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WMPRO - The Evolution of The Referral billionaire Industry And The Incorporation Of Blockchain Technology
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolWMPRO
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply50,000,000
  • Primary SectorIdentity & Reputation
  • JurisdictionUnited Arab Emirates
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Riccardo Vieri photo

Riccardo Vieri

Board of Directors co founder Marketing and technology

Known as a serial entrepreneur dating back to 1993, technological innovation oriented, since 2002 most of His Tlc and Adv patents ( more than 20) have already been granted by the United States Authority and are in use by Fortune 500 companies. He has been Manager of several billion dollar companies and since 2015 he extends his interests to blockchain and its applications, crypto currencies included. He launched and applied patent for one revolutionary fitness airdrop app that converts kinetic energy allocation tokens. He has always pursued studies and deepen skills in marketing and leadership and is member Member of Cryptovalley (Zug) and Assobit.

Giovanni Lionetti photo

Giovanni Lionetti

Board of directors co founder Finance & Administration

Entrepreneur since 1988, obtains important successes in various sectors related to entertainment and tourism, realizing projects and structures still active today. Approaching the world of technology combined with marketing in 1996, actively contributing to the creation of successful businesses involving over 50,000 businesses throughout Italy. Protagonist of the opening of the telecommunications market, creates a distribution network of over 230,000 promoters and actively participates and with profit at the listing on the stock exchange of companies linked to the world of web television. Founder and Manager of numerous companies operating internationally, he obtains important results in Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Lover of new challenges matures an important experience in the world of stem cells. Co-Founder of an important law firm that deals with Class action, operates with its own structure since 2010 in the Trading world and from 2015 in that of the crypto coins.

Alex Tei photo

Alex Tei


Has been working as a manager and entrepreneur for more than thirty years, when he feels the need to put his expertise in favour of the collective interest (give back). He has always been sensitive to the social problems and non-profit sector, so he decides to make his commitment stronger by working on innovative initiatives as the founder of same NPOs.

Both of the humanitarian organizations do not operate directly but choose specific innovative projects of other humanitarian organizations, worthy of promotion and financing for the particular value of the social impact that they are capable of generating.

All the three initiatives enjoy the experience and the competence acquired during the years in many business sectors: from finance to insurance, from industrial to commercial, from consulting to services.

Luana Sicari photo

Luana Sicari

Direct selling specialist

Professional Manager and Digital Entrepreneur.
Since 2002 in Sales Team building and Top Marketing Strategist.
Over 16 years experience with global companies, top leader in sales development and marketing strategist, reaching international top positions.
Since 2016 she extends her interests to blockchain and its applications, cryptocurrencies included.

Her interests rely on the various digital applications of Blockchain, for future and present products development and their launch on the market.

She has been cultivating for years the attention towards the development of women's rights in the world, the children, and towards the global civil fight against corruption.

Since 2008 involved in martial arts: Krav Maga and Israeli Jiu Jitsu, reaching the level of Coach.

Francesca Rossi photo

Francesca Rossi


Graduated at the Faculty of Political Science University of Florence in 2003. Attained a Master Degree in "Peacekeeping and Security Studies" at the University of Roma. Long and short term missions aimed at humanitarian assistance, study and creation of development projects in Kosovo, Thailand and Liberia.
As Coordinator Officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia in Rome, performed educational activities directed to administrators and technicians of the public authorities in the field of Civil Protection.


Maurizio Siracusa photo

Maurizio Siracusa

Board of Directors Co founder Blockchain Security Developer

Developer, Problem Solver and Senior Consultant of Cyber Security, he has been dealing with computer security and Ethical Hacking since 15 years. He isbehind dozens of projects of Security Audit and Penetration Test for companies operating in the branches of Finance, Banking, ICT, in the sectors manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, healthcare and public administration. He provided advice and made his skills available abroad, in countries such as Switzerland, Great Britain and France. He provides support for companies that want to operate in the blockchain world, developing and managing server infrastructures.
He has been a teacher for a considerable period of time in courses on Ethical Hacking and Security Awareness.

Luca Falbo photo

Luca Falbo


Luca is software developer with a wide variety of interests ranging from mobile and web development to computer graphics and animation.

He has solid skills of App Development, Mobile Apps Development, Local Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development & Redesign.

Stefano Crespi photo

Stefano Crespi


Stefano has 5+ years in Mobile industry around Mobile Payment, Mobile contents, Mobile Advertising. Mobile games & apps enthusiast with a deep understanding of Apps distribution, Analytics, monetization.

Delivering successful websites, mobile apps, online business systems for every type of device; mobile, tablet and desktop. Specialities include: Ecommerce, Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Online Business Software.


Marketing and Listing12,000,000 WMPRO40.00%
Devs (execution)4,500,000 WMPRO20.00%
Patents, Research and Development6,000,000 WMPRO20.00%
Operations4,500,000 WMPRO10.00%
Legal and Compliance600,000 WMPRO3.00%
Reserve Fund1,500,000 WMPRO3.00%
Security600,000 WMPRO3.00%
Charity300,000 WMPRO1.00%


Q2 2019APP

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
WMPRO’s Blockchain Ecosystem is implemented as utility token and provides the necessary functionalities for a world where users aren’t forced to trust in any individual or organization but rather in trustable data implemented through cryptography and economics.

The 4 phases certification protocol is already under the patenting process: software, spider, manual and artificial intelligence, will increase the value of the project and the token itself.

Eucleia platform spreading the use of WMPRO thanks to a free subscription service that will authenticate users identity according to the quality and quantity of uploaded information and the Premium Rating and certifying service payable in WMPRO via blockchain-based certification system creating a real rating system for companies and operators.

Tecnically, Eucleia Platform will use Ethereum-based smart contracts to secure the terms of the agreement between the parties.

1. First, the free creation of the profile, registering personal data and the curriculum
2. Upgrading to the subscription service in WMPRO, if smart contract conditions are met, useful contents will be saved in the blockchain to certify the level of professionalism
3. And, when a more advanced rating level is reached
4. Both certified professionals and companies will receive a "WMPRO Certified" sticker that they will add on their social pages and websites, with reference to WMPRO Blockchain information
5. The E-commerce section will also provide services and tools for personal growth and professional improvement payable in WMPRO tokens that will be full part of the ecosystem.

The presence of the "WMPRO certified" sticker will spread the popularity of the token to incredible levels.

Eucleia’s platform revolves around the idea that allows users to hold onto their cryptocurrency and/or spend cash at the same time on necessary purchases of services with a unique platform that met the market’s needs.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Some of the team members are friends since many years. Other team members met in Blockchain summits and related events in Europe and Asia during the last 24 months.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
1. Some believe that our activity is similar to other less professional "social platforms" that assign tokens for likes and of course we are not; 2. Niche market; 3. Too new project; 4. too many aggressive campaigns by third parties with more funds; 5. language barriers with smaller token purchasers to fully understand the project.


These are the crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade WORD OF MOUTH PROFESSIONAL, ordered by exchange popularity. You should try the ones on the top first, but also look out for the "Recommended" badge as those are reliable exchanges that we have partnered with and are comfortable recommending them to our users.
Exchange CSRank
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Name Started Ended
WMPRO ICO20 Jul 201831 Oct 2018
  • Team Members Verified Badge 8 of 27 Team Members Verified
  • Company Verified Company Verified
  • KYC Interview Conducted KYC Interview Conducted
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