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Streamity STM

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The key element of STREAMITY is StreamDesk. DAPP STREAMDESK is a p2p platform for smart-contract cryptocurrency exchange. StreamDesk is a unique and fully automatic service with minimal commissions and fair market prices. Smart contracts will guarantee the perfect security and the transactions of traditional currency will be committed directly from user to user with the reception of the response from the payment system, which is used as a “signal” to unlock smart-contracts and close a deal. Advantages. StreamDesk is a mass service; connection of new users will create a strong demand for STM tokens. Moreover, the tokens will be openly traded on the main cryptocurrency exchange markets, and users will transform cryptocurrency into fiat money through StreamDesk service as it is much more profitable than using other means and services. This will ensure access of new users to our platform! Streamity services include news and analysis, investment, and educational resources, each existing as an independent business environment. We are creating an attractive and powerful portal in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which will integrate news, ideas, high-quality analysis in one personal account, unique training courses created by experts in various fields, algorithms and ready-made solutions for trading, a number of forums with token remuneration, user-friendly interface, and timely data submission. All of this will involve blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolSTM
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply180,000,000
  • Primary SectorFinance
  • JurisdictionSingapore
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Vladislav Kuznetsov photo

Vladislav Kuznetsov

CEO Founder

Being a think-tank and a successful business owner being able to inspire and lead the
team, Vladislav is a true business professional. He motivates people to follow
him, always has a clear vision of the final goal, and knows what success is and
how to achieve it. Vladislav followers were captivated by his passionate belief in
the possibility to change the world and contribute to development of blockchain
technology. He has managed to assemble a team of the best experts. He has more
than 10 years of experience in business and asset management at the stock
market. Now he is also familiar with unlimited possibilities of blockchain
technology. Vladislav confidence, experience and unique vision of crypto-era will allow
him to break a new ground in technology!

Dmitry Martianov photo

Dmitry Martianov

CTO Co-Founder

Business owner, software engineer and web developer with more than 8 years of
experience. Participated in the development of major projects, such as Pegas
Touristik and Nordwindairlines. Not only does he manage each stage of product
development and coordinate actions of the team, but also participates in
performance of complex technical tasks with the highest level of quality. He has
generated the idea of StreamDesk together with СEO, and that how the
Streamity project was launched. Having thought through the architecture of
StreamDesk service, he has focused on its development. He believes that the
mission and the team are the most important elements of success. He is particularly committed to the
idea and sure that the project will make it into the history of cryptocurrency

Oles Sribny photo

Oles Sribny

Head of Investment

Oles is a trader-analyst, host of numerous stock exchange workshops and training
programs, asset manager with more than 10 years of active trading at global
markets and more than 6 years of experience in training. He has provided
professional training to more than 500 traders during this period. Oles has been a
leading trader in SDG-Trade since 2011. He has prepared more than 500 videos with
online trading, training events, workshops, and analytical reviews: all of them are
available online. He has more than 3 years of experience in cryptocurrency
market investment and management of assets of a closed-end crypto fund. He
participates in development of algorithmic trading systems for stock and
cryptocurrency exchanges. Oles is a developer of a trading community project. He
has a master degree in finance. He has achieved success in his area and is a well-
known member of trading community.

Maxim Yarushin photo

Maxim Yarushin

Business Development Manager

Maxim has more than 5 years of work experience in a global IT company and is a
leader in business development and market entry. He has successfully developed
and implemented a number of projects jointly with various Russian IT companies
and integrators. He has a master degree in business informatics and business
analytics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. Within
our project he is responsible for strategic objectives of the company: expansion
into new markets and their research, monitoring of competitors, reporting on the
results of research, participation in advertizing campaigns, implementation and
control of marketing programs.

Olga Prosalova photo

Olga Prosalova

Marketing & Community

Olga is a high-quality marketing expert and community manager with a rich
work experience in the top Russian high-tech company. She participated in
several public and private projects. Olga is a graduate of several liberal arts higher
education institutions. She has several key roles in the project. She is responsible
for accounts in social networks and blogs, brand management, contacts with the
community, and arrangement of meetings. Olga is able to create both online and
offline connections. Thanks to analytical mind-set and psychological skills, she
understands interests, wants and needs of people. She is an expert coordinator of
people and ideas. Olga believes that our idea is worth spreading and does her
best to achieve this goal.

Daniil Lobov photo

Daniil Lobov

Content Manager

Student of MGIMO University, who has worked in the Russian Ministry of foreign affairs,
translator. He has a good experience in writing documentation and analytical reports, which
allows him to convey information on Streamity project in the most intelligible way. He is a
current content manager in the Streamity project.

Sergey Kolomiec photo

Sergey Kolomiec

Online coach & Investment

Trader-investor who is managing assets. Since 2010 he has been actively trading on the US
exchange platforms, since 2013 he has been training professional investors. Training moderator of
numerous exchange seminars and the author of educational programs on SDG-Trade. The main
advantage of being trained by Sergey is that he leads his apprentices until they have complete understanding
of market processes and above all that - how to gain profit from it. A large amount of
profitable trade deals with thorough explanation of his actions may be found on the Internet.
Since 2015 he has been investing in cryptocurrency market actively as he sees a huge
potential of growth and possibilities in it. In Sergey’s opinion: “An investor shall see potential
not only in linear assets, if he wants to diversify and get even more profit, cryptocurrencies
fit for it well”.


Maksim Smirnov photo

Maksim Smirnov

Software Engineer

Having graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with honors Maxim has
been working in the IT for over 8 years, 5 of which in the banking area being the head of the
development unit of Alfa-Bank, the largest commercial bank in Russia. Maxim understands
that the banking area is changing towards digital technologies, in particular, blockchain
which is already used for issue of letters of credit, and believes that in future cryptocurrency
will circulate as widely as electronic and fiat money.

Sergey Bevzenko photo

Sergey Bevzenko

Back-end Developer

Sergey has a master degree in process automation. He was part of the "hottest"
projects of the recent years, where he was responsible for system architecture,
scalability and performance, as well as for the development of applications, which are
used successfully by hundreds of millions of customers. He participated in
projects of such companies as: Auchan, Michelin, Pegas Touristik, Nordwind; in
development of website, server-end portion of "Active Citizen"
application, and many others. He became interested in cryptocurrencies about 3
years ago; that when he understood that his future will be indissolubly tied to
blockchain industry.

Egor Okhterov photo

Egor Okhterov

Software Engineer

Egor's professional skills include design algorithms, business processes,
computational geometry, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, mathematical
analysis, and project management, to name a few. Egor is a winner of academic
competitions in mathematics and informatics, as well as numerous programmer
contests. He has developed SVM deployment wizards for Kaspersky Security for
Virtualization/Light Agent and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Proxy Server. The product
works on Linux and integrates with squid proxy server using ICAP protocol. Egor
has a bachelor degree in software engineering of the National Research
University Higher School of Economics. He is a rising star in programmer
community. We had to offer a truly challenging task in order to get him.

Pavel Bolgarskih photo

Pavel Bolgarskih

Blockchain Developer

Pavel is an expert developer of smart contracts on Ethereum platform (ERC20
tokens). He is a sophisticated Solidity user and has experience in development of
smart contracts for several successful ICO startups. He has been interested in
blockchain development and cryptocurrency markets for more than 4 years. He is
also an expert in backend development of web applications and PHP full stack
developer. Within Streamity project he participates in smart contract
development for DAPP StreamDesk platform.


The participants of Token Sale126,000,000 STM70.00%
Streamity team45,000,000 STM25.00%
The rewards program5,400,000 STM3.00%
The advisors and partners3,600,000 STM2.00%


None specified

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Streamity Token Sale Phase 112 Mar 201825 Mar 2018
Streamity Token Sale Phase 216 Apr 201829 Apr 2018
Streamity Token Sale Phase 225 Jun 201822 Jul 2018
Streamity25 Jun 201806 Aug 2018
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