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MyEtherPony DKL

MyEtherPony has a TrustScore of D

A fun and rewarding digital pony pet game on blockchain

Use DKL tokens as you bid for your favourite ERC721 ponies and breed them. Earn DKL as rewards as you train your ponies and they win against real opponents. This is the first game by Dekla Ltd. More games, VR/AR products and hardware wallet for digital pets are planned for in the future.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolDKL
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply10,000,000,000
  • Primary SectorGaming & VR
  • JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
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Amir Irwan Bin Bahruddin photo

Amir Irwan Bin Bahruddin


Start up founder since 2001. He has been leading multiple product development life cycles in previous ventures. The peaks and the long troughs. Applying both his acute knowledge in technology and business to achieve the desired outcome in whatever projects he is involved in. Passionate about building products that consumers want. The originator of this project idea and heavily involved in shaping it. Enjoys building team and turning new ideas into reality. Hungry for international success and to contribute back for greater good.

Erkan Sabanovic photo

Erkan Sabanovic


A tech buff since he was a kid when he used to build his own toys. Other interests include Control Systems and IoT hardware, Artificial Intelligence and Auto Navigation for Vessels. Still considers game development as his first love and the area which brings the most joy to him. He has worked together with both Amir and Shahrul in a number of projects in the past 12 years.


Shahrul Nizam Bin Selamat photo

Shahrul Nizam Bin Selamat

Senior Fullstack Developer cum Art Director

A rare breed that can code and create great artwork. He brings this unique combination to the team at MyEtherPony.

Sinh Xuan Ha photo

Sinh Xuan Ha

Senior Fullstack Developer

A young energetic developer who is passionate about helping fellow young aspiring developers. He is a regular mentor to Hackathon events in Vietnam and one of the most sought after Google Android trainers in his country. His mission is to help his countrymen alleviate poverty through knowledge and skills in technology.

Luan Phan photo

Luan Phan

Senior Full Stack Developer

A very hardworking developer who enjoys coding and shipping products. His tireless effort easily rubbing off to the junior team members within the team. A humble and helpful person makes him such a joy to work with.


Kevin Koo Seng Kiat photo

Kevin Koo Seng Kiat

Legal Advisor

Kevin has been actively advising and advocating blockchain technology for the past few years. He has been advising government agencies in Asia for possible use of blockchain. He is a partner of Lex Futurus international legal firm.

Jonha Richman photo

Jonha Richman

Advisor - Marketing

Jonha Richman has over a decade of marketing and communications experience working with global innovative companies, helping them scale their global operations.
She has worked with brands such as Unilever, IKEA, Sony Pictures, etc. She has also worked with creative powerhouses such Leo Burnett, Media Contacts, and VML Qais.
She is a venture partner at JJRichman, a private investment firm investing in diversified assets around the globe including real estate, cryptocurrencies, stock market, and digital assets.
She has also been invited as a keynote speaker and mentor in Google Business Group, Startup Weekend and various conferences around the globe to speak about finance and business strategies. Some of her works have been featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Cointelegraph, Huffington Post, Fast Company, among others.

Michael Creadon photo

Michael Creadon


Michael is the CEO of 4Rev, a global crypto research blog. He brings a wealth of knowledge in capital markets to everything he does, having served for two decades as CEO of Traditum, a proprietary trading firm based in Chicago specializing in interest-rates and agricultural commodities. Michael has served on several regulatory committees and is widely quoted in the media for his market views and trading industry insights.


Sale570,000,000 DKL57.00%
Team/Advisors200,000,000 DKL20.00%
Marketing/Legal/Bounty170,000,000 DKL17.00%
Pre Sale60,000,000 DKL6.00%


Nov 2018Pony Auctions
Nov 2018Opening of Pony Ranch
Dec 2018First Competition Opens
Feb 2019Pony gift card with AR
Mar 2019Hardware wallet with AR

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
The project team comprises of individual members who have been involved in games development, web application development and smart phone application development in the past. A few of the team members have worked together for a few years before thus reducing the risk of conflicts and increase the success of this project. To complement their technical skills, the project team recognises the need to bring Marketing and PR experts to their fold to ensure the project reaches its full potential.
Where did your team members meet originally?
The team has worked together in their past projects in the last 10 years and come together believing in the vision that blockchain mass adoption will happen within games industry. there is no escape from it.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
Getting the words out in a noisy crypto/ICO world
This will be our biggest challenge in the beginning in a world that is increasingly noisy. This is why we are allocating quite sizable tokens for those who can help us letting the world know about us.
Making the game relevant for a long period of time
Keeping the game relevant for a long period of time would be a challenge. To solve this, we will introduce new mini games every so often after release to keep it fresh in the mind of the users using the existing ponies that they can compete in or simply to play with in a new fun way possible. Our token economics is also designed in manner only 10% is initially minted for MyEtherPony.
Retaining the existing users and gaining new users over time
This is why our token economics is designed the way it is, to reward users who keep coming back and rewarding them for their loyalty. Keep using our platform to trade ponies and play with their ponies. We are also planning to add other use cases using the platform either for other digital assets in the future as well as other digital commodities.
Penetrating the market and increase mass adoption
The challenge is also to make our use case as easy as possible for those who are not really familiar yet with crypto. We will strive to make it with less friction as possible just like any other non crypto games. In order words, the crypto process should not be the main thing but only as a tool to facilitate reward and payment only.

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MyEtherPony Token Sale14 Nov 201831 Mar 2019
MyEtherPony 27 Oct 201831 Mar 2019
MyEtherPony has a TrustScore of D
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