optimisation
and token metrics, making him a key part of our development for
growth pathways within the crypto space.

Rob Newell photo

Rob Newell

CMO & Strategic Development

Rob has a wide ranging experience across strategic business
development and marketing roles as well as commercial areas.
Rob was key personnel in the development of The Happy Egg
Company and has developed a branded portfolio worth over
£150m PA. Rob has also spent a number of years developing
multi-million dollar business across the US based in San
Rob is exceptional at Identifying & creating market
opportunities, interpreting consumer insights and delivering
innovative brand solutions.

Ian Welch photo

Ian Welch

Senior Corporate Data Consultant

Ian is an experienced digital and data marketing professional
with a proven record of achieving exceptional results across
retail, leisure, automotive, utilities, and charity sectors.
Ian combines CRM, digital and data expertise to help
organisations to recruit new customers and develop highly
engaging campaigns to retain existing customers. This is
achieved by the effective use of data to drive insight so that
organisations can maximise their return on their marking
investment. Ian is passionate about using data to drive decision
making by customer insight and improving marketing
measurements across all channels.
Previously Worked @; Audi, Pets at Home, Merlin Entertainment,
VW Group, American Golf, Royal Mail, RSPB, Macmillan Cancer
Support, Experian, Call Credit, Jaywing, Go Inspire Group, RAPP.

Peter Bell photo

Peter Bell

CTO & Corporate Accountant

Peter has extensive experience providing personalised
accountancy services to owner managed businesses.
Peter offer’s a straightforward pragmatic but personal and
focused approach to accountancy and tax affairs in multiple
global jurisdictions.
Peter is forward thinking, commercially aware, dependable and
accurate having managed finance for a number of large
corporate clients and VC groups including Clear Score, the credit
referencing agency.

Ash Davidson photo

Ash Davidson

Community Manager

Ash has been building online communities since he made his
first website back in 2005. Ash has built communities in excess
of 45,000 members and even trended on Twitter in 2013.
Ash is a solid crypto-currency enthusiast and began investing
and trading in 2016. Ash has a number of highly ranked crypto
related courses on the education platform UDEMY.
Ash is a key influencer within his crypto community and is
passionate about educating people within crypto. He is the
founder of The Crypto Mob and has built this community to
almost 4000 members in less than 6 months. Ash ensures that
all members of The Crypto Mob community have a safe haven
for free and impartial advice no matter their ability. He has
introduced some highly knowledgeable crypto investors to his
group who often help explain the complex world of crypto and
blockchain to the community, from live AMA and Q&A sessions
Ash has built a trusted community for anyone wanting to access
crypto currency.

Ryan Miller photo

Ryan Miller

Digital Development Executive

Ryan is the youngest member of the team however has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has been involved in professional digital design since the age of 12. He has 3 Microsoft Certified Qualifications and over 3 years of professional experience in the design, media and marketing industry.

Ryan has made a flying start into the tech world, whilst recently working with SME and Enterprise across the UK from assistance with their online appearance, boosting their website and social media traffic not to mention leading to more sales and an increase in revenue.

Ryan has had a wide variety of experience in many different roles, such from Account / Office Management Graphic Design and Digital Media these skills lead him to work with the likes of; Local Government, City Councils, Century 21, Greenwood Academy Trust & ZPG, The Co-Operative and SDL Group ensuring long-lasting relationships with each company.

William Troup photo

William Troup

Consultant Software Engineer

William has spent 10 years working in the software industry and has gained a wide range of technical skills. During his first years, he worked as the lead developer for new UI technologies to drive the aging product into new directions, while providing support for SIP integration and working to improve testing tools and 3rd party support tools (working mainly in C#, Python, C++, JavaScript, HTML/CSS).

Moving on, William has worked on video rendering engines, utilizing the FFmpeg framework, while working in Azure to provide an API platform capable of building videos on the fly. Becoming a Software Architect one year ago, he now helps drive the vision of the product forward and helps with infrastructure.

Outside of work, William has designed software packages for screen capturing, terminal helpers, file management software and has also developed his own programming language called ChocoloteScript.


Alex Jefferies photo

Alex Jefferies

UX & UI Developer

Alex has a wide diverse background in website, app, UX and UI
development. With over 20+ years in the tech industry, including
PC & Network, Web to Print, Web design and even as a higher
education lecturer.
Alex brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, and has worked
with some major UK based blue chip companies such as; Scottish
Power, Virgin Holidays, and EE to name a few.


Block 3 photo

Block 3


Blockchain advisers to this ICO


Blockchain Engineering & Platform Development74,130,000 YDST25.00%
Marketing & Advertising89,304,000 YDST20.00%
Operational Expenses47,443,200 YDST16.00%
Future Research & Development35,582,400 YDST12.00%
Bounty, Rewards & Ambassadors23,721,600 YDST8.00%
Core Team Expenses17,791,200 YDST6.00%
Miscellaneous Expenses14,826,000 YDST5.00%
Legal law & Compliance8,895,600 YDST3.00%
Token Allocation & Distribution8,895,600 YDST3.00%
Cyber Security5,930,400 YDST2.00%


Sep 2017Your Data Safe began as GDPR consultants.
Oct 2017Released HFW, CII, AOFAQ Training platform
Dec 2017Blockchain proof of concept
Jan 2018Whitepapaer Version 1.0.0
Feb 2018Comprehensive business planning phase
Feb 2018Comprehensive business planning phase
Mar 2018Blockchain competition SWOT analysis
Mar 2018Blockchain competition SWOT analysis
Apr 2018Rebranding of YDS Academy
Apr 2018Rebranding of YDS Academy
May 2018Early access seed funding sale
Jun 2018Token smart contract development
Jul 2018Development of bounty reward
Aug 2018Private TGE sale
Sep 2018Pre-Public sale
Oct 2018Public crowd sale
Nov 2018Token allocation and distribution
Dec 2018Launch YDS Academy
Jan 2019Data rewards UI, design and development
Feb 2019Phase 1 blockchain develoment
Mar 2019Release prototype Data UI
Apr 2019Launch YDS Cloud
May 2019Release AI vision of Virtual DPO
Jun 2019Release 2020 roadmap plan
Jun 2019Release 2020 roadmap plan
Jul 2019Development of brand partnerships
Jul 2019Development of brand partnerships
Aug 2019Strategic marketing plan for data gathering
Aug 2019Strategic marketing plan for data gathering
Oct 2019Data rewards UI final testing
Oct 2019Data rewards UI final testing
Nov 2019Data rewards UI deployment
Nov 2019Data rewards UI deployment
Dec 2019Launch YDS Network

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
The company will succeed as there is a huge need for this project. Companies are now very unsure as to how they are able to collect, store and ultimately use their data, and for what purpose, and are worried that they will incur huge fines. The YDS platform seamlessly removes these real world problems, through the delivery of information and training courses, along with how to gather data and allow the redistribution to be executed in the correct way.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Mark, Phil, Rob and Peter have known each other for years, and all worked together in the past on various projects. Richie has worked with Alex, Ian and Ryan at different companies over the lasy 10+ years. Richie, Mark and Phil got together to plan this project in 2017, as Mark and Richie have known each other for several years.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
1) Emerging competition in the blockchain space.
2) Businesses dont need a DPO.
3) Scaling issues due to rapid growth of our user base.
4) Token Rewards wont incentivsise people.
5) Increased costs outside of YDS control.

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Your Data Safe Token has a TrustScore of A
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