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MoneynetCoin MNC

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Users create values

MONEYNET, one of the most prominent crypto online communities in South Korea, is an incentive-based cryptocurrency community. We are providing crypto-related information for 100k+ users.We are currently in the process of our new project, applying blockchain technology into our website and developing MONEYNET website as an incentive social media platform. We are aiming to return 75% of total profits back to the content creators through the decentralization of social network
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolMNC
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply40,000,000,000
  • Primary SectorSocial Network
  • JurisdictionSingapore
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YouSik Kim photo

YouSik Kim


Executive of stock analysis service company ‘UPSTOCK’
Web solution company Samil D&I Co-CEO

YoungKook Kim photo

YoungKook Kim


Web solution company Samil D&I Founder & CEO
Worked as system engineer at Japan NEC, NTT Docomo

Andrew Noh photo

Andrew Noh

CMO & Lead designer

Marketing manager at consulting company Winnerslab Corp
Several years of experience in online marketing and SEO

So Dam Kim photo

So Dam Kim

Marketing Specialist

Experienced digital media and marketing professional with a passion for storytelling, contents marketing and communications for business. As a former Assistant Manager for Marketing at KOTRA Michigan branch, coordinated communications and negotiations for cross-border business developments. Co-author WORLD BUSINESS TRENDS 2018.

SeungYeon Bae photo

SeungYeon Bae


Expert of server security and information security Information protection specialist at ROK Airforce headquarter. Several years of experience in security control and Malware analysis. Built an automated Malware analysis system using Hypervisor

Lucas Kim photo

Lucas Kim


Market analyst/Translator at Market analysis start-up IRS Global. Extensive experience in managing communities of various ICO projects Worked as a translator and administrative specialist of USFK Logistics department

JiNa Kim photo

JiNa Kim


Style Index Online UX Design Team Leader
Dyson / Kuchen Display AD Design Manager
500M website banner and event page Design Manager

Diana Byun photo

Diana Byun


City University of Hong Kong - Bachelor of Accounting International marketing coordinator in charge of content planning and service promotion

JinSung Park photo

JinSung Park


In charge of MONEYNET community management and marketing based on a marketing experience at advertising agent 'Wellmade'. Successfully managed a viral marketing for big IT companies such as AMD.

DaHyeon Lee photo

DaHyeon Lee


Former content creator at fashion social media 'Camscon'. Former viral marketing manager at digital music distribution company 'Bugs' Currently in charge of SNS account management and content planning as MONEYNET content manager

Leo Jo photo

Leo Jo

Global Marketing Manager

UK University of St Andrews - Bachelor of Economics Worked as a translator/coordinator for 2 years at United States Forces Korea Command International marketing coordinator in charge of contents planning and community management


YoungHoon Ha photo

YoungHoon Ha

Core developer

Software developer with Many years of experience in web and mobile(app) programming using Java, Java-script, Ext-JS and JQuery etc. Has several years of experience in stock business and engaged in Bithumb chart development project. Published two programming books and lecturer of Java, Java-script and Hybrid App programming.

SooHyun Park photo

SooHyun Park

Mobile App developer

Former system engineer at Fujitsu
Many years of experience in development using various languages such as Java, Objective-C, Swift and etc. Developed iOS App Calorie counting App, ranked Top1 in Japanese Appstore


Almir Salimov photo

Almir Salimov


CEO and founder of OnTheList - an exclusive social network for successful people. Formerly Virtual Skolkovo Program Director at Skolkovo Foundation and Management Consultant with Booz&Co. INSEAD MBA, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ismail Malik photo

Ismail Malik


Ismail is the founder of Blockchain Lab and the publisher of ICO Crowd magazine. He is one of the first enthusiasts of Blockchain in London and has been working in the industry since early 2013.

Mikhail Skobenko photo

Mikhail Skobenko


He is a board member of serveral state enterprises and also an ex-member of the Council for Science and Technology of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Mr. Skobenko has extensive experience in business development, bailout strategies and startups. He founded a few companies and set up a federal non-propit young scientist organization RASSE.

Evgeniy Pan photo

Evgeniy Pan


Has many years of corporate experience in banking and management consulting where his reponsibilities were covering corporate strategy, M&A, investments and business development. He has strong experience within IT, Media and ecommerce industries where he was involved as principal investor and corporate executive working with portfolio companies on business strategies and M&A transactions.

SunGi Bae photo

SunGi Bae


Served as Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy Resource Policy Office / Former President of Korea Productivity Center / Former President of KOMIPO

YouJin Jang photo

YouJin Jang


An attorney specialized for ICO Provided contract and legal advice for various blockchain projects and ICOs. (eg. establishment of crypto exchanges)


Ecosystem Activation20,400,000,000 MNC51.00%
Crowdsale6,000,000,000 MNC15.00%
Team4,000,000,000 MNC10.00%
Reserve3,600,000,000 MNC9.00%
Investors2,400,000,000 MNC6.00%
Advisors2,000,000,000 MNC5.00%
Bounty1,600,000,000 MNC4.00%


May 2017Crypto Community MONEYNET launch (
Mar 2018Book publication & book concert for beginners
Jun 2018MNCY PTE.LTD. established
Jul 2018Partnership with Waltonchain, Blockchain Lab, BlockForce.Network
Aug 2018Token Sale START
Oct 2018Token distribution / Listing on exchanges
Dec 2018WTC Protocol Development / MONEYNET platform development / Mobile app renewal
Feb 2019Beta-version release / Listing on major exchanges
Apr 2019Official version release / Data migration /Token swap for existing members

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
MONEYNET is an incentive based cryptocurrency community where members can share investment information and acquire a reward. Members can freely share information such as cryptocurrency chart analysis, Altcoin buy/sell target price, promising ICO recommendations and get a reward as other members who think the information is valuable. Unlike other communities where members cannot get rewarded for sharing information, MONEYNET has a distinct feature that gives users an opportunity to receive a monetary reward (cryptocurrency) depending on how many other members like the information.

Namely, MONEYNET is a community website that
1) Integrates all cryptocurrency investment information distributed through Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Trading View and etc.
2) Is similar to Steemit but has a more systematic and improved rewarding system.

We are providing crypto-related information for 100k+ users and our monthly active users are around 850,000.
We are currently in the process of our new project, applying blockchain technology into our website and developing MONEYNET website as an incentive social media platform. We have noticed that in the current social media platforms, only 20% of the total profits are back to the content creators, which generates the unequal distribution of values created.
To solve this problem, we are aiming to return 75% of total profits back to the content creators through the decentralization of social network. Content creators will receive the most of donations from users.
In addition, we will be launching MONEYNET’s own token named MNC on this August. Users can receive MoneynetCoin(MNC) as a reward for sharing valuable information. The amount of MoneynetCoin(MNC) to which users have access will depend either on other user’s likes or MNC, bought directly from crypto exchanges. Users may also freely transfer tokens to other members in the community. With MNC, we are planning to provide MNC PAY service to enable AD platform, ICO rating service, and various contents.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Most of our team members reside in South Korea, some members are spread throughout the world. We were all brought together with one purpose: to make a cryptocurrency platform that can return a monetary reward to users.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
The risks are market acceptance, competition, perception, awareness and technological development delays.

Market Acceptance - Currently, many regulators tends to take more positive stance on cryptocurrency/blockchain. However, banks, brokerages and financial industry try to emphasize negative aspects of cryptocurrency/blockchain and resist to adopt crypto/blockchain related technologies.

Competitors - There is no competitor at the moment. However, there is a possibility that new platforms with the similar concept may emerge in future. Since we are the first incentive-based platform in South Korea, we anticipate to take a leading position in the market.

Where to Buy and Trade MoneynetCoin

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Exchange CSRank
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Moneynet ICO19 Aug 201812 Oct 2018
MoneynetCoin has a TrustScore of A
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