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The Fee You Control

Our mission is to firstly assist the innovators and early adopters who have helped bring it thus far and secondly enable the waiting majority to easily enter this exciting space for that inevitable critical mass shift with a simple to use, fast and cost-efficient blockchain- based payment and trading ecosystem.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolXCZ
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply1,250,000,000
  • Primary SectorTrading & Investing
  • JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
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Aasam Alim photo

Aasam Alim


Experienced manager with a track record of success over 27 years. A combination of experience, patience and tenacity with an analytic mind brought to bear on all challenges faced to provide the sustainable and cost- effective solutions required by all modern businesses and institutions.

John Gurudas photo

John Gurudas

Business Operations

29 years’ experience in both corporate and small/medium business operations with a focus on managing the development of business visions from inception to strategic realisation, with a keen eye on staying aligned with the ever-changing landscape of today's innovative technologies.

Ritesh Ranjan photo

Ritesh Ranjan

Product Development

Lead Business Intelligence Analyst and Developer with 15 years of experience in leading consultancy and end-user organisations. Exposure to multi- national technology-based enviro- nments enables current role in managing development teams simultaneously in the UK and off-shore.

Tushar Gaikwad photo

Tushar Gaikwad


A Big Data Consultant and Architect with a large multinational consultancy working for a global financial institution. 12 years of combined experience in the field of Telecommu- nication & Finance using various tools and technologies brings invaluable ability in finding solutions to real world business problems.

Azeem Sultan photo

Azeem Sultan

Infrastructure and Architecture

Highly experienced infrastructure and security manager with over 8 years’ experience in the financial sector working with Barclays UK, Barclays International, Barclays Group and Lloyd’s Banking Group.

Savio Henriques photo

Savio Henriques

Technical Operations

Over 13 years of experience in Business Intelligence primarily in the Telecom industry. Providing versatility in operational and technical leadership to reporting and analytics teams across the UK and Ireland.


Crowdsale (Pre-ICO and ICO)750,000,000 XCZ60.00%
Team187,500,000 XCZ15.00%
Foundation Reserve150,000,000 XCZ12.00%
Advisors100,000,000 XCZ8.00%
Bounty & Community62,500,000 XCZ5.00%
ICO Phase 1 (50% Bonus)580,000,000 XCZ0.00%
ICO Phase 2 (25% Bonus)76,000,000 XCZ0.00%
ICO Phase 3 (5% Bonus)76,000,000 XCZ0.00%
Pre-ICO (80% Bonus)18,000,000 XCZ0.00%


Sep 2019Phase 1 Development - XCOYNZ Exchange, XCOYNZ Smart Algorithm Wallet
Jan 2020XCOYNZ Exchange Main Development Complete
Jul 2020XCOYNZ Exchange Complete
Aug 2020XCOYNZ Smart Algorithm Wallet Complete
Sep 2020XCOYNZ Payment Gateway Complete

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
XCOYNZ is unique for our USPs in an increasingly crowded cryptocurrency market, a market that is low on quality. We are well poised to succeed and take advantage of the imminent exodus from fiat currency across the world in a number of ways.
We understand what the core driver of this market will be, the growing public awareness and scepticism of the long-term future of fiat currencies, which are printed by governments throughout the world, with little or no mandates that normal people can easily understand. In other words, money printed at will! Hyperinflation, long a threat to societies is beginning to appear again in places like Turkey, Venezuela and not long-ago Zimbabwe. Additionally, a number of the developed countries of the world are now on negative interest rates encouraging deflationary problems. There’re imbalances everywhere in the monetary sphere! The power of governments to print money has been increasingly misused to fund an unsustainable addiction to living on credit, whether that is by an individual or the whole country. The result is debt mountains that dwarfs actual currency in circulation, worth trillions in the US alone and to a lesser extent in Europe, with every other region of the world following suit in one way or another because that is the norm, unsustainable or not!
Once people accept the unsustainability of this, they’ll look around. What is going to be the main alternative to fiat in an interconnected and technologically driven world? Cryptocurrency of course. There will be an exodus of consumers from fiat money to cryptocurrency, as evidenced by the sheer numbers – there were 335 million crypto transactions at the end of Q1 2018 and that in itself since only three years before that is over 20000% increase. We’re aware that 2018 has since dipped but it doesn’t take much to realise the potential change in the next decade bearing in mind bigger factors such as legislation changes that will happen to stabilise this market.
While the security and anonymity of blockchain based cryptocurrency will be very popular with consumers and businesses, there are still some obstacles. There is not enough information about how to efficiently access the cryptocurrency market for the ordinary person. How to easily enter, what to get involved in and the likes; XCOYNZ offers some great advantages over a crowded and inefficient space. Our Platform enables easy entry into the market as well as the option of easily withdrawing money into bank accounts. For many people changing money from cryptocurrency to fiat is cumbersome, but not with XCOYNZ. We offer the option to set your own fee in our ‘smart wallet’ which can hold multiple cryptocurrencies. This is an attractive feature in a market that can charge high fees. Better still the wallet contains algorithms which help determine which assets to buy, hold and sell, which can help investors save a great deal of time on research. Most of our competitors offer very little in the way of these attributes - the thinking being very much that profits can be made easily whether they do or not. XCOYNZ believe that we have a responsibility to help people’s perception of this complicated space so that we play a part in catalysing and expediting the change – this is a core principle of ours.
The most successful companies anticipate paradigm shifts and wait for them to become the trend. We are positioning now for this grand shift of money to occur, that’s exactly how successful businesses emerge from nowhere to establish solidly with strength and confidence by anticipating the turns in trends before they become mainstream. We actively position ourselves, whether it be product, service or long-term vision to stand out and capture this emerging market as a result.
XCOYNZ have a fantastic core team and set of advisors with diverse backgrounds, cohesion, determination and absolute belief that surpasses each other, that our full-scope crypto payments solution will bring the benefits for cryptocurrency ownership to any user, whether they be normal everyday people, retail businesses or the experts leading this field.
Where did your team members meet originally?
There are 6 team members that make up the XCOYNZ business.

John is a school friend for more than 40 years remaining in touch throughout this time with several small business interests over the years. Our first involvement with cryptocurrencies started in 2016.

One of the last paths my professional career took was working for a large Satellite Communications company in London for 17 years. As the years passed, I took the mantle of the Head of Business Intelligence for this SATCOM company and had to build a team of people, so I could deliver the Data and Business Intelligence requirements for the business to deliver on their vision.

I interviewed Tushar in May 2009 and he joined my team for the SATCOM company in June 2009 as a Business Intelligence developer.

Ritesh was placed at the SATCOM company in Jan 2009, and I offered him a contract role, as a Lead Business Intelligence Developer in Feb 2011, and then joined my SATCOM team as a permanent member in April 2015.

As I continued to build my team, I required an Operations Manager to look after the Business as Usual areas of Data and Business Intelligence delivery and met Savio in May 2012. He joined my SATCOM team in June 2012 to take on that role.

Azeem is married to my sister-in-law and we initially met in 2014, we both had specialised technology backgrounds making our connection rife with IT talk!

This is how we all met but what connected us all together, strangely enough, was badminton!

Back in 2015 I started a small badminton club where we had 12 people attending on a weekly basis. After one of the sessions in 2016 we decided on a badminton night out – a meal of sorts. During this night out for dinner, some of us took a (cigarette) break with all non-smokers joining for company’s sake and at this point I described my involvement in cryptocurrencies and how I have been investing in ICOs. I then went on to explain how I felt that I really would like to develop a platform that would let crypto newbies like me easily enter the world of crypto.

I set some tasks for each person and asked them to get back to me within a week. Those that did get back to me were the people that I knew would like to be involved in my project and business, so 12 people rattles down to 6! It was clear to me which of these guys I’d like to have with me to drive this business forward.

After some time, I organised a get together again with all six of us for an initial kick-off meeting for this business. This first meeting, in late 2017 was the start of the XCOYNZ business.
Each person had unique selling points both personally and professionally to offer the business with a clear consensus on what our platform should entail and hence this started our journey into entering the ICO world to develop the XCOYNZ business and platform using blockchain technology.

Our team of six have a cohesive total of over 70 years professional and personal acquaintance together with total of 110 years of experience in a variety of business and technology backgrounds that has proved invaluable on the XCOYNZ journey so far and looks to be even more instrumental in where XCOYNZ intends to go.

Aasam Alim,
Founder, XCOYNZ
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
As with all shifts in the market, there are risks involved for a new company. XCOYNZ has identified five main challenges to success in the cryptocurrency field. These are the prevalence of scams, the downturn in the general market, the lack of regulatory oversight, scepticism of crypto from businesses and people as a whole and finally the competition from similar businesses in the market already.
Unscrupulous groups and individuals looking to capitalise from poorly informed people are among the chief threats in the cryptocurrency space. This has in turn contributed somewhat to public scepticism about the potential of blockchain based technology. These include fake ICOs and poor quality ICOs/projects. Fake organisations that do this often copy other whitepapers, with poor spelling and anonymous team members. XCOYNZ by contrast has relevant bios for all team members, a rigorously checked well worded whitepaper and a clear roadmap that answers investor questions. XCOYNZ have paid careful attention to this. Good research goes a long way in helping investors make sensible decisions and we are confident that our transparency, clarity and quality of the project gives our investors this peace of mind.
The downturn in the global market sentiment is a key threat across multiple sectors and it has hit cryptocurrency harder, being an infant technology. However, this also expected in the short term as with all emerging technologies, the key is expectations for medium and long term. Markets are known for their ups and downs, and corrections in market sentiment are routine. At the moment, cryptocurrency has fallen in value from previous highs in 2017, however this also means that there is ample scope for correction in the future. If anything, the trend of depressed growth in other sectors of finance like stocks may well drive more investors into blockchain investment, acting as a powerful growth multiplier. This is because of the probable impact on the markets from macroeconomic and geopolitical factors such as the US-China trade war, Brexit and continued uncertainty in the Middle East.
A further challenge to us will be the reluctance of sections of the public to get involved in the face of a perceived lack of regulatory oversight. It is true that cryptocurrency is very much a peer to peer technology, and this has the important advantage of peer based oversight which makes the system more reliable than otherwise might be the case. However, publics often will only trust something that is overseen by ‘official’ bodies. The good news on this front is that regulatory mechanisms for blockchain are being put in place slowly but surely, which means that the rest of the world is sure to follow. The future of a fast growing, yet carefully regulated cryptocurrency market therefore looks bright.
Scepticism from businesses is another potential issue. However we do not feel that it is insurmountable. XCOYNZ fully remembers how businesses (and people in general) were resistant to debit and credit cards as a means of payment and took almost a decade to fully embrace it, helped on by the advent of the internet for online commerce. Now that another layer to the internet is established (blockchain), commerce will be looking for that next generation of payment means too.
The last challenge for XCOYNZ to overcome is the most natural one which is the presence of competitors. We talk often about our USPs and they are clear to see in all our literature so maybe at this stage it’s worth noting the lack of a sincere wish from the vast majority of our competitors to pave the way for mass adoption. All but a very small number of them can be classed as being in it for short term profit, with little foresight in how they should be helping the pioneers of blockchain and cryptocurrency. XCOYNZ want to be, and are, decidedly different.

Highlighting what is risky or negative is not always a comfortable thing to do when the objective is to win over public interest but we at XCOYNZ hope to project an air of being realistic and pragmatic, being aware of the challenging road ahead and hopefully convince every investor of our confidence in our project.

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