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MOBU has a TrustScore of D

The Future of Security Tokens

The Security Token Issuance Protocol and Licenced Security Token Exchange. MOBU is now a security token and no longer a utility token. 
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolMOBU
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply350,000,000
  • Primary SectorCompliance & Security
  • JurisdictionSouth Africa
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Juan Engelbrecht photo

Juan Engelbrecht

Founder & CEO

Juan obtained a B.Comm. Chartered Accounting degree at the North West University, South Africa and an Honours B.Comm.Cost and Management Accounting degree obtained at the University of South Africa (Unisa). The last-mentioned qualification is on par with the Chartered Institution of Management Accountants (CIMA) managerial level. Juan completed his RPE’s and wrote the Stockbroker SAIS examinations enabling him to trade directly on the JSE and providing financial advice on the stock market. During his audit articles at BDO, the 5th largest audit firm in the world, he gained valuable experience in financial and investment management of several leading SouthAfrican companies.

Paul Pelser photo

Paul Pelser

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Paul was one of the team members of Zabercoin ICO in 2017 where he gained invaluable knowledge, experience and lessons on how to successfully raise money on the blockchain. After obtaining a B. Compt degree at the University of South Africa in 2000, Paul was appointed as Internal Auditor at Sasol. Sasol was established in 1950 in South Africa and since then developed into an international integrated chemicals and energy company that leverages technologies and the expertise of their work force of more than 30,000 in 33 countries. Paul produces a range of high-value product stream, including liquid fuels, chemicals, and low-carbon electricity. In 2006, Paul obtained a B. Compt (Honnours) degree at the University of South Africa (Unisa). In 2011, he passed the CA (SA) Board examinations to qualify as Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor.

Brian Golding photo

Brian Golding


Brian was one of the team members of Zabercoin ICO in 2017 where he gained invaluable knowledge, experience and lessons on how to successfully raise money on the blockchain. Brian is the CEO, Managing Partner & Controlling Stockbroker of Golding, Torr & De Decker (Pty) Ltd. He is a Financial Markets professional, with over 30-years’ experience over a broad range of the South African investment markets. Brian is also a member of the S.A. Institute of Stockbrokers with an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets.
In addition to the fact that Brian trades in his personal capacity in his own portfolio, he also fulfils the critical role as manager of a JSE member firm where securities are traded in markets like equity securities, derivatives and fixed-income securities.

Frikkie van Biljon photo

Frikkie van Biljon


Frikkie was one of the team members of Zabercoin ICO in 2017 where he gained invaluable knowledge, experience and lessons on how to successfully raise money on the blockchain. Frikkie started coding at the early age of 11 where he discovered Qbasic on his home computer.  Ever since he was driven to “beat” the computer with programming exercises. After school he obtained a BSc. Degree in Information Technology (IT) at the North-West University, South Africa. Frikkie received numerous awards during his student years for website designs. IT remains his passion. In 2004 Frikkie started a web development career. Since then he has been working actively as a web developer and soon worked his way up towards a System Architect and Senior Lead Developer. During these years, he acquired several prizes for his excellent web development capabilities.

Ettiene Pretorius photo

Ettiene Pretorius

Business Development

Ettiene was one of the team members of Zabercoin ICO in 2017 where he gained invaluable knowledge, experience and lessons on how to successfully raise money on the blockchain. Etienne obtained a bachelor’s degree at the North West University and recently completed his master’s degree in Real Estate Development. He received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by ABSA in 2003 for a property development he successfully managed during his studies at the North West University.
Founder and Director of South African Capital Partnering, Etienne is focused on setting a trend by influencing the future of South African real estate entrepreneurs. He invites others to join the experience by taking part in their investment opportunities, signature developments, dynamic construction, and sales team when they network to act as game-changers for optimal synergy.

David Drake photo

David Drake

Chairman At LDJ Capital

LDJ Capital and more specifically David and his family act as GPs and investors in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds, seed funds, debt funds and hedge funds. David’s investments and private equity advisory at LDJ Capital currently has 50+ global directors and family office partners maintaining relations with institutions and family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets. David and his family office manages and co-invests alternative assets with the top 30 out of his investments in The Soho Loft Media Group that has a 5000-family office and institutional investor reach. These top 30 have aggregate asset under management of $1.5 trillion with 40% from Asia, 30% from Europe and 30% from the Middle East.

Braam Kruger photo

Braam Kruger

PR & Marketing

Braam was one of the team members of Zabercoin ICO in 2017 where he gained invaluable knowledge, experience and lessons on how to successfully raise money on the blockchain. Braam is regarded as one the pioneers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in South Africa.
Braam is a businessman with many years of experience. He owned and managed many large corporations and companies over a period of 25 years. During these years of business ownership and management he gained invaluable experience in both local and international business ventures.

June Engelbrecht photo

June Engelbrecht

Business Analyst (MBA)

June was one of the team members of Zabercoin ICO in 2017 where she gained invaluable knowledge, experience and lessons on how to successfully raise money on the blockchain. June obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. She also completed a Master’s degree in Business (MBA) which included subjects like business research, strategic management, financial management, investment management and international marketing. Some other relevant courses completed by her included data analysis, business research, financial advice, entrepreneurship and advanced MS Word and Excel. June has vast experience in the fields of business and education management. As business director and manager, she was responsible for functions such as general management marketing, finance, administration, sales, leadership, HR and PR. 

Paresh Masani photo

Paresh Masani

Blockchain & Security Engineer

Paresh is a Gold Medalist and obtained a Masters’ Degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious universities in India, National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Previously he was an Executive Director of top investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Barclays Bank. Paresh is an expert in running ICO end-to-end contributing in blockchain architecture, vision & strategy, and overall platform infrastructure, content writing, marketing, and developing community through airdrop and bounty campaigns.

He demonstrates the solid understanding of FinTech business and technology and has a proven track record of running successful businesses. He specialises in technology and has more than 10 years’ experience as technical lead and full-stack developer for some of the critical banking and finance projects. Paresh is also an expert in security, cryptography, blockchain technology, and end-to-end system development.


Manan Jobanputra photo

Manan Jobanputra

Senior Blockchain Developer

Manan is the CEO of Netispy Solutions, a company that was established out of the desire to deliver quality standards and consistency in Web Design, Web Development, Android Development, iPhone Development. A strong foothold of innovative ideas, seasoned skills and ability to deliver a product with utmost perfection is what drives Manan vociferously in the global market. Manan has excellent technical skills, many years of working experience in innovative strategies to improve and upgrade any business.

Roman Golovay photo

Roman Golovay

Blockchain Developer

Roman obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Programming at the National Aviation University, a university located in Kiev, Ukraine.
Currently Roman is a Blockchain Developer at ARAW, a decentralised payment for e-commerce ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain. As Blockchain Developer at ARAW, Roman has the mission to provide end-to-end solutions for the e-commerce marketplace, touch & pay cryptocurrency card, online cryptocurrency payment and unified reward system on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, Roman gained good knowledge and experience as Solidity Developer at Edenlab LLC and BU DevStudio that are both located in the Ukraine.


Petri van Zyl photo

Petri van Zyl

Legal Advisor

Petri obtained a Bachelor of Accounting and Law (Bacc) degree at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. He is an experienced legal professional with several years of experience which includes being an admitted attorney in South Africa and solicitor in England and Wales. Apart from his experience as attorney and solicitor Petri also has a strong knowledge of corporate and business law. Petri is skilled in negotiating and drafting various business agreements and managing company investments across various jurisdictions. A key attribute of Petri is the ability to manage people in the workplace, adhere to timelines and executing deals.

Izak Viljoen photo

Izak Viljoen

Legal Advisor

Izak obtained the B.Comm. Law and L.L.B. Law degrees at the North West University in South Africa. At a young age he already demonstrated leadership qualities when he was elected as primaries of Hombre, one of the student hostels of the university. Izak also obtained a Certificate of Competence, Prospecting and Mining for better placement for his career path in law.
In 2010 his law career commenced when he was appointed as clerk at Pretorius Le Roux Attorneys in Pretoria, South Africa. He mainly specialised in the fields of Liquidations and Sequestrations, Sectional titles and Family Law. As Professional Assistant at Hardam & Associates Inc. he also gained invaluable experience in General Litigation, Insurance claims, Fraudulent claims and Commercial Litigation.
In 2012 Izak was appointed as Legal Professional at AfriSam where he further gained first-hand experience in Mining Law, Litigation, Property Compliance and Drafting of Contracts.

Bobir Akilhanov photo

Bobir Akilhanov

CEO At The Real Start

Bobir showed keen interest in business from a very early age. For example, he raised $1million at the age of 20 and created a website similar to Facebook in Australia. In 2006 he received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Anthill Magazine from Australia. Bobir was one of the founders of a website similar to Groupon in Russia. He managed to increase the number of subscribers to 8 million in less than a year. He created a website similar to Airbnb in Russia which soon expanded to a company comprising of 80 people. The website was short lived due to government intervention in terms of short term rental law amendments.  
Bobir is one of the partners of which was ranked by Forbes as the number 1 upcoming business in Russia. Currently Bobir acts as a business consultant and works closely with Lasik, APT Systems, Museum of Modern Art and Peter Neilsen.

James A. Butler, PhD photo

James A. Butler, PhD

Crypto & ICO Community Expert

James was previously a Machine Learning researcher at UC Berkeley and the University of Oxford. He co-founded Sharpe Capital in early 2016, a blockchain-driven market intelligence platform and proprietary investment fund. Through LunaLabs, James advises the world’s best decentralised businesses.

Ronen Sartena photo

Ronen Sartena

Director of Business Development At The Real Start

Ronen is responsible for all lead generation, sales pipe management, proposal documentation, new business closures and public relations, especially with existing stakeholders of the company. He managed to implement unique processes to generate a multi-million-dollar pipeline of prospective clients. Ronen’s past experience includes being the founder of Bar Guru, an application similar to Groupon with its main focus offering specials and events at bars. This company developed into 20 full time clients and a six-figure revenue within 4 months only.
Prior to Bar Guru, Ronen was a Sales Consultant at Meltwater. There he was awarded as one of the top 10 sellers out of 600 salespeople over the globe, selling $550k in one year only which represented 130?ove his target. During that time, he managed to establish new business relationships with over 50 organizations across North America.

Dmitrii Sunka photo

Dmitrii Sunka

Business Development Manager At GateON

Dmitrii obtained a Master’s degree in International Economic Law at the Kyiv National Economic University in the Ukraine in 2016. He also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the Nizhyn State Gogol Pedagogical University in 2011. Dmitrii can read, write and speak English, Russian and Ukrainian.
At present Dmitrii is appointed as Business Development Manager at GateON in the Kiev Region, Ukraine. Dmitrii’s specialisation and expertise include the following areas:
?Cryptocurrency development
?Blockchain technology development
?Web development
?Android/IOS app development
?Windows app development
?Web design
?2D and 3D modelling
Additional development and technical support

Phillip Nunn photo

Phillip Nunn

Cryptocurrency Evangelist

Phillip Nunn founded The Blackmore Group in 2013. Today it’s grown into a business with substantial assets under management and a suite of investment products across multiple classes for individuals and institutions in the UK and overseas.
With more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, Phillip specialises in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology. He founded The Blackmore Group on the core belief of giving clients real and tangible alternatives to poor investment performance and providing “future proof” investment strategies.
Phillip has become a well-known, online influencer in the blockchain and crypto space and has travelled the world evangelising and talking on these subjects.

Ali Ömer Horzum photo

Ali Ömer Horzum

CEO at TokenSuite.Io TokenDrops.Com BountySuite.Com

Omer has been a crypto enthusiast since 2013. He is one of the oldest active members of Bitcointalk. Omer was instrumental to the establishment of TokenSuite, one of the most successful marketing agencies in the blockchain space where he holds the CEO position.
Omer is known for his successful bounty programs. As bounty program manager he demonstrates excellent skills and expertise. For example, Omer headed the bounty programs of several start-ups such as BetterBetting, KickCity, KWHCoin and ATFS LAB.
Omer also demonstrates excellent knowledge and experience in marketing. Omer has been the Marketing Advisor and led the bounty programs of Aurora and Guts Tickets. He has been actively involved as marketer for several start-ups such as Galaxy, Solutions and QUIFAS. Omer is the marketing partner of BrainerZ and holds the position of CEO of TokenDrops where he gains on-going marketing and and blockchain experience.

Nikolay Shkilev photo

Nikolay Shkilev

TOP 5 ICObench Expert

Nikolay has proved to be a crypto enthusiast and ICO mentor.
He is rated as one of the Top 5 individuals demonstrating knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology. Nikolay has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. He received several awards and titles in the IT business. For example, he received the Self-Made Russia award, an award as Tech guru as well as the Super TOP award.
Nikolay is the founder and CEO of a Private Business Club. His company received the “Enterprise of the Year” award in the Kremlin. Nikolay has vast experience as an ICO Advisor, for example he is the Co-Founder of “Top ICO Advisors”.
The MOBU team has full confidence in the business skills and blockchain expertise of Nikolay and believes that he will play a key role in terms of overall ICO support and the successful marketing of MOBU’s products and services.

Sydney Ifergan photo

Sydney Ifergan

Crypto & ICO Community Expert

Sydney holds a degree in computer science and has more than 20 years of experience in business management, marketing and web analytics.
For the past 10 years Sydney focused on the online marketing arena (search engine optimization) where he gained invaluable experience. He was the CMO of a large FX brokerage firm.
In recent years, he has been consulting to various brokerages globally on their online marketing platforms. Sydney’s knowledge of information technology enables him to utilize technology effectively to improve the success rates and results.
Sydney is results-driven and a good team player. Sydney will play a significant role as an advisor for MOBU mostly due to his good knowledge and expertise in web analytics and marketing strategies and techniques.

Vladimir Nikitin photo

Vladimir Nikitin

CRYPTO Enthusiast

Vladimir is a world-class professional and legal consultant with more than ten years’ experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. Vladimir is renown as a cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor. For example, he is a Top-5 worldwide ICObench certified expert.
As an active supporter and believer of the significant advantages of blockchain technology, Vladimir provides consultancy services and advice to selected ICOs in the CIS region. Vladimir has a network in the crypto community of over 30 000 members. His portfolio consists of 7 ICO projects that raised US $120 million in total.
Vladimir has a strong legal background, strong blockchain knowledge and ICO start-up experience. He will play a significant role in the success of MOBU especially in terms of providing vital ICO advice and the on-going successful marketing of MOBU’s products and services.

Lewis Barber photo

Lewis Barber

Crypto & ICO Community Expert

Lewis worked for many years as a Software Developer and Consultant in capital markets. Last year he raised $6MM USD in an ICO for Sharpe Capital and founded LunaLabs with James. Sharpe is a blockchain-driven market intelligence platform and proprietary quant fund, and LunaLabs advises a number of innovative and exciting cryptocurrency startups.

Timo Trippler photo

Timo Trippler


Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background. He is an expert in financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. He advised various successful ICO projects and manages multiple crypto fund portfolios.He has been working in Blockchain field since 2015 and had a large number of various ICOs under his advice.He worked with a lot of ICOs and other projects, such as: AirPod, Loyakk, Faxport, Welltrado, Inclusivity, Centareum, Place To Rent, Energy Premier, WeiCrowd, Med-O Network, Vegan Nation,USAT, Tokenchanger, Autorize, Styxr, U Run It and many more.


Fundraising280,000,000 MOBU80.00%
Team42,000,000 MOBU12.00%
Advisors14,000,000 MOBU4.00%
Bounty10,500,000 MOBU3.00%
Airdrop3,500,000 MOBU1.00%


Dec 2018Main ICO Starts
Jan 2019Main ICO Ends
Mar 2019Token Listed
Jul 2019Beta Version
Sep 2019Forex PAMM Account

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
we have past experience in launching an ICO. We solving an actual problem and have actual blockchain use in our project. We have the support of the number one ICO PR firm behind us with a strong budget. We are entering a huge market with a huge demand for our product.
Where did your team members meet originally?
all south african from previous business dealings
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
being under capitalized, government constraints for cryptocurrency, every ico still needs to build the path for future

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MOBU01 Feb 201930 Apr 2019
MOBU01 Sep 201830 Apr 2019
MOBU has a TrustScore of D
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