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Wireless Racer WIRA

Wireless Racer has a TrustScore of D
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform
  • SymbolWIRA
  • Circulating Supply122,500,000
  • Total Supply408,333,334
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorGaming & VR
  • JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
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Jaan Ergin, MSc. BA (Hons). photo

Jaan Ergin, MSc. BA (Hons).

CEO / Lead Hardware Engineer

Coming from a strong background in academia (Media and Electronics), Jaan has under his belt a Bachelors degree in Television Production and a Masters degree in Creative Technology.

Always at the forefront of technology, Jaan has been involved in everything from 3D Printing to Virtual Reality Applications, and of course, founding the WiRa project which originally began in 2013 as a personal interest using newly acquired Robotics and Programming skills from his MSc.

Working with key electronics components created at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in England, Jaan has headed the creation of various IoT ventures including smart security devices and gaming platforms.

Jaan is currently involved in the broadcast of 'RC Racing TV', (who work along-side authoritative racing bodies such as IFMAR and EFRA as Media Partners), travelling Europe helping to deploy the technical operations.

“I feel very fortunate having the opportunity to test out WiRa cars on many great tracks all around Europe, where professional RC racers compete for world championship titles! For this I thank the legendary Nick Daman of ‘RC Racing TV’” - JE

Henry Pye photo

Henry Pye


A Budding entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, investor and day trader.

Henry is hands on in all areas and has played key roles in the development of a number of e-commerce sites and projects, focusing on design and product development and using his Web 2.0 skills, giving businesses an online presence.

Having started a number of businesses from scratch, including importation of organic products throughout the EU, Henry has the skills from sourcing products through to getting to market.

Responsible for the creation of our WiRa Token, Henry has overseen both Test network and Live implementation of Tokens using a multitude of Smart Contracts.

Richard O'Flynn, BSc. photo

Richard O'Flynn, BSc.


Having secured a 1st in Mathematics from the University of London, and an A-Level maths result that was in the top 5 in the country, Richard embarked on a career in Software Development working with one of the pioneers of massively parallel inmemory Data Analytics.

Once the Internet took off, Richard embraced it, first working with a pioneering ecommerce software business in the US, and then heading back to the UK to build some of the UK’s earliest e-commerce sites.

Richard now consults for a number of SAAS providers in the UK providing expertise in the Software Architecture of these cloud based platforms.

Mikael Ismail photo

Mikael Ismail


With numbers in his blood, Mikael has been involved in accountancy for a range of both start-ups and large firms, including his most recent position at P.W. Knowles.

Managing finances for projects such as the expansion of London Heathrow's Terminals 3-5, Mikael understands the scale of competency required in terms of heading important construction contracts from large international clients.

Starting his early career in IT, and working for a range of companies including Churchill Insurance, there is no doubt that a venture such as WiRa is the perfect mix for such a distinguished team player who poses an important mix of IT literacy and financial knowledge.

Vincent Salih photo

Vincent Salih

Business Development Manager

Vincent studied Law at the University of Leeds and has over 17 years worth of experience working in various business, real estate and recruitment sectors.

Since a young age Vincent has been mentored in Business Development, coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs who, amongst other sectors, in the 1970’s founded a chain of high-profile Restaurants throughout Central London (the Aberdeen and Angus Steak Houses Group, PLC), whom every tourist to the capital city will recognise by their bold red shop-fronts.

Although he now spends most of his time as a Consultant, Vincent is an advocate for Blockchain technology and sees the future of sales taking on Cryptocurrency as the de-facto secure method to send and receive large sums of money between businesses in an ever growing digital-payment world; where physical cash is making way for both Plastic and Contactless methods.

Rachel Honey, BA(Hons). photo

Rachel Honey, BA(Hons).

Project Manager

Rachel comes from a strong background in Project Management.

After gaining a 2:1 for her degree, she went straight into the workplace and worked her way up from PA to Project administrator to Project Manager.

Rachel has extensive skills in organisation, client relations and marketing, and will be a fundamental member of the team for bringing all the elements together. She has worked in the marketing, private equity and exec search industries, and has gained invaluable knowledge to benefit the project.

Rachel has had a keen interest in the WiRa project from the beginning, and her degree in Performance Art Management will contribute to the take off of the assignment. She is use to 24/7 demanding roles and her experience and advanced used of many Office programmes will mean everything is always documented, aligned and up to date.

George Lovejoy photo

George Lovejoy

Lead Software Engineer

George is our in-house Blockchain Specialist, a Crypto enthusiast who has been investing and trading in various currencies since 2016, with a special interest in altcoins that offer the potential to improve existing business models.

Since studying Maths, ICT, Media and Business, George has pushed forwards his thirst for knowledge by self-teaching to an advanced level in programming both software applications and website development.

A variable range skill-set in IT allows George to switch between building / maintaining Mining Farms and creating in depth algorithms for the main WiRa control desk.

George can often be found after-hours, asleep at the office with his head pressed against the keyboard, mid-compile.

Ashley Mooneapillay, BA(Hons). photo

Ashley Mooneapillay, BA(Hons).

Head of AV

Holding a Bachelors degree in Television Production from Middlesex University, London, Ashley is well educated and well experienced in the field of Audio and Visual production.

Previously working for ITV, and with a list of shows including 'Alan Titchmarsh', 'Loose Women' and 'This Morning' as areas which have called upon his expertise, while mingling on set with the likes of Hollywood A-listers such as 'Samuel L Jackson', Ashley knows exactly what it takes broadcasting to demanding requirements.

Ashley says that he has an eye on the track, an eye on the equipment, an eye on the team and an eye on his eye – 360 vision!

He's also been involved in the creation of VR software, using a skill-set developed over years to give valuable input from a media perspective.


David Honey, BSc. photo

David Honey, BSc.

Specialist Advisor

David Honey was born in Guernsey and has a degree in electrical engineering, specialising in telecommunications, from Essex University. David's first experience of intellectual property was gained whilst working for Phillips Industries during the early 1980s, evaluating patented technologies with a view to widening their application and commercial exploitation. David's move, in 1985, into management consultancy with Deloitte Haskins & Sells gave him a unique opportunity to broaden his experience in project and programme management of large projects across the telecommunications, media and finance sectors. Leaving Deloittes in 1988 David Honey started his first business, Opta Consulting, which over a ten year period expanded into the 'Opta Group', consisting of: Opta Consulting, Opta Resources, Opta Index and Opta Enterprises.

CEO and founder of Opta Enterprises, David Honey has a wealth of experience in the UK finance, telecommunications and media sectors. In the 1970s and 1980s he worked in engineering positions for companies such as; Marconi, Phillips Industries, and Mitel. This is where he got his first experiences of intellectual property. Between 1985 and 2004 he worked as a consultant for clients such as: JP Morgan, Citibank, Prudential, the BBC, O2, and Vodafone. In 1988, David Honey started up his own specialist project management consultancy, Opta Consulting. Over a period of fifteen years he used this as a vehicle and business incubator to establish around twelve separate business spin-outs.

Since 1999, when he sold Opta Index Ltd (to BSkyB), David Honey has been both an angel investor in, and hands-on builder of business start-ups. The subsequent trade sales of Opta Consulting Ltd, Site-Confidence Ltd and Oh-So Ltd have re-enforced his reputation as a successful investor and serial entrepreneur. Opta Enterprises (C.I.) Ltd, based in Guernsey, is the preferred vehicle for his IP based business interests and opportunities.

Nick Daman photo

Nick Daman

Specialist Advisor

Nick spent seven seasons in the F1 pitlane as a TV reporter for F1 Digital+ and BBC Radio, and has also covered domestic British motor-sport for ITV, Setanta and Motors TV.

Studying at De Montford University and working for a list of high profile companies such as Polycom, Virgin Media Business, Ricoh Europe and Epson Europe B.V., Nick is an experienced and knowledgeable sales professional with a proven track record of success across the communications, UC and cloud marketplaces.

His main passion though is radio controlled car racing, and since 2006 has been presenting the RC Racing TV series; which has accumulated a large dedicated following (and videos with > 1m views).

Nick's input and advice on the Wira project is invaluable; his position in the world of motor-sports broadcasting (and especially RC racing) will provide an unrivalled perspective regarding transformation of the conventional Radio Controlled world.

Mitch Lawson, CMgr. MCMI. photo

Mitch Lawson, CMgr. MCMI.

Project Consultant

Working directly with high-end companies in Bahrain, Mitch has been responsible for overall management of the highly anticipated 'Gravity' project since 2015.

Mitch has a proven track record of success: developing business relationships with key stakeholders to build trust and overcome challenge for high net worth clients. He is well-versed in leading business start-ups and operations for premier investments including the world’s tallest indoor skydiving facility.

Proficient in directing and leading multi-disciplined high performing teams to manage company operations for a portfolio exceeding £50M. Mitch is also adept at completing key projects within set time, budget and quality framework.

Along-side great business experience, a strong military history has given Mitch the discipline required to keep his cool under pressure, and see all angles from an unbiased perspective.

His professionalism and dependability means that he is on call 24/7 and ready to give invaluable consultancy at a minutes notice.


WiRa Administration0 WIRA40.00%
Initial Public Supply during ICO0 WIRA30.00%
Team0 WIRA10.00%
Advisors0 WIRA5.00%
Affiliates0 WIRA5.00%
Bounties0 WIRA5.00%
Partners0 WIRA5.00%


Apr 2019 Aim for Televised contract of ‘Competition Races Compilation’
Sep 2019Project Start > inc. build, install, setup, connect
Oct 2019Project Alpha Launch > Internal Testing
Oct 2019Project Main Launch > Public Play
Oct 2019 Extended Research & Development Periods > inc. Water racing devices > inc. Custom Racing Hardware > inc. WiRaVR
Nov 2019Development of Console Platform / UI > Xbox One and Playstation 4 dedicated software
Dec 20191st End of Year Competition Race / w25,000 prize
Jan 2020 Release 1st Console Platform / UI > Xbox One and Playstation 4 dedicated software
Feb 2020Water Project Main Launch > Public Play of the new Water Project
Feb 2020 Release WiRaWear Racing Hardware to Market
Mar 2020 Release WiRaVR to Market
Jan 2021Extended Research & Development Periods > inc. Air racing devices > inc. Upgrading Platform / UI
Feb 2021 Start Alpha testing of Air racing devices (Air Project) > WiRa implementation on Air (Quad-copter racing)
Mar 2021Release 2nd Console Platform / UI > Added support for Hovercrafts

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
This a unique project unlike any other. This isn't just another "we can send currency fast and for cheap" project that you see all over the internet! We have merged the physical and digital worlds to bring a product which has never been seen before.

Joining together Robotics and Gaming, while utilising AR and Blockchain technology - we have created working prototypes of Remote Control Racing cars which can be driven from anywhere in the world, with live video feedback.

Gamers can sit in the comfort of their own home, load up our software, and compete in a LIVE 24/7 racing league, where they can take part against other gamers without any geographical limitations. We aim to cater for 96,000 gamers per day upon launch in our mega-warehouse which shall hold 20 tracks with 20 cars per race.

By using the Blockchain to record all race results instantly, we will be able to provide the world with the most advanced and cheat-free results system.

We have integrated AR to allow gamers to customise their cars by purchasing digital assets.

This isn't just an idea, this is an evolution in gaming as we know it, all backed by working prototypes, available to test on a demo track using our custom software.
Where did your team members meet originally?
All team members are based in the UK and either have a history of previous shared employment, or University education, which has bonded us together on this path.

Jaan Ergin and Nick Daman work together on RCTV which has broadcast over 18 series on SkyTV in the UK (Motorsports channel) and recently contracts on ESPN4 in the US. We have travelled around Europe and the world as the official media partner of the governing bodies EFRA and IFMAR.

David Honey is the original founder of what is today known as 'Opta Sports', the largest analytical sports algorithm platform sold to BSkyB in the 1990s.

Mitch Lawson has worked first-hand with the Royal Family of Bahrain on their 'Gravity' project.

Mikael Ismail was responsible for the financial control of the expansion of Heathrow Airport Terminals 3 and 5 in the UK.

Ashley Mooneapillay has worked for major UK broadcasting networks including ITV.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
1. Adaptation of new Technology

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Wireless Racer has a TrustScore of D
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