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Rateonium RTC

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Ratonium: Meet the most innovative Rating Platform

A blockchain-based, anonymised customer-company review system operated via the Rateonium platform. Rateonium is using blockchain technology to create new horizons for the management of customer-company relationships. The platform connects products and services purchased with a subsequent customer review process.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolRTC
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply801,703,971
  • Primary SectorData Analytics
  • JurisdictionMacedonia
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Marko Krusnetsevic photo

Marko Krusnetsevic

CEO & Founder

Our founder Marko is the head behind, over and inside Rateonium. As a blockchain visionary he always sees the big picture. His long-year experience as a CEO and as a Marketing Vice President has given him enough experience for providing leadership for the development of global strategic marketing plans, as well as partnering with high-level officers to grow the company, strengthen and ensure its sustainability.
Supported by different investors and strategic business partners, he was able to found Rateonium in 2016 and now two years later, we are going to be the first global trading platform worldwide who have found a way to make the Blockchain technology suitable in our everyday life.
„Rateonium means applicability.“

Kai  Cilingiroglu photo

Kai Cilingiroglu


Kai is known for his German perfectionism and accurate working approach. Over the years, in his various positions in the IT industry as well as thanks to his self-acquired technical and expert knowledge, Kai has gained a broad overview and insight in various divisions of his industry. His highly advanced analytical skills, in addition to his leadership as well as management skills have made him a reputable asset for his clients and customers. As the CTO of Rateonium aligning with our core principles of trust and security, Kai is going to provide the highest data protection for you as our customers and clients. Now it is in his responsibilities to develop the company‘s strategy with the management board for using our technological resources in the most efficient, profitable and secure way possible.
„Rateonium means security.“

Ashwin Ranganath photo

Ashwin Ranganath

Head of the App development

Ash is next to Kai our other perfectionist we have in our team. As Head of App Development, he has learned to create the perfect combination between user interface and the functionality for participating companies. Inspired by Rateonium’s mission, he is creating the world’s most innovative mobile application for rating services and products; thus, giving every person on this planet the experience they deserve.
„Rateonium means community.”

Francisco Fernandez photo

Francisco Fernandez

Head of Marketing

Francisco is our Head of Marketing. He has already worked for several financial and IT-companies around the whole world gaining various marketing skills from many different industries.
In his role as Head of Marketing Francisco develops and owns the brand marketing communication strategy. His overall goal is to drive awareness and affinity for our global gamechanger, as well as clear recognition and appreciation of our core values. Customers are the heart of a company and according to that, it is his vision to build up a customer orientated community.
„Rateonium means trust.”

Christoph Steinberger photo

Christoph Steinberger

Law & Tax Consultant

Chris graduated from a renowned Law University in Munich, Germany. He is specialized in European business law and international tax. In our team Chris is responsible for the adaptation and implementation of the international tax law as well as for the legal communication with our clients and partners. He is our Legal Department – The perfect one man show we can have.
„Rateonium means competence.”

Alma Garcia Fernandez photo

Alma Garcia Fernandez

Head of Communication

Alma has worked on four continents and in more than 15 countries. With her worldwide business experience, she perfectly fits in our international network and magnificently represents the Rateonium vision.
„Rateonium means communication.”

Ana Lukovic photo

Ana Lukovic

Communication Assistant

Ana is part of our communication team. Her love for the blockchain technology combined with her creative mind, makes her an essential asset. When it comes to understanding the needs of our community, she is the right person.
„Rateonium means equality.”

Angela Carrascal photo

Angela Carrascal

Sales Manager

Angela is the ultimate Sales woman. Speaking the Spanish, French and English language fluently, she is perfect for our international customer communication and business development. She works in our office in Vancouver and takes care of our North American and South American partner companies.
„Rateonium means customer loyalty.”

Kumar Swamy photo

Kumar Swamy

Content Manager

Kumar is an experienced Managing Director in the field of team leading and the realization of technical solutions. As our content Manager he is building the interface between the Marketing and the technical Department.
„Rateonium means quality.”

Mila Pavkovic photo

Mila Pavkovic

Managing Assistant

Mila's business experience in management comes from her impressive career. She is the wonder woman in our office in Skopje, Macedonia. Always on time, well prepared and highly motivated – That is our Mila.
„Rateonium means efficiency.”

Oklah Salman photo

Oklah Salman

Head of Sales

Effectively managing the sales affairs in its best functionality status at all times, Oklah Salman is bestowed upon the title of Head of Sales at Rateonium. He ensures the company policy, provides stakeholders a first-class service and is leading the global partner acquiration especially in the Middle-East and Western Europe. Our senior professional of royal Syrian blood, with his widespread sales management skills, is always providing exceptional results and is breaking new milestones consistently.
„Rateonium means integrity.”

Toufik Aldraousha photo

Toufik Aldraousha

Financial Analyst

Toufik is a walking pocket calculator. When it comes to strategic financial planning, he is the guy to call. From our office in Hamburg, Germany, he instructs our financial management. His advanced skillset in BI-Tools create new heights in a global financial department, than ever seen before. Fully automated and digitalized, he is responsible for forecasting, budget planning and reviewing our economic management – Thus providing a world-class service.
„Rateonium means economic.”

Spencer Loyd photo

Spencer Loyd

Marketing Manager

Spencer is our crypto marketing genius. He is specialized in marketing software and crowdfunding projects. In our team he is responsible for the communication with our community through social media and collaborating with ICO listings and rating platforms. If you follow us on social media, you will definitely get in touch with him!
„Rateonium means sincerity.”


Dorian  Dukic photo

Dorian Dukic

Blockchain Developer

Dorian is a typical developer since day one. He has fallen in love with the blockchain technology. Fun Fact: It was him who wrote the first codes for the Rateonium system. Now he is the Project Leader for our developer team in Bangalore, India.
„Rateonium means blockchain technology.”

Rajesh N.r. photo

Rajesh N.r.

Software Engineer

Rajesh is an experienced software engineer who works in our company since more than two years. He is a blockchain fanatic and with his core competences in data management and resource allocation for software creation and app development he is our other engineering colleague responsible for the modification of our existing Rateonium system.
„Rateonium means engineering.”

Sachin  Raj photo

Sachin Raj

Software Engineer

Sachin is a software engineer with outstanding web developing skills. He mainly works on our backend development of the Rateonium app and its executive functions. Programming well-designed, testable, efficient code is his speciality that he shares with our other software engineer colleague.
„Rateonium means future.”

Pavan Kumar photo

Pavan Kumar

App developer

Pavan is an absolute expert in creating a perfect server architecture and in implementing products in different software programs. He is highly experienced in the application of objective-C for demanding iOS or Android mobile apps.
„Rateonium means structure.”


Djevad Lakota photo

Djevad Lakota

Investor & Co-Founder

Djevad believes in the financial application of the blockchain technology and furthermore he is truly convinced to achieve something big with our team.
Well known as a successful Business angel in Macedonia, Djevad provides key analyses of strategic concepts as well as financial assumptions along with feasible recommendations for our company’s management board and is the main investor and shareholder of the first blockchain based rating platform.
„Rateonium means authenticity.”

René van Pelt photo

René van Pelt

Advisor for Blockchain Market

René has been active in tech, marketing, and business development roles throughout the blockchain industry since early 2011. He got his start as a professional software developer at a Payment Service Provider (PSP) by the name of Qantani, the first licensed PSP that processed Bitcoin payments. Later, Rene co-founded Panache, a software development company in The Netherlands, specializing in blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. Currently, Rene works as an official advisors to several cryptocurrency projects including Rateonium and is co-owner and CEO of

Maciej Wapiński photo

Maciej Wapiński

Advisor for Community Building

Maciej is a well known influencer in the European crypto community. With his long-standing experience in the blockchain market and in social media he knows exactly how to build up a strong relationship with our users. He combines entrepreneurial spirit with community building skills and provides deep market insights. Furthermore he is well interconnected in the crypto scene and advises our social marketing activities.
"Rateonium means progress"


None specified


Q1 2016 Rateonium Ltd founded in Macedonia
Q2 2016 Strategic planning; Elaboration of the system specification sheet
Q3 2016 Team Recruitment and talent search; Search for partners and investors
Q4 2016 Developments of the Rateonium system; First sales acquisition of European partner companies
Q1 2017 Meetings with investors; Furhter sales acquisition of European partner companies; Implementation of the Legal & Financial Department
Q2 2017 Legal preparation; Partner network construction
Q3 2017 Further developments of the system specification sheet; Implementation of IT Department and Sales Department
Q4 2017 Opening German branch in Hamburg; Conception of token sale process
Q1 2018 Completion of partner network basis; App development and system preparation; Launching branches in Vancouver and London
Q2 2018 Expansion of the IT Department and CTO announcement; Opening Indian branch in Bangalore; ICO Website development; RTC Token creation; Implementation of the Marketing Department
Q3 2018 RTC Token Pre Sale & Token Sale; Cooperation with ICO Rating & Listing Platforms; Implementation and evaluation of project advisors
Oct 2018 Implementation of App & system; Final system developments; Completion of the community basis
Nov 2018 Publication of Rateonium Cards for ICO participants; Market expansion in Europe; Further expansion of our partner network
Dec 2018 Special exchange open for ICO participants (RTC to RTO); Rateonium App available in istore and playstore; Preparation for the Asian and American market; Anual financial statement conference of investors and the Management Board; Publishing of the annual
Q1 2019 RTC exchange enabled on the four largest trading platforms; Full launch of the Rateonium system; Sales acquisition of Asian and American partner companies
Q2 2019 Market expansion in Asia and America; Further community growth worldwide; Building of branches in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Tokio
Q3 2019 Expansion of the Financial Department; Negotiation with leading venture capital investors; Performance of IPO roadshow
Q4 2019 Initial Public Offering of Rateonium; Share- & Stakeholder conference in New York

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Taking a look at our company’s history and the hardships we had to overcome, we have to start right at the beginning of Rateonium. Nothing would have been possible without the needed capital to get things going. So Marko had to convince Djevad and other small investors to believe in our business concept and the vision itself. The next big step was to start the first cooperation and get companies to register in our partner program. This time period was a harsh time and a lot of pitches had to performed before the partner basis was built. In this phase a lot was learned about our target group and their needs when it comes to customer relationship management and customer communication. The last big step we had to master was the time before our website went online. Our CTO Kai (to be honest) is a huge security fanatic, so he wanted to make sure that the website will be 200% hacker safe. Well now we are online, hacker safe, and highly motivated for the next weeks and our upcoming Pre-Sale. This will be the first real market test, and we are anxious to see how the crypto community thinks about Rateonium. So you asked why we are going to succeed. First of all it has its source from the believe in the blockchain technology and its application in daily life. We have the opinion that anonymised data transmission must be used as soon as individual users should be protected in terms of their personal information. Secondly we have seen how fake reviews can lead to marketing distortion and benefit companies who do not provide a good service but have the resources to buy customer ratings. In summary, we want to change things out there, because we think that customer information have to be protected. Furthermore, the business world should become more transparent and consumers need to be entitled to have access to unadulterated product and service information. This system can perfectly be combined with our untraceable Token, RTO, because it enables companies to reward customers after providing useful information about their product and service experience. And that is what Rateonium means. Combining a rating system with a cryptocurrency - all based on Blockchain technology.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Speaking of the team, who we actually are and how we all came together? Rateonium stands for community and community means diversity. That statement is fulfilled. In our team we are representing more than five nationalities which can sometimes lead to funny team events. Each team member plays an important role in the cooperate culture and was chosen wisely regarding their character, spirit and capabilities. If you want to build up a successful business and become a global player, the team plays the most important role. Even with a smart and unique concept it is essential that every part works effectively together like a Swiss clockwork. Everyone of our team has his own story and has gained the needed expertise to be a part of Rateonium. We want to change the way customers and companies are interacting with each other. We have been called insane and boisterous, but still, we have come so far and taking a look at our roadmap, there is still much to attain.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
Without facing weaknesses and solving problems on a daily basis we probably would not have come so far. First of all it would be a big backlash if our sale period does not proceeds as presumed. That would cause a reduction of the capital for our strategy in marketing, sales and development. So basically we can compare the next week as a market testing. If the blockchain community falls in love with our mission, we can surely achieve our milestones as mentioned in the Whitepaper. We have all seen in the market of cryptos in the last years, many ups and downs. Nevertheless we are certain that we are in the right time and place to undertake this huge project. When launching an ICO, your success is always somehow connected with the behaviour of the market. Furthermore, our financial calculation is based on a stable ETH price, and we hope that we will not see any bears in upcoming charts, that would result in a replanning of our financial structure. Also, it is important to face the risks of regulation which every blockchain project has to deal with. If RTC and RTO are not desired from the government for example in countries like China, we are not able to build up any partner relations and user networks in the affected countries. Therefore, some markets will not be accessible for us.Talking about the economic ecosystem in the world of ratings to be honest we are not worried at all. The last years have shown that consumers constantly are demanding an increase of the business transparency. We have seen that for example in the movement towards economical, social and environmental sustainability where even the big players are forced to change their strategic management. Therefore Rateonium is moving forward together with that global movement. Real and verified costumer reviews already play an important role and their relevance is even rising while we are speaking.
Rateonium has a TrustScore of C
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