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Contributing to your happiness through accelerating healthy

LBC Coin aims to support the society to be where everyone stays away from sufferings from illness thus sustain healthy lives from efforts of professionals in stem cell, health care, and beauty care. Partners are  Regen ( , Exchange(IDCM, CoinBene, CoinSuper, CoinZip) ...
  • Project TypeBlockchain
  • AlgorithmMedical-blockchain
  • SymbolLBXC
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply3,000,000,000
  • Primary SectorDrugs & Healthcare
  • JurisdictionHong Kong
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Suk-jun Lee photo

Suk-jun Lee


- Director of REGEN Plastic Surgery Hospital
- Clinical advisory M.D. at Plastic Surgery Hospital, Seoul National
- Seoul National University Medical School
- Seoul National University Hospital Resident(form.)
- Seoul National University Plastic Surgery Clinical Professor(form.),
- DBE(Digital Bio Exchage)-CEO

Hae-kwon Kim photo

Hae-kwon Kim


-Ph.D, Seoul National University Graduate School of Zoology
-British MRC, EETU postdoctoral researcher
-Johns Hopkins University Postdoctoral Fellow
-professor at Memphis State University, USA
- DBE(Digital Bio Exchage)-CTO

Ju-tae Kim photo

Ju-tae Kim


- President at iCell INC.
- Director at KT Biosys
- Director at Hurim Biocell
- Member of Korean Society of Stem Cell
- Member of Japan JAAS
- National University of Kazakhstan, Medical
- Russia Medical radiological research center of RAMS.obninsk
- DBE(Digital Bio Exchage)-COO

Hong-il Ma photo

Hong-il Ma


- 2018 This Year’s Figure in Finance, National
Assembly of The Republic of Korea ,- DBE(Digital Bio Exchage)-Prophet
- 2018 Top Leaders in Finance, National Assembly of
The Republic of Korea
- 2017 Panel Guest on “3 Men Show(Asia Economy)”
on Bitcoin
- 2017 Main MC on “Hong-il Ma Exclusive(Money
- CEO at KW Trading
- Hosting “Delightful Overseas Futures” on Seoul
Economy TV, SBS, CNBC and MTN
- 2014 Lecture to Fund Managers in Manhattan
- 2014 Winner of Creative Business Korea
- 2015 Winner of People of Korea
- 2016 Winner of Proud Koreans
- 2016 Winner of People of Korea

Sato photo



- Invested in crypto currency funds before anyone else in Japan
- Investor of CGG Limited - DGE (TMTG Team) COO

Young-keun Shim.m.d. photo

Young-keun Shim.m.d.


James Jeon photo

James Jeon


M.D., Oriental M.D., Ph.D.
Genetic Cell Specialist


Yong-moon Kim photo

Yong-moon Kim


- 25 years of global investment and stock market research experience
- Investment management in global stock market, Hong Kong-based hedge funds ‘Tandem Investors’ former CIO
- Credit Suisse Asset Management Senior Director. - DGE (TMTG team) Chairman

Kyung-sun Ryu photo

Kyung-sun Ryu


- Played a role as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at the contents marketing team of Loudly, Korea
- Played a role as a CCO (Chief Content Officer) at the global influencer platform team of NEXTMAKERS
- Played a role as a PM at the exhibition reorganization team of Cheongwadae Sarangchae (tourism exhibition center in Korean presidential residence) -DGE (TMTG team) CEO/CMO

De-gi Kwag photo

De-gi Kwag


- Worked as a Boston Trellis Software Engineer with a leader of the Unicorn Tool Global Team
- Developed an e-commerce open source platform
- Currently plays a role in leading the development of TMTG technology as a CTO of Digital Gold Exchange -DGE (TMTG team) CEO/CVO

Dong-il Eom photo

Dong-il Eom


- Worked for a HR development team of SAMSUNG SDS
- Developed a MP3 player (Romi & Juli)
- Developed a Wibro information security and secure IP-Phone , -DGE (TMTG team) CTO

Ban-seok Jung photo

Ban-seok Jung


Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager
- Took in charge of future forecast, trend research and in-depth analysis at FUTURE LABS
- Currently plays a role in planning at Digital Gold Exchange

Joon-hee Kim photo

Joon-hee Kim


DGE Overseas Operation Team(ICO) -Manager


None specified


Sep 2018Private Sale Commencement
Oct 2018Jeju Center construction has started since October 2018, and wil be completed in May 2019.
Oct 2018Jeju Center construction has started since October 2018, and wil be completed in May 2019.
Oct 2018Japan Stem Cell Center will start its construction in October 2018, and will open in February 2019.
Oct 2018Japan Stem Cell Center will start its construction in October 2018, and will open in February 2019.
Feb 2019Japan Center Treatment Launch
Feb 2019Japan Center Treatment Launch
Mar 2019DBE Platform Beta Test
Mar 2019DBE Platform Beta Test

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
99.9% ICOs were shattered and we wondered why. We believe that is because all were looking for a star and trying to reach it without proper technology or roadmap. I am confident that we, DGE Inc., reached a star and we are about to bring it to you.
There is one hospital which occupies of the floors of a skyscraper in Seoul, Korea where real estate price is as high as Tokyo. REGEN Medical Group has been conducting various clinical trials mainly on human stem cells and related treatment.
After long and meticulous research and cooperation between DGE Inc. and REGEN Medical Group, Lux Bio Coin (LBC) is ready to dash out to the market.
LBC is a utility coin that can be used for medical treatment in facilities in Korea, China and Japan. We established stem cell treating hospital in Jeju, Korea and plan to expand it to Japan in 2019. Once LBC holders can freely use these facilities at a reasonable price, more and more individual and institutes will find it interesting and valuable. Through Lux Bio program, we have teamed up with prominent medical doctors from a major plastic surgery group, REGEN, and our main focus lies on utilizing stem cell not only for anti-aging care but also 360-degree health care programs.
When virtual currency is usable, we believe that it will bear true value – and we think that’s why we will succeed.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Medical doctors from REGEN have long been cooperating ever since they established specialized plastic surgery center. They are also alumni of Seoul National University Medical School and closely working together to help those who are in need both clinically and cosmetically.
DGE team members have also long been working together long before the launch of TMTG. We all have different backgrounds including e-commerce, games and IT engineering. We, believers of blockchain system changing the world, as core members, teamed up with REGEN medical doctors team to provide best Stem cell medical treatment opportunity in the realm of proven blockchain system. now we have more than 40 experts in blockchain security, cryptocurrency circulation, marketing and PR/MR.
As we go way back, our productive debate and constructive discuss are exceptionally open and problem-solving. Whenever we get stalled we put our heads together and find ways to pull through. Executional excellence and open discussion are our keystone values.
LUX BIO CELL has a TrustScore of D
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