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World Trip Singapore WTXT

World Trip Singapore has a TrustScore of B

Bridging Cultures - One eXperience at a Time

Decentralized social travel platform that combines artificial intelligence and user generated content to provide travellers with a one-stop service for booking and sharing travel experiences. Hybrid between an Online Travel Agent (OTA) and social networking (SNS) platform for travellers. Powered by the Word Trip Xperience token (WTXT) created for the exchange of travel services, airlocker’s service, and future duty-free shops around the world.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolWTXT
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply100,000,000
  • Primary SectorTravel & Tourism
  • JurisdictionSingapore
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Kazuya Aoyama photo

Kazuya Aoyama


After studying in the USA, Aoyama goes through the school of business management technology and independently develops karaoke shops, restaurants, and a number of prosperous shops, including space projects. Based on the philosophy of “Only the person who actually experienced business experience actually produces” under the philosophy of “Manufacturer of many directly-operated stores as a producer of real production received a offer from Japan all over the country as a producer and expanded the name as a producer business from the industry Attracted attention. We have accumulated experience of space production from all over the country including resort development in Okinawa. After that, entering the IT business, feeling the future and the future of the sharing economy, start a business with Murosaki. My hobbies are karate and tea ceremony. Regarding the tea ceremony, we have the tea name of “S?ya”, inheriting the name of the general teacher in “Urasenke Todaya”.

Noriaki Murosaki photo

Noriaki Murosaki

CEO / Founder

Mr. Murosaki has been a sales company for 4 years as a financial company. He later entered the IT industry independently,

POS application and so on.

He had been operating the company as CEO of IT company for 8 years and he is fascinated of the possibility of sharing economy. Sharing is a mechanism that creates new initiatives across national borders and can be used equally by all people.

He felt the future and the future in that mechanism and established a sharing model with the theme of a new journey.

Guy Tan Yong Chuan photo

Guy Tan Yong Chuan


After leaving my previous job of 8 years as a Marketing and BD manager, I decided to embark on a journey of self discovery. Teaming up with a group of like-mined individuals, we created a startup business in Singapore. The startup is an online ecommerce marketplace focusing on marketing and selling of luxury goods from international brands. Over the course of the 4 years, the business grew from a small setup with a local customer base to a regional based e-commerce store with more than 100K followers.

Danushka Adikari photo

Danushka Adikari


Danushka is a true and true technology enthusiast. Constantly updating himself on industry trends and embracing the latest resources, his commitment and passion has given him strong technical skills and analytical abilities to face any challenges. Ensuring the best deliverables, Danushka fully understand the task at hand, having successfully created, launch and listed a new ERC20 token in Indonesia from ground zero. A certified Smart Contract Developer from the Blockchain Council, Danushka is always gearing up for new challenges.


Reserve Token Supply50,000,000 WTXT50.00%
Private Sale20,000,000 WTXT20.00%
Presale10,000,000 WTXT10.00%
Advisor Team5,000,000 WTXT5.00%
Airdrop and Bounty Program5,000,000 WTXT5.00%
Founding Team5,000,000 WTXT5.00%
Public Crowd Sale5,000,000 WTXT5.00%


Jul 2018Established Singapore corporation
Oct 2018Whitepaper Public Private Sale, Early Bird Stage implemented
Nov 2018Performed Private Sale
Jan 2019WEB site development started Multilingual correspondence (5 languages)
Feb 2019Technology construction started

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
a) the necessity of the travel industry to decentralize.

No other industry needs decentralization like the travel sector. World Trip Singapore is launching into a
growing market with enormously untapped
consumer potential. We are going to disrupt the travel industry and unlock the future and change how consumers experience traveling.

The travel industry relies upon different companies, across different sectors of services, passing information between one another, as customers move across the travel value chain, and leave a trail of complex commercial transactions.
The decentralized nature of the blockchain protocol will bring in the seamless integration, agility and speed required between highly centralized systems and enables shared, simultaneous access to the same version of updated data across multiple players, while also enabling diverse points of data entry. It embeds cryptographic protection and a transaction validation mechanism giving all stakeholders a level of trust and data protection not available with other technologies.

b) The balanced diversity of the talented team members and advisors.

The project is carried by a group of talented professionals, that combine years of experience in software development, operations, mobile development, with solid industry experience and successes in blockchain, cryptocurrency travel, hospitality and mobile technology. We are passionate to making traveling easier through technology, and are excited and ready to change how the world experience traveling and hospitality.
Where did your team members meet originally?
World Trip Singapore is the brainchild of our 2 founders: Mr Kazuya Aoyama(Chairman) and Mr Noriaki Murosaki (CEO).

Mr Aoyama is a renowned business consultant and Sansei of an exclusive business merchants association in Japan. During one of the think tank exchange, he met Mr Murosaki who is the founder Airlocker, a successful tech-startup that addresses the worldwide baggage’s tracking and storage solution.

With their expertises in the travel and hospitality, they came out with the concept of World Trip Singapore, an experiential social traveling platform, that is aimed at decentralizing the travel industry currently dominated by OTAs. By eliminating the middleman, through the use of blockchain smart contract, they envisioned a traveling industry that empowers the consumers and business merchants.

With the decision to make Singapore their base for this project, they reached out to local business partners to find the right candidates for the operation, marketing and development of the platform. An strategic partnership was forged with Principal Strategic, one of the most established crypto consultation firm in Singapore and Mr Jason Lam, the founder of Principal Strategic, came onboard the project as a key advisor.

They were introduced to Guy Tan and Danush during an intensive search for suitable candidates who share the same mindsets and passion to front the operation side of the company.

Danushka Adikari, a technology enthusiast and certified smart contract developer, came onboard the project as the CTO of the company, bringing with him invaluable experience from his experience participating in numerous blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. He is currently working on the development of the beta platform that is expected to launch in end January 2019.

Guy Tan is an experienced startup entrepreneur and avid traveler. He came onboard as the COO, who fronted the operation and partnerships development of the business. His knowledge and experience in the Singapore travel industry is a huge contributing factor during the development of the platform.

In additional to that, during a blockchain turn table discussion held in Singapore, visiting
Sanem Avcil, globally renowned blockchain and ICO expert, and Kamal Mustafa, experienced ICO advisor and data scientist, were so impressed with the immerse potential of the project that they came onboard as advisors. With their global exposure and networks, they have added international recognition to the WTS project.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
a) Operational Risk: Broader consumer adoption rate of blockchain technology is affected by volatility of cryptocurrency and complexity of technology.
b) Compliance risk: Government regulations of travel industry differs from countries to countries.
c) Scalability risk: ICOs scams affecting investors’ confidence toward strong projects.
d) Competitive risk: Huge OTAs dominance provide a high barrier of entry for startups.
e) Cyber risk: Blockchain is by definition a shared infrastructure and the extent of exposure to cyber crime is largely an unknown.

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World Trip Singapore has a TrustScore of B
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