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VIAZ has a TrustScore of B

Major decentralized peer to peer funding platform on TEZOS

The utility of VIAZ is to provide a decentralized funding platform, connecting its users and acting as a conduit between the cryptosphere and fiat currency.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Tezos
  • SymbolVIAZ
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply1,500,000,000
  • Primary SectorFinance
  • JurisdictionCayman Islands
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Stephen Andrews photo

Stephen Andrews


-Member of the Association for the Tezos Protocol and Ecosystem
-Founder of TezBox, eztz.js and fi
-Advisor for BettingWin.Online
Stephen is an experienced developer in regards to mobile and web,
and has helped to drive the development of tools for the Tezos
protocol in many ways. Stephen is the developer behind TezBox, the
first mobile and browser-extension wallet for Tezos, has engineered
the first Javascript library for Tezos, and has built one of the first
high-level languages "on top" of Michelson (the Tezos smart contract

Tejinder Sandhu photo

Tejinder Sandhu


Tejinder brings his expertise and years of project management and
real estate restoration experience to the VIAZ team. An international
businessman, Mr. Sandhu has effectively managed development and
construction teams with a focus on team building and optimizing the
core competencies and contributions of each team member. Tejinder
is a keen member of the crypto community and a seasoned crypto

Nauman Iqbal photo

Nauman Iqbal


With 5 years' experience in developing and implementing the best
possible strategy to reach the desired goal of the projects, Nauman
has successfully Co-Founded Pulse Digital Agency that has worked
with businesses across Canada and Dubai helping with event
management, application development and website development.
Some of the projects include working with Ministry of Finance,
Samsung, to name a few.

Peter Meronek photo

Peter Meronek


In late 2013 Mr. Meronek took his first baby steps into crypto by
investing in this new technology. He is a tremendous team builder.
He has segued a successful track record in business development in
construction and real estate restoration into an even more
successful venture capital investment portfolio. He has always
allowed his actions to speak far more eloquently than his words.


William Lyman photo

William Lyman


-Senior Informatics Associate at Pioneer Hi-bred
William has over 10 years of experience contributing to scientific
research across a wide range of positions. He has worked in data
analysis, LIMS design and the development/support of Big Data
analysis engines and pipelines. William holds a Masters' degree in CS
with an emphasis on AI/Machine Learning.
William has been working with Tezos for a year, and has explored
Michelson, Liquidity and fi development, as well as deploying core
Tezos-nodes and performing other technical Tezos-related tasks.

Aizaz Zaheer photo

Aizaz Zaheer


Aizaz is a passionate developer who loves crafting bespoke digital
experiences. Skilled with over 5 years' experience developing cutting
edge and data driven websites and applications, he loves removing
the boundaries between creativity and complexity, in order to turn an
idea into a digital reality. Aizaz is the founder of Pulse Digital Agency
and a partner of Studio 94, an experiential marketing agency, both
based in Dubai.

Asad Naveed photo

Asad Naveed


Asad is a creative and innovative UI/UX designer well-versed in a
multitude of design applications. He loves developing new design
techniques, unique ideas, and has an acute knowledge and
understanding of web and mobile design principles. Mr. Naveed
adeptly visualizes innovative concepts keeping UX in mind, which
establishes strong brand identities in the projects he pursues.
Additionally, Asad is part of the Studio 94 UI/UX design team.

Anis Ahmed photo

Anis Ahmed


Anis is a senior back-end developer with over 10 years experience in
the software development space. His core domain is web and
desktop application development with an expert grasp of database
management, server-side implementations, and image and video
processing. Mr. Ahmed is also the founder of Code5 Technologies,
which is the ultimate source of IT solutions for brands and marketing


Steve Austin photo

Steve Austin


Steve is a technologist with a background in embedded systems and
machine learning. He has worked for Apple Computer, Microsoft,
Google, Motorola, Cisco and BitTorrent as well as several successful
start-ups and has been awarded multiple patents in speech
recognition and distributed systems. He received his PhD from
Cambridge University in Mathematics and Machine Learning.

Keith Glenn photo

Keith Glenn


Keith Glenn is an innovative entrepreneur with a background in
finance, sales and marketing, small business management, and
wellness. Mr. Glenn has been a blockchain enthusiast since the
inception of Bitcoin and the numerous other digital assets that have
since followed. As an early adopter and investor in cryptocurrency,
he believes fully in the utility and security of decentralization and the
impact the technology will have in the new economy. Mr. Glenn holds
BS degrees in Finance, Kinesiology, and an MS in Nutritional


Public Sale525,000,000 VIAZ35.00%
Early contributors375,000,000 VIAZ25.00%
Private sale225,000,000 VIAZ15.00%
Team225,000,000 VIAZ15.00%
Bounty/Marketing75,000,000 VIAZ5.00%
Founders75,000,000 VIAZ5.00%


Q3 2014Concept Development
Q3 2015Market Research
Q3 2016Capitalization
Q2 2017Engage team
Q1 2018Prototype development

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
VIAZ will be successful for a multitude or reasons. For the sake of brevity, three contributing factors will be discussed as follows:
1. Blockchain and DAPPs as disruptor technologies: Cryptocurrency market volatility aside, blockchains and the DAPPs that run on top of them are on the way. Innovators such as VIAZ will be successful as we make the push for early adoption a reality, revolutionizing how data transactions are linked together and recorded across a decentralized ledger. Specifically, VIAZ, a peer-to-peer funding DAPP built on Tezos, a self-amending blockchain with a proof of stake consensus algorithm.
2. VIAZ is a great idea: Look no further than other disruptor applications such as Uber and Airbnb for context. They have revolutionized how consumers travel and find accommodations by cutting out costly intermediaries. VIAZ will succeed by creating an environment where you don’t need a bank or a title company to fund a loan or exchange title on a real estate transaction. VIAZ smart contracts written on top of the Tezos blockchain will allow these decentralized transactions and more. With a currently functional prototype, developing strategic partnerships, and a dedicated team behind it, VIAZ isn’t a scam, it’s not a pipedream, it’s the future of safe, secure financial transactions.
3. The VIAZ team: The VIAZ team is comprised of enthusiastic and like-minded individuals that believe in our core philosophy of Doing Good, and are putting their vast and varied skillsets to work in developing the VIAZ DAPP. In addition to our world-class developer team, VIAZ boasts an international roster of marketing, finance, and operations professionals and advisors pushing our concept forward. VIAZ will continue to be successful by utilizing nonlinear management techniques such as advocating adaptive planning, continual improvement, and encouraging fast and flexible response to changing conditions.
Where did your team members meet originally?
VIAZ is the brainchild of our Founder & CEO Peter Meronek. He has met the core team members over the course of the past fifteen years through his various venture capitalist experiences and has assembled the team accordingly. For example, he recruited our CTO, the highly sought after Stephen Andrews, by flying around the world to Stephen’s home in New Zealand. As an international businessperson, Mr. Meronek realizes just how important the team dynamic is and the synergies created in a cohesive group that celebrates both similarities and differences in methodologies.. Peter has resided in numerous countries over the course of his 40-year career and takes great pride in handpicking the best team possible to make the VIAZ concept and project a success.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
1. Market volatility: We are exploring different tools/ideas to help protect our users.
2. Overreaching regulations: Regulation of the cryptocurrency market will drive institutional investment and stability, which is good. Overreaching regulations could stifle innovation and restrict our ability to reach new markets.
3. Slow adoption of the Tezos blockchain: As early investors and holders of Tezzies, we are 100?hind this technology. We realize we haven limited ability to convince other innovators/early adopters the same. The adoption process takes time.
4. DAPP competitors: Similar DAPPS in the space exist; it’s up to us to capture this potential market share.
5. Traditional Banks: Much like the taxi-cab vs Uber fight, traditional banks aren’t going to go away without a fight. If not already, they are going to realize how blockchain and smart contracts will force them to change the way they do business.

Where to Buy and Trade VIAZ

These are the crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade VIAZ, ordered by exchange popularity. You should try the ones on the top first, but also look out for the "Recommended" badge as those are reliable exchanges that we have partnered with and are comfortable recommending them to our users.
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VIAZ has a TrustScore of B
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