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StableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering Q DAO

StableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering has a TrustScore of D
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolQ DAO
  • Circulating Supply94,455
  • Total Supply999,999
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorFinance
  • JurisdictionSingapore
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Anton Dzyatkovskii photo

Anton Dzyatkovskii


Anton Dzyatkovskiy is the blockchain architect lead of Platinum Q DAO Engineering, a passionate entrepreneur, and a skilled negotiator. He is a hardworking business leader with more than 13 years of experience in different positions in FinTech, Retail, and E-Commerce. Experienced in expanding financial businesses to totally new markets. Moreover, Anton is a co-founder of Platinum Q DAO Engineering where he has helped develop USDQ and KRWQ, the fully decentralized stable coins that simplify Bitcoin collateralization.

Bogdan Khomenko photo

Bogdan Khomenko


Hi! My name is Dan Khomenko - the co-founder of Platinum, currently one of the largest consulting groups in Asia. So far we have served more than 500 large scale clients in the blockchain space. I am also the co-founder of the University of Blockchain and Investing (, the first institution that makes distinctive contributions to society in blockchain technologies, learning, and teaching about tokenomics and investments. is like a lion in the jungle - when he roars, everyone knows who is it and respect him. However, unlike the king of the jungle, we seek food not only for ourselves but first of all for our clients. Cryptocurrency industry can also be compared to nature because everyone tries to eat you and in order to survive, you have to show your teeth. Our team will help you to become the best of the best. We have already helped hundreds of projects to reach more investors and get people interested in the project.

Daria Volkova photo

Daria Volkova

Project Manager

Project Manage of Q DAO project

Jitendra Rathod  photo

Jitendra Rathod

Marketing manager

Working as a Marketing Manager at Platinum Q DAO Engineering, Jitendra collaborates within the huge team to develop hi-end solutions, including the full-cycle business models for crypto projects. Soon there will be even more fully backed stable coins: JPYQ, KRWQ, SGDQ, HKDQ, CNYQ, RUBQ under Q DAO ecosystem. He is amazed by how easy it is to use USDQ in order to obtain a Bitcoin-collateralized loan. In this article, he talks in-depth about the ways USDQ makes finance easier for anybody anywhere anytime.


Slava Mikhalkin photo

Slava Mikhalkin

Team Leader

Serving as a Team leader at PLATINUM ENGINEERING, Slava has helped deploy dozens of DLT-based success stories. Leveraging more than 15 years developer track record, he empowers USDQ with high-usability UI and robust back-end. Smart contracts are being developed quickly by the team and then turned into the best practicing industry. He's certain that blockchain will disrupt finance as we know it. Him going raw on USDQ's inner working, telling it all.

Slava Zheltov photo

Slava Zheltov

Senior Security Specialist

Slava acts as a Senior Security Specialist in Platinum Q DAO Engineering. Within his team, Slava is known for impeccable track record regarding security, reliability, and audit ability in projects, which he's contributed to.

Nick Krasheninnikov  photo

Nick Krasheninnikov

Blockchain Architect

Nick Krash is a Blockchain Architect at Platinum Q DAO Engineering. Prior to his career, Nick successfully participated in a number of software development projects for major European and Asian banks. USDQ or KRWQ leverages a stack of novel technologies, among which are predictive capabilities, algorithmic stabilization, and community incentives.

Alex Adylshin  photo

Alex Adylshin

Blockchain engineer

Working together with highly experienced designers, front-end/back-end developers, auditors, and strategists, Alex is responsible for architecting reliable and scalable blockchain solutions. He always strives to gain a deep understanding of underlying business logics, so that the delivered DLT-driven systems help strengthen the overall customer's strategy, effectively integrating with other facets.

Eric Risthisen Blockchain Analyst  photo

Eric Risthisen Blockchain Analyst

Blockchain Analyst

Eric Risthisen leverages over 10 years in researching and analytics in order to deliver valuable insights and strategies for blockchain-native startups. He currently works as a Blockchain Analyst at PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING where he helps develop USDQ, a fully decentralized stablecoin that simplifies Bitcoin collateralization.
He's proficient in all things blockchain, including permission less and permission chains, cross-chain integrations, tokenization mechanics and exchange architectures. He's proud to work on the forefront of the technological curve, helping map on research techniques that will become tomorrow's industry standards and best practices.
Eric holds Bachelor of Engineering from Thailand's Assumption University, enabling him to immerse into the customer's journey in an expedient and effective manner.
Eric believes that USDQ is a high-potential disruptor, ready to expand globally, propelled by a strong suit of benefits alluring both corporate and individual users. With Q DAO ecosystem planning to launch new stablecoins - JPYQ, KRWQ, SGDQ, HKDQ, CNYQ, RUBQ - he sees enormous opportunities for hedging and margin trading in substitutes for local fiats.

Den Udot Back-end engineer  photo

Den Udot Back-end engineer

Back-end engineer

Den Udot serves as a Back-end Engineer at PLATINUM ENGINEERING. Collaborating within the broad-based team, Den develops blockchain-based solutions for startups, helping them to pioneer new technology in their niches. Den is proficient in top front-end frameworks, helping him to convert business logic into highly effective and appealing UI.

Mike Kudryashev Front-end engineer  photo

Mike Kudryashev Front-end engineer

Front-end engineer

Slowly learning more about blockchains, Mike has been effective in transforming vague ideas into effective front-end solutions with strong UI/UX. Within his team, he’s helped many crypto startups to make their voice heard throughout the emerging global crypto community. In this article, Mike looks into the key benefits that users win from using USDQ.

Ivan Borisov photo

Ivan Borisov

Blockchain Engineer

Ivan Borisov, Blockchain Engineer at Platinum Q DAO Engineering. Working together with highly experienced designers, front-end/back-end developers, auditors, and strategists, Ivan is responsible for architecting reliable and scalable blockchain solutions. He always strives to gain a deep understanding of underlying business logic, so that the delivered DLT-driven systems help strengthen the overall customer's strategy, effectively integrating with other facets.


Howard H. Kim  photo

Howard H. Kim

Blockchain evangelist

Howard H. Kim works as a Blockchain Evangelist at PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING. Working out of Singapore, he’s assisted dozens of startups in their aspirations to connect with Asia’s investment communities and strike effective relations.
Throughout the 20-year tenure as Chairman and CEO at JYC Holdings Pte Ltd, he’s excelled at nurturing IT and telecom investees, delivering lucrative RoI and effective exit strategies.

Julia Della Scala photo

Julia Della Scala

Business Development

Ms. Julia Della Scala is a talented journalist with over 20 years in writing, marketing management and business development. Active in the DLT space, she has assisted dozens of startups in their journeys to investigate and initiate successful blockchain-powered solutions, enabling to streamline processes, tokenize assets and draw contributors globally.

I-Chan Huang  photo

I-Chan Huang

Chief Strategy Officer

I-Chan Huang is a highly experienced consultant for blockchain technologies and decentralized ecosystems. He currently acts as a Chief Strategy Officer in Q DAO project. Products of the project are unique fully decentralized stablecoins (USDQ, CNYQ, JPYQ, KRWQ) backed by Bitcoin.
I-Chan has two prestigious degrees - MA of Economics, SOAS University of London, and BA of Journalism, NCCU, Taiwan. He leverages +5Y in IT, Data Science, and peacekeeping operation for United Nations, delivering effective Fintech startups and sustainable development goals (SDG) consulting.
Working closely with Platinum Engineering he is managing STO for Eliconn PTE Ltd. which has close relation with FOXCONN Group.


IEO allocation509,999 Q DAO 51.00%
Team allocation399,999 Q DAO 40.00%
Advisors and bounty program89,999 Q DAO 9.00%


May 2019The release of a standard contract with USDQ backed with bitcoin assets. Creating the simplest landing site for monitoring of collateral and released assets. Listing of the tokens on the first exchanges. The release of Q DAO token as a governance token fo
Aug 2019 Closed beta test of the loan interface. We give the first loans secured by your bitcoins in semi-automatic mode. Expansion of the list of exchanges for listing. Release of new USDQ tokens on the secondary market. Launch of JPYQ, KRWQ, CNYQ tokens. Loans
Dec 2019 The release of the first public beta. Automation of the loan process. Implementation of the voting system. The limited launch of predictor robots within the team of the project. The release of the managing token.
Feb 2020The release of the first public predictor robots. Start mining process.
Apr 2020Automation of the loan process of JPYQ, KRWQ, CNYQ tokens.
Dec 2020 Launch of our own decentralized exchange.
Dec 2021Creating our own blockchain and migrating the entire system to it.

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Q DAO is a platform where users can collateralize Bitcoin (which means lock up Bitcoin in a smart contract) and generate a stablecoin (it’s an ERC-20 token). Currently, the platform enables the generation of two stablecoins - USDQ (pegged to US dollar) and KRWQ (pegged to Korean Won). Stablecoins are safe, can be sent as easily as any other ERC-20 token. Only email is needed for the generation of stablecoins.

1. Extremely easy to use
If you just want to buy a stablecoin (which means that USDQ token equals 1 USD): You just go to BTCNEXT, buy USDQ there (it's an ERC-20 token), move it to your wallet. And that's it. You have a stablecoin, which will always be equal to USD (with a deviation for a couple of cents from time to time), which is completely decentralized and safe.
If you want to "generate" USDQ and make profits from holding Q DAO the system’s internal governing token): You go to our site where you lock up your Bitcoins and generate USDQ stablecoin. There you can also buy Q DAO, an internal governing token, which floats freely and will grow in the future when our platform gets popular.
2. Full decentralization
All of the system's components are on the blockchain. That's why, we, as the team behind the project can't do anything funny here. It's all completely transparent and trustworthy.
What this means:
a) transparent - you can go to the blockchain tracker and see the dates, amounts as well as types of transactions

b) immutable - nobody can change anything on the blockchain. It's just like Bitcoin - nobody can play with your finances

c) fast - all operations are based on the Bitcoin chain, so they are done almost as fast the transactions on the Bitcoin chain

d) open to anybody - you're a housewife in Havana, saving for your grandson's birthday party??? - use it, you’re our gal! You're Melania Trump, and you don't want to lose the bag with millions of dollars, again…??? - use us, you are one of us! It's as anonymous as any other ERC-20 token out there.

3. Safety
We all know that Tether can fall at any time. USDQ is extremely safe because it's "over-collateralized" and lives completely on the blockchain. So what? Well, is Bitcoin safe? We are Bitcoin 2.0.

Since all system’s components live on the blockchain, we don't need to deal with any "legacy" financial institutions, like banks, lawyers, accountants, auditors. It's a new economy, it's cryptonomy.
Those “fat cats” can't just come and say to us - "stop working, now!!!". It's a blockchain. It's based on Bitcoin’s blockchain. We are unstoppable. Can you stop Bitcoin? You can’t. And we are Bitcoin 2.0.

4. Over-collateralization
This means that users lock up some Bitcoins in our smart contracts (which we can't access), then they get the amount in USDQ which is smaller than the Bitcoins they locked up (if you “collateralize” Bitcoins for 100 USD, you’ll get USDQ for around 60 USD. But, if Bitcoin goes down a lot and very fast, the OVER-collateralization helps because our system doesn't crash at all. If you want out, you pay a small fee and you get your collateral back (100% of it).

We are using lots of solutions from Maker DAO, but we are smarter than them because we leverage neural networks.

5. Easy to withdraw your collateral
If you want to get your collateral back, you pay a small servicing fee and get it back!

6. Neural networks
We use neural networks (AI) in order to predict price changes, which makes us more protected and nimble than MakerDAO. MakerDAO is your grandmother's stablecoin, we are the Lamborghini stablecoin. Everybody talks about us, just Google us.

Where did your team members meet originally?
Platinum is a company with huge energy and potential. Our offices are located worldwide, mainly in Europe and Asia. We have decentralized and very professional team of hard working and passionate people.

Where to Buy and Trade StableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering

These are the crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade StableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering, ordered by exchange popularity. You should try the ones on the top first, but also look out for the "Recommended" badge as those are reliable exchanges that we have partnered with and are comfortable recommending them to our users.
Exchange CSRank
To invest in a token offering, visit the project's website (link above)

1. Live token offerings

Name Started Ends
StableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering IEO01 Jul 201901 Mar 2020

2. Upcoming token offerings

No upcoming token offerings

3. Past token offerings

Name Started Ended
StableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering01 Oct 201901 Oct 2019
StableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering has a TrustScore of D
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