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Nanospectral NASP

Nanospectral has a TrustScore of D

World’s First Ecosystem and Decentralized Platform for Spectrometry Applications

Our revolutionary blockchain based platform is designed to create an own blockchain ecosystem representing a radically new scientific and commercial platform for fast characterization and functionality understanding in life sciences, biotechnology, health care, food science and technology. NanoSpectral is targeting a breakthrough by developing a radically new scientific and commercial platform involving nanotechnology, optics and blockchain technology. The involved own NASP Coin will be offered on ICO basis and will serve later the platform as currency for the provided services. More details on
  • Project TypeBlockchain
  • AlgorithmQuark
  • SymbolNASP
  • Circulating Supply10,000,000
  • Total Supply10,000,000
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorData Analytics
  • JurisdictionBulgaria
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Boris Vratzov photo

Boris Vratzov

CEO, Founder

Nanotechnology and Blockchain

Snejana Iordanova photo

Snejana Iordanova

CTO, Snejana Iordanova

Physics and Optics

Tsvetan Tsvetkov photo

Tsvetan Tsvetkov

CFO, Co-Founder


Iskra Lozanska-Kostova photo

Iskra Lozanska-Kostova


Design, Advertisement and PR

Dimitar Kostov photo

Dimitar Kostov

CFO, Co-Founder

IT, Blockchain technology


Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova photo

Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova


Kobe University, Shindai, Aquaphotomics

Prof. Albert Krastanov photo

Prof. Albert Krastanov


University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv


Locked for future platform users5,000,000 NASP50.00%
Reserved for Further Development3,400,000 NASP34.00%
NASP Coins for ICO1,500,000 NASP15.00%
Advertisement and Bounties100,000 NASP1.00%


Jan 2020Technology Development I
Apr 2020Technology Development II Prototyping

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
NanoSpectral is targeting a breakthrough by developing a radically new scientific and commercial platform for fast measurements and functionality understanding in biotechnology and food science and technology.
We will open a new area in biological sciences and engineering by exploring and describing biological systems through a nondestructive monitoring of their interaction with near-infrared light (NIR), considering not only direct light interactions with specific compounds (current state-of-the-art methods), but also with their surrounding water, which is present in each biological system (unique for this approach).
Next to the platform applying next generation nanotechnologies we are developing a unique handheld photonic integrated Spectrometer that will be with the targeted resolution and precision the first of its kind and provide the necessary tool for qualitative and quantitative advanced characterisation of wide range of biological systems.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Our team members are experts on different fields involving nanotechnology, optics, computer science, software development and blockchain technology as well as on advertising and promotion. They are highly interdisciplinary and go beyond. current mainstream collaboration. In the past years they could successfully develop several projects.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
There are risks, but also proposed mitigation measures:
- Low accuracy of reference methods when developing spectral models. Mitigation: Using other methods until obtaining consistency.
- Low accuracy, models reproducibility failure. Mitigation: Increasing the spectral data base with new samples spectra acquired under various environment.
- Influence of environmental factors when developing water based spectral biomarkers. Mitigation: Developing and applying additional methods for multivariate analysis and adjustments. Increase data base
- At Nanotechnology the fabrication of ultra-low-loss optical wave guides. Mitigation: Application of different substrates and advanced polishing and smoothing techniques.
- Commercialization of the platform. Mitigation: Increased PR and advertisement of the platform. Proving the words best characterization devices and corresponding services.

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Nanospectral ICO29 Oct 201925 Jan 2020
Nanospectral has a TrustScore of D
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